Are women really bad drivers? How did we get this unfortunate reputation?

Are women really bad drivers? How did we get this unfortunate reputation?

11/6/2021 7:16:00 AM

Are women really bad drivers? How did we get this unfortunate reputation?

Women and their questionable competence behind the wheel: CNA Luxury’s resident motoring journalist Jamie Nonis attempts to debunk the trope – she’s tired of it.

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This is of course nonsense. Men can be as bad drivers too. I think it takes years to build a reputation. I believe it's through statistics and research that we've come to the conclusion that women are bad drivers.

Cyclist punched lorry driver after forcing him to stop in traffic on Jalan Eunos, gets S$5,600 fineSINGAPORE — A cyclist got angry when a lorry driver overtook him and then later approached him in a threatening manner while holding a metal water flask. Jeffery Todd Martin, who had just forced the driver to stop in the middle of moving traffic, then punched the driver before leaving the scene. Hah? Lorry driver was jailed for one week…but AMDK injured the lorry driver but wasn’t jailed?

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Investigation report shows train driver, control centre overlooked critical procedures before LRT crash: Wee Ka SiongKUALA LUMPUR: The investigation findings for the crash involving two trains on the Kelana Jaya Light Rail Transit (LRT) line on May 24 showed that ... Tweet is a lil unclear, no? Maybe a reference should be made to where this occurred in the tweet's text?

Man jailed for slashing boss to death, attacking 2 others in office after getting firedSINGAPORE: After rejecting a job promotion, a warehouse employee began falling behind in work until his bosses eventually fired him. Angered by ... Well, that's a more direct feedback than posting a nasty review on Glassdoor. Xxs Such a horrible violent crime is spared the ropes. While a non-violent, drug trafficker can never be spared.