Angmoh, Civildisobedience

Angmoh, Civildisobedience

'Anti-masker' in MRT says S'pore should let him go because he wants to leave

Singapore – A 39-year-old British expatriate arrested for refusing to wear a face mask while in the MRT told The Daily Mail that he should not have to go to c

20/6/2021 3:49:00 PM

Singapore – A 39-year-old British expatriate arrested for refusing to wear a face mask while in the MRT told The Daily Mail that he should not have to go to court and be released because he wants to leave the country. AngMoh civildisobedience

Singapore – A 39-year-old British expatriate arrested for refusing to wear a face mask while in the MRT told The Daily Mail that he should not have to go to c

The man, identified as Benjamin Glynn, a father of two, toldThe Daily Mailback in his home country that he should be permitted to return to the United Kingdom because he already wants to leave Singapore.On May 7, Glynn was filmed explaining to passengers around him in the MRT why he believes masks are pointless.

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Despite being offered a mask from another passenger, Glynn refused and said he would never wear one.- Advertisement -It was reported that he was arrested hours later.After spending 28 hours in a cell, Glynn was charged with a public nuisance offence. He also claims that officers had informed him he faces up to six months in jail, if found guilty.

In Singapore, anyone caught not wearing aface maskwhen in public faces a fine of S$300 for the first offence and S$1,000 if they do it again. The new regulation was added to the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act on Apr 15.As a result, Glynn’s passport was confiscated, preventing his return to the UK. He also lost a new job opportunity in the process, reported The Daily Mail.

- Advertisement -“I had no idea anyone had even been filming, but it turned out a video of me unmasked on the late train home from work surfaced online,” he told the publication.“The police obviously saw it, and the next day they were at the door.”Glynn explained that he didn’t believe there is any evidence that masks protect individuals from Covid-19.

“Normally, I would just tell people I’m exempt, and it had never posed any issues before,” said Glynn.- Advertisement -According to Glynn, officers warned him it could up to 12 months for the case to come to trial.Meanwhile, his family had returned to their home country already. “I want to leave the country anyway – just let me go!” he said.

“I think it’s insane that I am facing a trial at all, just for not wearing a mask,” he added.It was reported that Glynn’s job position had been revoked.“We are assisting a British man who is awaiting trial in Singapore, and have been in contact with the local police about his case,” said a spokesperson for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

One David Bennun shared a photo of the story in the papers and applauded Singapore for how it handled the situation./TISGPhoto: FB screengrab/David Bennun Read more: The Independent »

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