All VTL travellers entering Singapore will have to take COVID-19 tests for 7 days on arrival

This comes as Singapore tightens measures against the Omicron variant.

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3/12/2021 3:52:00 PM

Singapore tightens measures against the Omicron variant, requiring all VTL travellers to undergo daily COVID19 tests for 7 days

This comes as Singapore tightens measures against the Omicron variant.

SINGAPORE: All travellers entering Singapore on vaccinated travel lanes (VTL) will soon have to take COVID-19 tests daily for seven days on arrival as the country tightens measures against the Omicron variant.This means there will be additional swabs on top of the current requirement for a pre-departure test, an on-arrival polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test and supervised antigen rapid tests (ARTs) on day 3 and day 7 of their visit.

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The new testing requirement will take effect from 11.59pm on Dec 6, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on Friday (Dec 3).It will remain in place for four weeks"in the first instance" until 11.59pm on Jan 2, 2022, the ministry added.The additional tests - on days 2, 4, 5 and 6 - are self-administered and will be done using ARTs. Travellers must submit their results online using a link that will be sent to them via their declared contact details.

On days 3 and 7, the ARTs will be done in a supervised setting at a Combined Test Centre or Quick Test Centre."Day 3 is the median incubation period, and Day 7 is the day of exit from this testing protocol," said MOH."During this seven-day period, other than on days when they go out for their supervised tests, these travellers must test negative on their self-administered ART before going out for activities on that day."

This new testing regime will also apply to travellers arriving from Malaysia using the land VTL from 11.59pm next Monday. These travellers already have to take a pre-departure test and on-arrival ART.ANTIGEN RAPID TESTS EFFECTIVE AT DETECTING OMICRONThe new testing regime comes amid concerns over the new Omicron variant. Two imported cases in Singapore have tested

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for the variant.The National Public Health Laboratory is conducting whole genome sequencing to confirm the Omicron variant."We have also been closely monitoring studies on the sensitivity of ARTs to the Omicron variant," said MOH."Preliminary validation by the manufacturers show that ARTs remain effective in detecting COVID-19 cases of the Omicron variant, and laboratories are doing further biochemical tests to confirm these results.

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Oh one is coming now. This is never gonna be over.....even if the fat lady sings......OMG becos of omicron. Some time i wonder double dosed plus booster jab is for nothing ya. Are there even any cases of Omnicron in Singapore? This is just another example of the gahmen only caring about its performance scorecard of trying to manage a pandemic which no country on earth has been able to do, and not caring at all about people and inconveniencing them.

Absolutely absurd and ridiculous, no other country in the world is subjecting its residents to such excessive, panic-driven measures This will never end. VLT will never fulfill its original intent.

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Singapore detects 2 imported COVID cases of Omicron variant who arrived from South AfricaTwo imported COVID-19 cases tested preliminarily positive for the Omicron variant of the coronavirus in Singapore on Thursday (2 December), the Ministry of Health said. Well done Singapore. ban south africa !