Adulting 101: Lessons I have learnt as I move on after 7 years in the same job

Adulting 101: Lessons I have learnt as I move on after 7 years in the same job

23/10/2021 5:00:00 AM

Adulting 101: Lessons I have learnt as I move on after 7 years in the same job

SINGAPORE — As I entered the working world at TODAY at age 23, I gave myself five years on the job to make a mark in one company before I would consider a career move.

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Goodbye, 5BX: Army’s new strength-training exercises look to halve soldier injuries, improve form

SINGAPORE — A new set of stretching and strengthening exercises aimed at reducing injuries among soldiers will replace the longstanding

Is there such a thing as “overstaying” in one job? What did former TODAY senior journalist Wong Pei Ting learn from staying in one job for seven years, in an era where people tend to quit after two or three years?

Ron's Gone Wrong teaches kids about dangers of social mediaRon's Gone Wrong makes real-world issues about the problems of social media accessible to children, but adults, who are also not immune to the deleterious effects of digital addiction, should find much joy and insight too in the heartwarming film.

Campaign in US against 'stealthing', secret removal of condom during sexWASHINGTON — One day while having sex with a date, Ms Brooke had a terrifying realisation:

Pandemic opens doors to switch jobs in Japan, but pay not rising muchTOKYO: The COVID-19 pandemic has unexpectedly helped Japan\u0027s nursing homes and information technology (IT) companies overcome years of labour shortages, as job cuts at restaurants and hotels have prompted workers to look for new careers. This newfound job mobility marks a shift in a country whose rigid lab

Unacceptable abuse a 'reality of the job', says Burnley's DycheThe unacceptable levels of abuse that Steve Bruce endured throughout his time in charge of Newcastle United is an unfortunate aspect of the job of being a Premier League manager, his Burnley counterpart Sean Dyche said on Thursday.Bruce, who was the target of fans' ire since replacing the popular Rafa Ben

14-year-old among 257 people investigated over scams amounting to S$10.9 millionThe suspects were believed to be involved in more than 849 cases of scams, including job scams and government official impersonation scams.

India's military gets combat-ready near China borderThousands of Indian and Chinese troops have been locked in a high-altitude face-off in India's Ladakh region since last year, despite the two militaries holding more than a dozen rounds of talks to defuse the situation.Indian has built an airspace control center in the Eastern sector to be more vigilant along the Line of Actual Control region, said Deputy Commander of Aviation Brigade of the area, Navneet Cahil, on Wednesday (October 20).India moved troops to its eastern stretch of the border since the clashes erupted last year.Arunachal Pradesh, which China calls South Tibet, was at the center of a full-scale border war between India and China in 1962, and security analysts have warned that it could become a flash-point again.