Hong Kong Protests, Democracy

Activist Joshua Wong to plead guilty to Hong Kong protest-related charges

Activist Joshua Wong to plead guilty to Hong Kong protest-related charges

22/11/2020 4:33:00 PM
Hong Kong Protests, Democracy

Activist Joshua Wong to plead guilty to Hong Kong protest-related charges

HONG KONG (BLOOMBERG) - Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong and former Demosisto members Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam plan to plead guilty to all charges related to a siege of police headquarters in June last year.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

Immediate detainment could follow, Wong wrote in a Facebook post late on Sunday (Nov 23), as a trial will be skipped and the hearing set to resume on Monday will proceed straight to closing statements."To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if the three of us are imprisoned tomorrow," he added.

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The pro-democracy campaigner has faced a slew of charges related to the many months of protests that ravaged the city before China enacted controversial national security legislation at the end of June this year.Alleged offences against Wong, Chow and Lam regarding the June 2019 incident include organizing and taking part in an unauthorised assembly, according to the judiciary's website.

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Covid-19: People who visit hot spots on same day as infected cases must be tested, isolated until results out

SINGAPORE — With more transmissible coronavirus strains lurking in the wider community, the authorities will require those who have visited hot spots on the same days as infected people to undergo compulsory testing and stay isolated until they get their results.

kerokero_HKer Hongkonger is under HumanitarianCrisis now :( Pls dont give up HK in this big crisis, HKer not surrender! Still fighting for justice, HumanRight & democracy! Dear world, StandWithHK! SOSHK FreeHK save12hkyouth HongKongNeedsHelp NationalSecurityLaw DefendingHongKong kerokero_HKer The World should say no to Tyranny! . Although facing the evil Chinazi, NationalSecurityLaw & PoliceBrutality, Hongkongers are not giving up! Sanction XiJinPing, CarrieLam, HKGov & CCP Officals! FreeHK SOSHK SAVE12HKYOUTHS StandWithHongKong AntiChinazi

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Wong is not pro-democracy. He advocated HK independence. He plead guilty for calling rioters to forbidden the policemen ( including the chief of the police ) from leaving the police station for 15 hours. Totalitarian governments can imprison the body of these democratic fighters, but cannot imprison their thoughts. The people of Hong Kong must inherit their democratic ideals and continue to fight😢💪💪

It's political prosecution and to extinct the opposite voice. Sad for Hong Kong ! Wonderful news. Keep him lock up permanently. Bring peace to HK Brainwashed by his master. cityofteargas Respect to them, our brave freedom fighters!! They stronger than most of us even facing the fear from tyranny!! We are walking together along the road to Freedom!! FightForFreedom

This is political prosecution...He just wanted to hold the Hong Kong police responsible for the violence.

He is absolutely respectable. What he shows is that the people cannot compromise to totalitarianism and must persevere for the right thing. He is oppressed by totalitarianism just like many other Hong Kong protesters. StandWithHongKong kerokero_HKer No matter how evil the CCP Chinazi NationalSecurityLaw are No matter how brutal the HKPolice is HKer are still fighting for justice, liberty & democracy 💪🏿😠 Hongkonger are not giving up! StandWithHongKong HongKong PoliceBrutality HumanitarianCrisis save12hkyouth

HongKong is totally off and become the NewWestBerlin after the NationalSecurityLaw. OneCountryTwoSystemIsDead. HongKongers, even non-HKer not in HK is suffering in that law. StandWithHongKong FreeHongKong All HongKongers support him, no matter what happened. StandWithHongKong So sad to hear him and other fearless figures facing jail again. standwithhongkong save12hkyouths

after a year of free, he is facing the jail again hope you're save China's internal matter, nothing to do with SIN & Canada! We have enough other things to deal with, let alone to deal with something so negative! Taiwan is smart, don't want them although their President that lousy one hopes to stir trouble with China when her people needs China!

This is a bad guy, he got lots of monies from USA when he went there! Please make sure your government note that so that he can't migrate to SIN! If our Canadian Immigration Department takes him on it is a very sad day if he is accepted into Canada or SIN! Joshua is doing a lot to fight freedom and democracy. Proud of him. StandWithHongKong

Pray for him. Hope he can be save! FreeJoshuaWong !

Pray for a fair trial for Joshua 🙏🙏 danielee2020 ChineseCommunistParty always say that they are open to the world for the business. But... you can see... how they disregard universal value! HongKongers are proud of him for his effort in fighting for freedom and democracy in HK. StandWithHongKong kerokero_HKer How evil can the Tyranny be? . Hongkonger well knew CCP China & HKPolice HKGov are evil brutal Totalitarianism long ago.. HKer is still fighting, For justice, HumanRight & democracy! FreeHK StandWithHK Pls help! SAVE12HKYOUTH! SOSHK SAVE12 StandWithHongKong

bubupig_ Say no to Tyranny! . As a Hongkonger, my dream is simple but difficult.. So difficult for HK to have justice, HumanRight, liberty & democracy.. But We’re still fighting! save12hkyouths No PoliceBrutality, CCP Chinazi Totalitarianism! StandWithHongKong StandWithHK This is so sad for Hong Kong. The purge won’t stop, if the world still trading with China. This brazen behavior of the CCP will continue from Hong Kong to Taiwan

Many youngsters have sacrificed a lot. 😞Anyway, Ccp’s intimidation can’t diminish Hongkongers’ desire for freedom and democracy! It’s an arduous task fighting for a brighter future. Despite the uphill battles ahead, our spirit of resistance never ends. freehk save12hkyouths 🙌🏻 Joshua are so brave. proud with him

At least he won a luxurious apartment after all these years of protest. Worth it respect

Joshua has devoted himself in fighting for freedoms and democracy of Hong Kong. Wish him a relatively fair trial tomorrow. Just because JushuaWong & AgnesChow and HKprotesters requesting an illegal bill ELABHK peacefully retreat. This is an illegtimate charge in universal regime, but CCP and Carrie Lam push the judge to sentence in illegitmacy. Whole world 7 billions must stand with them

brave Hong Konger willing to stand up for freedom and democracy!! He has already done well Proud of him HongKongers would keep fighting for you StandWithHongKong Proud of joshuawongcf