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7 Unique Street Names in Singapore You Can Buy Property For a One-of-a-kind Address

Here's a list of interesting street names in Singapore, as well as properties you can find in the area.

25/7/2021 11:15:00 AM

Here's a list of interesting street names in Singapore, as well as properties you can find in the area.

While unique street names aren't exclusive to Singapore, they are perhaps more distinctive in a country as diverse as ours, thanks to an eclectic mix of cultures, languages, and history. Indeed, for every avenue, road, and street, there is a Lorong , Jalan, and Bukit. Street names don’t just convey addresses; they also give us an insight into Singapore’s history, neighbourhood, as well as prominent figures and communities that have contributed to the nation.

Commonwealth nationsCanberra Road, Ottawa Road, Wellington Circle, Auckland Road, Montreal Drive, Canada Road, Kenya Crescent RoadZodiac signsCapricorn Drive, Leo Drive, Libra DriveRoyaltiesPrince Charles Crescent, Queen Street, Queensway, King Albert Park Road

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PlacesBristol Road, Kent Road, Oxley Road, Kent Road, Nankin Street, Malacca Street,PeopleBoon Lay Drive, Tagore Avenue, Yishun Street, Choa Chu Kang Way, Cluny RoadDaysJalan Isnin, Jalan Rabu, Jalan Khamis, Jalan MingguUnderstandably, as a former British colony, most of the places and roads in Singapore had British names, such as Bristol Road, Queen Street, Victoria Street, and Elizabeth Drive. In addition, the

areas such as Little India and Chinatown according to their respective communities.Story continuesSingapore made very little attemptto rename its streets and roads as a means to preserve its colonial past. Additionally, massive renaming of street names would have caused inconvenience and confusion, especially to taxi drivers or emergency services who need to locate buildings efficiently and quickly.

For a short period in the sixties, the Government attempted to localise street names, mostly with Malay words, as a sign of allegiance to the Malayan Federation. This resulted in road names beginning with Jalans, Lorongs, Tanjongs, etc.After obtaining independence in 1965, however, streets were instead renamed to reflect Singapore’s multi-racial society. For instance, when the Jurong Industrial Estate was opened in 1968, the roads were renamed/translated into Malay, Chinese, and Tamil words, such as Neythal Road, Fan Yoong Road, and Jalan Tukang.

Today,for street suffixes; streets and roads refer to main roads between two places; ways for major roads; avenues, lanes, drives, and walks for residential roads; and promenade, esplanade, and walk for public walkways.Who Renames Streets in Singapore?

Shortly after gaining independence,was set up in 1967 and tasked with renaming Singapore’s streets, buildings, and estates.Years later, in 2003, the Committee was then renamed to the. Since 2010, the URA has taken over the secretariat role from the SBNB and now holds the responsibility of providing and approving streets with appropriate names according to attributes such as location, and physical attributes of the buildings and streets.

Interesting Street Names That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed in SingaporeKay Poh Road Read more: Yahoo Singapore »

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