5 factors to consider when choosing the right incontinence wearables

5 factors to consider when choosing the right incontinence wearables

20/9/2021 4:36:00 AM

5 factors to consider when choosing the right incontinence wearables

Live life to the fullest by choosing a product that suits one’s lifestyle and activity level.

.Said Mr Peralta: “If a mobile senior values an active lifestyle that includes gathering with friends and exercising, my recommendation is to opt for a pants-style product that can absorb more fluid and lock in odour, while not compromising on comfort and fit.”

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On the other hand, using a tape product, like Depend Protect Tapes that provides up to 12 hours of absorbency, may be more suitable for use at night so the wearer can enjoy uninterrupted sleep, he added.3. The correct sizeWhen selecting the correct size for a tape or pants-style incontinence product, Mr Peralta advised going with hip measurements, as stated on the packaging.

While it may be tempting to choose a larger-sized product on the assumption that it may be more comfortable, this may actually lead to leakages. Conversely, selecting a size that is too small can cause discomfort, skin irritation and poor coverage.4. Factor in cost

Assess your budget before settling on a product, though it is still important to consider its overall quality, comfort level, fit and absorbency.While tape-on products may offer higher cost savings per piece, users may want to use different incontinence solutions for different occasions.

For example, less mobile seniors may use a tape-on product at night but if they are going out for a family dinner or medical appointment, they can switch to the pants-style option for convenience and ease of use when navigating public restrooms.5. Comfort matters

Depend Protect Plus Pants features an elastic waistband comprising materials developed using proprietary Kimberly-Clark technology.The product’s comfort level is another important feature. A good incontinence product will be able to prevent odour and irritation while keeping users fresh and comfortable both day and night.

For instance, Depend Protect Plus Pants features a waistband comprising two types of elastic materials that are developed using proprietary Kimberly-Clark technology. It maximises elasticity throughout the pants to provide a snug but comfortable fit, and reduces tension on the skin so that users are not left with unsightly marks from the elastic band, said Mr Peralta.

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Depend Protect Plus Pants also features three-dimensional leak guards that offer a close fit to the thigh curve for enhanced protection against leakage.BLADDER LEAKAGE PROTECTION YOU CAN DEPEND ONDepend offers tape-on and pants-style variations.Launched in July 2020, the Depend Protect range offers reliable solutions for individuals with incontinence issues. Depend is currently the No 1 brand in the United States* for bladder leakage protection and incontinence solutions.

Depend Protect Plus Pants, with its innovative waistband, protects against heavy loss of bladder control for a confident and unrestricted lifestyle. Comfortable yet discreet, it is suitable for individuals with an active or semi-active lifestyle.Depend Protect Tapes also offers a discreet and comfortable experience with long-lasting protection against leaks and odour for up to 12 hours. It has a built-in wetness indicator that allows caregivers to easily tell when an individual is due for a change.

Available in M and L sizes, both product styles are easy to use, remove and wear and feature odour lock gel to keep users fresh.When shopping for incontinence products, it may be worthwhile to obtain samples to do a test run. Consumers can request for

samples on Depend’s website.Adapting to living with incontinence may be challenging at first. However, with a dependable, comfortable yet discreet product that offers daily protection, individuals can continue their regular routines and enjoy the most out of life.

Learn more aboutDepend’s incontinence solutions.*Depend’s calculation based in part on Nielsen ScanTrack Data for Adult Care US Market for 52 weeks period ending September 2019. Read more: CNA »

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