3 weeks’ jail for man who threatened community cat feeder, chopped down papaya tree

3 weeks’ jail for man who threatened community cat feeder, chopped down papaya tree

7/5/2021 9:49:00 AM

3 weeks’ jail for man who threatened community cat feeder, chopped down papaya tree

SINGAPORE — Ang Say Chee first wielded a chopper against a large papaya tree as he believed it was possessed by evil spirits. He then used the weapon to threaten an elderly woman who was on her way to feed a stray cat in the neighbourhood.

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Muhammad Qasim telah melihat Nabi Muhammad SAW lebih dari 300 kali dalam mimpinya dan menggambarkan bahawa Nabi SAW kita dalam dan kesedihan yang amat atas keadaan umat Islam. Umat Islam mesti bangun dan memahami mesej mimpi ini. Lawati

Changi Airport terminals, Jewel to close to public for 2 weeksAll passenger terminals at Changi Airport and Jewel will be closed to the public from Thursday (13 May) for two weeks. Being cancer-stricken and begging CPF Board to repay overdue debt; that which in any case cannot be done as the money had been commingled and funneled to private entity Temasek Holdings for Ho Ching to wager on unviable, untenable and ultimately, invariably doomed gambles

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Japan set to extend state of emergency by three weeks to May 31TOKYO — Japan's government is set to extend on Friday (May 7) a state of emergency in Tokyo and three other areas by about three weeks until the end of May to curb a surge in novel coronavirus cases just months before the start of the Tokyo Olympics. Mereka yg mempunyai iman yang lemah akan terpedaya pada janji Dajjal yg menawarkan keremajaan dan kehidupan abadi. Dajjal adalah ujian yg hebat & hanya mereka yg mempunyai rahmat khas Allah akan terselamat. Muhammad Qasim telah melihat Dajjal dlm mimpinya.

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Covid-19: ‘Sovereign’ woman who refused to wear mask at Shunfu Mart gets 2 weeks’ jail, S$2,000 fineStill refuse to wear the mask properly. And she’s still not wearing it correctly Paramjeet Kaur, 41, pleaded guilty to public nuisance and not wearing a face mask. She had told people at Shunfu Mart last year that she was a “sovereign” and videos of the confrontation went viral online.