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2 teens arrested for allegedly placing juice they drank back on FairPrice supermarket shelf in Covid-19 video ‘joke’

Police arrest two 17-year-old boys for NTUC FairPrice Covid-19 video prank; both to be charged in court for causing public nuisance

8/4/2020 7:24:00 AM

Police arrest two 17-year-old boys for NTUC FairPrice Covid-19 video prank; both to be charged in court for causing public nuisance

SINGAPORE - Two 17-year-old boys have been arrested for posting a video which showed one of them drinking two bottles of juice at an NTUC FairPrice supermarket and then placing them back on the shelf.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

They will be charged in court on Thursday (April 9) with the offence of public nuisance with common intention, the police said on Wednesday (April 8).The video was uploaded by one of the boys to his private Instagram account, and was later circulated by his friend online.

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The police said that the video caused public alarm during the period of heightened sensitivity of the Covid-19 outbreak.The incident took place on Feb 8 during the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak in Singapore.In the video, a boy is seen drinking from a bottle in the store before putting it back on the shelf. He takes a drink from another bottle despite an NTUC staff member walking by, and puts it back because it is too"sour".

A version of the video circulating online had the title"how to spread wuhan", referring to the Chinese city that was then the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.The two boys later said that the video was a joke and that they had paid for the drinks. They have also apologised.

"We were indeed really childish and immature... But I really hope you guys can give us a second chance," they said on social media.FairPrice on Feb 10 urged people to refrain from forwarding the video to avoid causing further public distress. It said then that it took the matter"very seriously" and that it will work with the authorities to follow up on the case.

If found guilty, the boys can be jailed for up to three months, fined up to $2,000, or both. Read more: The Straits Times »

Those juice brand should sue them too. People get affected by these stupid acts and would choose to give these drinks a miss. Their branding is affected. You can never be sure if its doesn't happen again. Just maybe others wont be so stupid to film and upload it. Punish them but no jail or cane Stop.. doing.. stupid.. things..

Revoke their citizenship and send them to America with their TikTok friends Time to come down hard on these punks ... follow by the pmd riders on the expressway. Stupidity blooms action only this people, attention seeker. face also like cock want action for what. if i there i sure break the fella face. Shameless idiots, this crisis still pull pranks, good luck in jail now

Sad they are poorly educated , failure of school educational system or family up-bringing ? Should be the later .. They think it's funny..... How stupid can they be! The earlier case is the guy licking ice cream.... Haizzzzzz The laws need to be enforced to teach young people a lesson! Make sure to properly record it in their criminal records.

Feels bad for their parents for having a son like these. Bring shame to the family. Good job Can understand being stupid at 17 but this is covid stupid!!! Not so funny after all. gayatriiii 👍about time they deserve it. Fine them! Juat apologize is not enough When you acted stupid to get wrong attention, then you face the consequences!

Singaporean’s don’t even bother listening to government that’s what they get! stupid boys! Even young boys are better listeners Stupid behaviour! Idiotic acts!!!🙄Deserve to be punished to deter other idiots from doing similar irresponsible acts!! See Gin Na Me not complaining Good job SPF! 👍 Cane them hard hard

2 dumbass kids Dumbasses Purposeless boy ! Jail n fine la. No other way about it with these punks They think this is murica Watching too much YouTube. Make them as example These kids watched too many Paxl Logxn videos Punish them to send a strong and consistent message to would-be pranksters not to mess with the authority and cause unnecessary alarm to the public, especially during this time of crisis.

Parents wasted their money bringing up these covidiots Jail and community servive for these IDIOTS please. Bring in their parents too. Shame on you and your family. In times of crisis still playing games for fame. Put them in jail! What a disgusting act by these youngsters Really don't get these YPs who are trying so hard for fame, then end up getting it for the wrong reason 🤦🏾‍♂️

cane only can tame them. Well done Play stupid games, win stupid prizes orbi goot ...serve him right .....该死 jasminelep Serve him right..👏👏👏 Should be punishable by caning. Enough is enough. It was murdering.

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