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Ertugrul Star, Esra Bilgic

Trolling fear: ‘Ertugrul’ star Esra Bilgic turns off comments on swimwear photo

Trolling fear: ‘Ertugrul’ star Esra Bilgic turns off comments on swimwear photo

02/07/2020 1:08:00 AM

Trolling fear: ‘Ertugrul’ star Esra Bilgic turns off comments on swimwear photo

Ertugrul Ghazi lead actress Esra Bilgic shared a photo on Instagram wearing a bikini but turned off comments to avoid criticism.

Mar 25, 2020 at 7:11am PDTOn the other hand, there are some fans who are supporting the actresses and trying to make their fellow countrymen understand that the actresses are originally from Turkey and have a life apart from the ones that they are seen playing on the small screens.

حالیہ بارشوں سے حب ڈیم میں 20 مہینوں کا پانی ذخیرہ ہوگیا، واٹر بورڈ - ایکسپریس اردو آٹھ سال سے انڈیا میں مقیم پاکستانی خاندان کے 11 افراد ہلاک - BBC News اردو بیروت دھماکے پر لبنان کی وزیر اطلاعات سمیت 6 ارکان اسمبلی مستعفی - ایکسپریس اردو

In Pakistan, Turkish historical fiction series Dirilis: Ertugrul was telecasted after being dubbed in Urdu asErtugrul Ghazi.Dirilis: Ertugrul was first aired in the year 2014 in Turkey. It revolves around the life of legendary warrior Ertugrul, father of Osman I (Usman I), the founder of the Ottoman Empire. The show has five seasons and gained immense popularity in Pakistan after it was telecast in Urdu.

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Hania Amir desires to play the role of ‘Halime Sultan’Popular film actress Hania Amir has started watching hit Turkish series ‘Ertugrul’ and expressed the desire to play the role of Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan .

مجھے بہت فخر ہے عمران خان نے یہ کہا ’حلیمہ سلطان‘ نے پاکستانیوں کا دل خوش کردیاانقرہ(مانیٹرنگ ڈیسک) ترک ڈرامے ارطغرل غازی میں حلیمہ سلطان کا کردار ادا کرنے والی اداکارہ اسرا بیلجک ( Esra Bilgic )کی پاکستان میں شہرت ہر گزرتے دن کے ساتھ بڑھ

Pakistani fans troll Ertugrul actress for swimming videoFamous Turkish television series Dirilis Ertugrul has been all the rage in Pakistan since the state broadcaster began airing a dubbed version in April.

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