TikToker Kanwal Aftab responds to critics over her luxury lifestyle

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TikToker Kanwal Aftab responds to critics over her luxury lifestyle

پاکستان خبریں, پاکستان عنوانات

Famous Pakistani Tiktok star Kanwal Aftab has appeared as a guest on ‘Farrukh Waraich Show’ podcast where she responded to all the criticism over her luxury lifestyle.“Many people believe we were inferior before becoming social media influencers, but that is not the case.However, we did not showcase our lifestyle to the world since we were not influencers back then. But now, with YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, we have platforms for content creation, and we show everything.

Kanwal is now one of the most successful Pakistani influencers with a huge fan base of 3.2 million followers on Instagram and 19 million followers on TikTok. Fans have expressed their profound respect and love for the couple on their vlogging based on family content.By Abdullah Bin Tahir

ہم نے اس خبر کا خلاصہ کیا ہے تاکہ آپ اسے جلدی سے پڑھ سکیں۔ اگر آپ خبر میں دلچسپی رکھتے ہیں تو آپ مکمل متن یہاں پڑھ سکتے ہیں۔ مزید پڑھ:


آپ کے تبصرے کا شکریہ۔ آپ کا تبصرہ جائزہ لینے کے بعد شائع کیا جائے گا۔

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