Texas, Brain-Eating

Texas, Brain-Eating

Texas on alert after brain-eating amoeba kills boy

Texas on alert after brain-eating amoeba kills boy

29/09/2020 2:30:00 AM

Texas on alert after brain-eating amoeba kills boy

The governor of Texas has issued a disaster declaration after the death of a six-year-old boy infected with a brain-eating amoeba that was later found in his

's house, a spokesman for the town of Lake Jackson said, quoted by local media. Traces were also found in a fountain in the town centre and in a fire hydrant in a town just one hour away from the major city of Houston, said Modesto Mundo, a city official.

رجب طیب اردوغان: ایک کوسٹ گارڈ کا بیٹا ترکی کا ’جھگڑالو‘ صدر کیسے بنا؟ - BBC News اردو ہماری صفوں سے ہندوستان کا بیانیہ آنا افسوسناک ہے، وزیرخارجہ محسن انسانیت کی ولادت کاجشن منانے کی تیاریاں، تصویری جھلکیاں

Grandparents of Josiah McIntyre, the deceased child, told the Houston Chronicle that he might have been exposed to contaminated water while he was playing in a splash park downtown, shortly before he fell ill. The splash park has since been closed and several towns in Brazoria county, where Lake Jackson is located, advised residents to avoid using tap water for drinking, bathing or cooking. 

That advice has since been lifted but authorities are urging residents to boil water before using it.Governor Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration on Sunday for Brazoria County, which includes Lake Jackson. The declaration allows authorities to use extra state resources due to an emergency.

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