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Maya Ali, Holi Themed

Maya Ali’s HOLI-THEMED birthday celebrations has shook the internet

Maya Ali’s HOLI-THEMED birthday celebrations has shook the internet

30/07/2021 3:14:00 AM

Maya Ali ’s HOLI-THEMED birthday celebrations has shook the internet

Pakistani actress Maya Ali decided to adopt a distinctive approach for her birthday celebrations and came up with a ‘Holi-themed’ party.

and came up with a ‘Holi-themed’ party.Along with the colourful setup of Maya’s birthday bash, we can also see renowned Pakistani celebrities totally donned in arrays of colours.Basically, Maya’s birthday concept has been inspired from an Indian tradition.

دنیا کو درخت لگانے میں عمران خان کی پیروی کرنی چاہیے: بورس جانسن - BBC News اردو میڈیکل انٹری ٹیسٹ کیخلاف طلبہ کاوزیراعلیٰ ہاؤس کے قریب دھرنا اوم پرکاش شرما: انڈین یوٹیوبر جن پر نیوزی لینڈ ٹیم کو دھمکیاں دینے کا الزام پاکستان نے لگایا - BBC News اردو

Holi is an Indian festival which is based on colours and throwing of powder paint combined with water towards loved-ones to create a momentum of happiness and fun.Holi is also known as the ‘festival of colours’.Observing the pictures from Miss Ali’s birthday party, we can see certain members of the Pakistani showbiz sector immersed in colours from head to toe.

Netizens don’t appreciate the concept of Maya Ali’s birthday and the comment section is filled with endless criticism over Miss Ali’s questionable party-theme.Social media users are particularly not pleased with the actress choosing to adopt Indian culture.

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