Jordan, Announces, Smoking, Crackdown, Virus Fight

Jordan, Announces

Jordan announces smoking crackdown in virus fight

Jordan announces smoking crackdown in virus fight

02/07/2020 6:44:00 PM

Jordan announces smoking crackdown in virus fight

Jordan has extended a ban on cigarettes in closed public spaces to all forms of smoking , citing the fight against COVID-19 in a country with one of the world's

or otherwise consuming nicotine.Citing the WHO, the health ministry said that"smokers and passive smokers are more vulnerable to being infected by COVID-19, with stronger symptoms".Jordanhas registered 1,133 cases of the COVID-19 illness, including nine deaths. 

رواں سال بلوچستان کی ترقی پر 200 ارب روپے خرچ کیے جائیں گے، اسد عمر بیروت دھماکا؛ 3 لاکھ افراد بے گھر، 5 ارب ڈالر کی املاک تباہ - ایکسپریس اردو نئی ڈپٹی گورنراسٹیٹ بینک کی ماہانہ تنخواہ 18 لاکھ 60 ہزارمقرر - ایکسپریس اردو

The kingdom introduced a cigarette ban in public places in 2008, but the new regulations cover electronic cigarettes and shisha waterpipes popular in the region.However they only apply in"fully closed" public areas."The decision doesn't bother me much because I don't smoke arghileh (shisha) in closed places," said waterpipe enthusiast Khaled al-Shamhuri.

"Theban in public places is old but wasn't enforced."Coffee shop employee Hassan al-Shadfan said the new rules would"negatively affect us"."The cafe is a closed space and most clients don't just come to eat or drink tea and coffee, most smoke arghileh," he said.

But Ahmad Rubbaa, owner of a cafeteria selling cigarettes, was less concerned."A smoker is a smoker wherever they are, no law can stop them," he said."I don't think this will affect tobacco sales." مزید پڑھ: 24 News HD »

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