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Wonho takes next career step by signing solo contract with Highline Entertainment

Fans rejoice as Wonho moves forward with his career by signing an exclusive contract with Highline Entertainment.

4/10/2020 10:00:00 AM

Fans rejoice as Wonho moves forward with his career by signing an exclusive contract with Highline Entertainment . More details in this story:

Fans rejoice as Wonho moves forward with his career by signing an exclusive contract with Highline Entertainment .

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Mxbebe69 GMA WHAT? I love it! Thanks for the article! ThankYouWonho WonhoWeAreAlwaysHere 원호야_몬베베는_늘_널_응원할거야 official__wonho Thank you for the article! We are so happy Wonho is back! official__wonho OfficialMonstaX yayayayayayyy Thank you for featuring him 💕 Lilipat na ako sa GMA mas alam nila ang needs ko 😂

Thanks for the article! I love you Wonho & support you forever! My love! 😍 WonhoWeAreAlwaysHere OfficialMonstaX official__wonho thanks for the article! official__wonho OfficialMonstaX Thank you for the article! WonhoIsBack OurProducerWonho WonhoWeAreAlwaysHere official__wonho OfficialMonstaX

official__wonho 👑 GMA! PUTCHA KAYA MAHAL KITA EH! thank you for this article!! 😊 Wow GMA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ Tiala36234461 Thank you for this lovely article - we will irrevocably support Wonho with his solo career. Worth mentioning though that it should NEVER have come to this - IF ONLY StarSHIT did their job to PROTECT their artists. DELIGHTED with Wonhos return but deeply SAD that it’s not as MX7

Puchaaaaa GMA I lab U!!!! onehoed Wow gma Thank you for this article 💙 I love you na ! Sino bias mo? Uhoooy ano to? Hhhaha MonstaX_PH At this point, I love you GMA 😍 Whoever wrote this article, come out now, let Monbebes give you a warm hug. THANKS GMA MWA mas okay pa post ng GMA about kpop kesa sa /allkpop /Koreaboo

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thank you for the article 😊💙 we are so happy to see wonho back official__wonho Highline_Ent wonho 원호 LUH? Pati GMA? TARAY Congratulations to my amazing boy Wonho 🤩😍😻 I'll support you in whatever you want to be .😎💖👌🏻. I Love You Wonho really really love you. Monbebe let's make his dream come true to be the best idol in over the world 💪💖💝🤗🤩 STARSHIPent OfficialMonstaX

tARAY NAMAN GMA Ay waw. Kapuso talaga ako eh. 😭😭😭 official__wonho MonstaX_PH Thank youuuu po sa article. I stan GMA di katulad ng a//kpop , k°reab°° aww Cherryp60607919 😍 monbebe are sooooooo happy thani you for the amazing article Exactly Ms. Cara Garcia thank you so much for the article. Let's be friends. 😊🥰

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OfficialMonstaX official__wonho wow GMA 😅 official__wonho thank youu😘 THANK YOU 🥺😭😭 OurProducerWonho WonhoIsBack Pagdating sa Monsta X sa inyo ako GMA. 😭😂 Iba kayooo~ Woaah thank youuu 😭😭😭 Salamat gma! Thanks GMA kaya senyo ako eh HAHAHAHA The writer is definitely a monbebe! Show yourself! Let us love you 💕

BLifefamilylove Thank you for the article. I’m SO HAPPYYYYY official__wonho

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