‘We’re both lawyers’: Duterte challenges Carpio to debate on WPS issue

President Rodrigo Duterte challenged former Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio to a debate on the West Philippine Sea. | @GabrielLaluINQ

5/6/2021 1:55:00 AM

President Rodrigo Duterte challenged former Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio to a debate on the West Philippine Sea. | GabrielLaluINQ

President Rodrigo Duterte challenged on Wednesday former Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio to a debate on the West Philippine Sea, particularly on the 2016 ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague that favored the Philippines over China.

The president has been insisting that Carpio and then Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario were involved in the decision to withdraw Navy ships from the West Philippine Sea. He said he would resign if anyone could prove that he was lying about this.

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Duterte also suggested that both Carpio and Del Rosario could be investigated for their role in China’s occupation of some island in the West Philippine Sea during the Aquino administration.“‘That’s the truth, my countrymen. You can ask any lawyer. That’s what happened. Now if I’m lying, then I would resign — immediately, tomorrow,” he said.

He repeated his statement about China being a friend, despite the presence of its ships in disputed areas of the West Philippine Sea.“Because it’s a friend, there’s nothing you can do? What will you do? Is that treason?” he said. Read more: Inquirer »

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SetTheDate SetTheDate SetTheDate Atty. Ranny Randolf Libayan (BATASnatin) is right in saying that there are in fact,lawyers who are overrated. I'm quite sure that Justice Antonio Carpio isn't the one here. GabrielLaluINQ Du30: 'I challenge J. Carpio to a debate'. J. Carpio: 'call'. Roque: 'pano ngaun yan boss, kumagat si Carpio?' Panelo: 'don't worry gagawa tau palusot para di mkasipot si pres.'. robin, bonggo, mocha, pacquiao, imee, bato & sotto: 'sige boss tuloy ang laban, kami coaches mo'!

GabrielLaluINQ Sa mga nangyayari lalo akong nagdududa na matagal ng bayad ang WPS sa China kaya di na kumikibo at walang paki ang Gobyerno... Aminin na kasi... GabrielLaluINQ Bakit mg.dedebate pa. Ibaon na yan si Carpio sa Chinese made islands. GabrielLaluINQ Eh pre-recorded n nga yan talk-talk niya na walang kuwenta na yan, tapos gusto pa debate s magaling n former SC Justice?! DuterteResign DutertePalpak DuterteTutaNgChina DuterteTraydor DuterteInutil

GabrielLaluINQ Duterte the bugok lawyer versus a topnotcher... wew... GabrielLaluINQ Duterte is done! Talo na sa argumento kaya gaslighting/gutter politics na lang ang alam. Carpio, Del Rosario, et al have taken the upperhand on the WPS issue and he knows it. Kaya kumahog mag press release ng higit sa isa kada linggo. It’s just a matter of time...he will implode!

GabrielLaluINQ Jetski Walang saysay GabrielLaluINQ Hahahaha, joke lang daw po yan. Alam nyo naman na palabiro si tatang.wala totoo sa mga sinasabi nyan😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂 GabrielLaluINQ Teka... Bakit hindi si XI JINPING ang hamunin mo ng debate?

Carpio accepts Duterte’s West PH Sea debate challengeMANILA, Philippines – Retired Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio has accepted President Rodrigo Duterte’s challenge for a debate on the West Philippine Sea issue particularly Calling Aquino as a witness? The thing about Aquino's is that you can tell they are lying simply because their lips are moving.

GabrielLaluINQ Insecure na si digong!!! GabrielLaluINQ Nagwawala na sya kasi tinalikuran na sya ng taumbayan. Paano, sobrang pagtatraydor ang ginagawa nya. Obvious naman di ba!! GabrielLaluINQ PH vs china. True-blue patriot vs egomaniacal sino-diehard. PHvschina AlamNa GabrielLaluINQ Let's do this! teamphilippines teamcarpio

GabrielLaluINQ Ang tanong sino ang host sa debate? Baka murahin pati host hahahahaha....false asia pasok!!! GabrielLaluINQ Kailaman man ay di nagwawagi ang mali. Sana ay patulan ni SCAJ Carpio si duts para lumabas ang katotohanan at baka mamulat ang mga natitira pang mga nauuto ni duts. GabrielLaluINQ LOL ulol expect a Waldy Carbonell part 2. Hindi sisipot ang gagong yan.

GabrielLaluINQ Napakadali naman kung gusto niya talaga ng debate. Invite SAJ Carpio to guest on his late night show. Live or via Zoom pwede. GabrielLaluINQ Cge, keenly interested GabrielLaluINQ 😂😂😂

Carpio on Duterte debate: Siya ang humamon, hindi akoRetired Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio shrugged off President Rodrigo Duterte'S decision to back out of his own challenge to debate over the West Philippine Sea issue. .but our leader is not on our side☹ Atin ang Pilipinas, yan WPS. 🇵🇭 DZMMTeleRadyo because the chinese pay off duterte handsomely. period. ugh.

GabrielLaluINQ Challenge b kmo Di yan magpaakita GabrielLaluINQ D naman kailangan ng debate tungkol jan. Ang mahalaga gawin nyo ang dapat ninyong gawin..May magagawa ba ang debate na yan para sa soberanya ng ating bansa. Gumising ka nga.😈😠 GabrielLaluINQ This is going to be a good one 😂 GabrielLaluINQ GIGO: Garbage in, garbage out.

GabrielLaluINQ Mukhang usapang lasing na naman ito. Tagay 🍻 GabrielLaluINQ Si Carpio pang intellectual debate, si Inutil pang inuman sa kantong debate. Mismatch. Siempre sa mga tabogos, yung puro mura at pang alipusta ang panalo kc d nila maintindihan ang level ni Carpio. GabrielLaluINQ Baka pag pinatulan ka paghintayin mo lang si SJ Carpio tulad ni Waldy Carbonel. duterteduwag

GabrielLaluINQ All bark... 🙄 GabrielLaluINQ More than 5 years na siya nag draw-drawing haha GabrielLaluINQ Yes, this debate would be fun to watch. Rules must be in place. No cussing allowed, oops, there goes dutty's vocabulary, and only 5 minutes response. Well, with the no cussing rule, dutty will always be within the 5 minutes response l!

Duterte defends backing out of debate with Carpio: ‘I’m not afraid of you’“I’m not afraid of you,” President Rodrigo Duterte said in a pre-recorded speech that aired Monday night, referring to retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, whom he earlier challenged to a debate on the West Philippine Sea. .30 Duterte is just trying so hard to convince himself that he's not afraid but, his actions speak otherwise! JOKE!

GabrielLaluINQ nagyabang na naman...tapos sasabihin joke lang sa bandang huli...gasgas na gasgas na ang linya ni rodrigo GabrielLaluINQ in the end...joke, joke, joke lang yung challenge niya...don't take it literally...sabi ni roque... GabrielLaluINQ Every raven is a bird but not every bird is a raven. Duterte’s rotten manipulative tactics and spin machine are in high gear again. Don’t fall into Duterte’s traps and vote for him again.

GabrielLaluINQ Ang mangyayari nyan sa paghahamon na yan magiging part 2 ng wally carbonel🤣🤣🤣 GabrielLaluINQ Ayan na naman sa hamon tong duwag na to. Haminin mo ung dapat mong hamunin. Palibhasa tuta! GabrielLaluINQ may international court ruling na, debate pa gusto mo. palibhasa kahit na may ICJ ruling binenta mo pa rin ang Pilipinas sa kagaya mong satanas na komunistang mga intsik. Basahin mo sinulat ni Justice Carpio para malaman mo kung gano kagaling yan. debate ka p

GabrielLaluINQ go lets hear his answers GabrielLaluINQ GabrielLaluINQ Daming issues ni mang kanor.. DutertePalpak GabrielLaluINQ His action proves his words are empty. Carpio may accept pero Duterte will say I never challenged him. DuterteTraydor

No more face-off: Duterte backs out of debate with Carpio, assigns Roque insteadMANILA, Philippines — The much touted face-off between President Rodrigo Duterte and retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio may not materialize after the Chief Executive assigned Hahaha...ambot sa imo All talk, that's what is all about... does not the balls to walk the talk. He's garbbage just like goes out of his mouth... all trash! Just like the people around him! Supot. Duwag. Hanggang bluff lang pala kayo tapos pag pumalag sabay bawi... Stupid clowns🤡🤡🤡Remember this is your legacy. Nakakahiya! attyharryroque DutertePalpak DuterteDuwag

GabrielLaluINQ papel pala ICJ ruling. di ba't maraming papel ang diyos mo? di kasya sayo barya. ako ay Pilipino, lumayas ka sa Inang Bayan ko. Ikaw ay kampon ng satanas na mga komunistang intsik. GabrielLaluINQ DuterteTraydor Accept nga the challenge GabrielLaluINQ Anak Ng.....lasing Ang buang.... GabrielLaluINQ This is the only Filipino President that has blatantly disregarded and thrown out the Philippines' win in the arbitration court. Instead of strongly asserting the Philippines' inalienable rights to these waters duterte has become the mouthpiece of Beijing. This is high treason.

GabrielLaluINQ Hahaha. This is the only true joke I have heard from the traitor estafador Duterte. DuterteEstafador DuterteTraydor GabrielLaluINQ LOL 😂🤣 A non-practicing and probably no longer licensed to practice as an attorney vs. A former judge, i.e. former acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. My bet is with Justice Carpio.

GabrielLaluINQ Bring it on! GabrielLaluINQ Trash talker pres vs factful judge GabrielLaluINQ While all we do is talk, China continues to usurp our territories. GabrielLaluINQ Ang lakas ng loob mghamon ng debate eh al-al ka na nga. Di na maintindihan ang ibang sinasabi mo. Isama mo pa si bunggok ah. Game? Sino kaya ang mauunang ma ihi o matae sa pantalon?😄😄😄

PH Bar Association offers to host Duterte vs Carpio debate on West Philippine SeaMANILA — The Philippine Bar Association (PBA) on Thursday offered to host a debate between President Rodrigo Duterte and retired Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio on issues surrounding the West Philippine Sea. Get it on.. Atleast walang naitayong artificial island at nakaka pangisda na mga pinoy sa WPS.. Kabaliktaran noong panahon ni carpio at epals. Pick your team! honor your challenge

GabrielLaluINQ Tapos kapag pumayag at natalo ka, mumurahin mo naman in public TV? What a brain. GabrielLaluINQ hawakan mo nga yung tenga. hahahahaha but seriously tho, bat ba inaaway ni d30 kapwa pinoy/bibenta ang pinas? filipino ba siya or chinese? GabrielLaluINQ Sana patulan ni Justice Carpio.🙏🏻

GabrielLaluINQ Di ka nga makapagdeliver ng speech ng live debate pa. Ano yun rebuttal statements mo after 2 weeks? TutaNgChina GabrielLaluINQ Instead of doing something about the WPS and confronting China, He wants a debate with another Filipino over it. Will it help resolve the issue? theatrics!! Why not focus your energy on the true enemy. Where are your 'balls' mister president? Does xi jinping have both of them?

GabrielLaluINQ Challenge china to a debate. GabrielLaluINQ cge nga ... tuloy na yan debate na yan GabrielLaluINQ Sana matuloy will show who has more brain and love of country patriot in heart. GabrielLaluINQ + China has interest n WPS but has its own style. Carpio, Rosario in d time of Noynoy made a step of not talking 1st on what... instead filed a case of it at Unclos. China abhors UN, Unclos. So this happened n we won. Sonagmatigas tayo in return china did the same..then led to...

GabrielLaluINQ Lakas manghamon ng kapwa Filipino pero sa China wala siyang pakielam🥴

GabrielLaluINQ How can you reason with someone na pikon, utak pulbura and could not even compose a coherent sentence? Pretty sure he will just threaten Justice Carpio. GabrielLaluINQ Debate? RRD_Davao will only resort to cursing. DuterteTraydor DuterteResign