WATCH: YouTube star PewDiePie back after one-month break, announces coming ‘changes’

All the '9-year-olds' can now rejoice as YouTube star PewDiePie is finally back after a one-month break in Japan.


All the “9-year-olds” can now rejoice as YouTube star PewDiePie is finally back after a one-month vacation in Japan, which broke his 10-year streak of uploading content daily on the video streaming platform. | IBiongINQ

All the '9-year-olds' can now rejoice as YouTube star PewDiePie is finally back after a one-month break in Japan.

“So it was good for me to take a break to sort of process what I’m doing and what I wanna do in the future,” he said.“I don’t wanna limit myself to just doing daily, just for the sake of it. Although, I have been missing it a lot,” he said. Nevertheless, the YouTube star promised that he will try his best to keep doing daily content.

He then expressed his gratitude to them: “Thank you for all the nice and lovely, supportive comments while I was gone. That really cheered me up, I really appreciate that.”. (last upload before taking break) It was necessary, it was necessary,” PewDiePie added.

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IBiongINQ Inquirer also a 9 yr old confirmed IBiongINQ Excuse me, we're 19 year olds now. :( IBiongINQ pewdiepieisback 👊👊👊 IBiongINQ *19 year old IBiongINQ sivemorten pewdiepie IBiongINQ very nice, inquirer. Big PP confirmed IBiongINQ Yet here I am still not knowing who he is and never watched any of his video.

IBiongINQ the thumbnail...

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