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Isko Moreno, 2022 Ph Presidential Race

[WATCH] Isko Moreno on Duterte: 'Wala namang perpektong tao'

How does Manila Mayor Isko Moreno respond to claims that he is a closet Duterte supporter?

9/23/2021 7:27:00 PM

How does Manila Mayor Isko Moreno respond to claims that he is a closet Duterte supporter?

How does Manila Mayor Isko Moreno respond to claims that he is a closet Duterte supporter?

Manila Mayor and presidential aspirant Isko Moreno cut President Rodrigo Duterte some slack as he reflected on his potential predecessor in a Rappler Talk Newsmaker episode recorded on Tuesday, September 21.Moreno, who was once seen in photos doing Duterte's signature fist bump pose, more recently

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exchanged barbs with the Presidentover his government's pandemic response.The mayor has avoided allying himself with either the administration or opposition, claiming in his presidential candidacy launch on Wednesday, September 22, that he was willing to

"work with anybody"regardless of political color.But his name has still been floated as an opposition candidate, despite worries that he may be a closet Duterte supporter. In a, Moreno ranked as the second highest 2022 presidential preference behind Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

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yan ba yung oposisyon ahahaha baliw gago So okay lang pumatay ng tao kasi hindi tayo perpekto? i hope you know the meaning of accountability. I listened to the interview. He has to be pressed for details from his general statements. Legit. Same brand sold in different seasons? Si Duts hindi perpekto? He is the opposite of perfect. Enabler.

Mukha lang syang nanguuto ng tao. That smile, that evasiveness. It became actually clear na may support si dutz sa campaign nya. Read between the lines. Well, there's your answer. Excusing the admin with 'walang perpekto' shit. Lol it's that trivial. Gives you an idea, baka ganyan din siya pag nahalal. Gawing excuse yung walang perpekto for his inexperience and possibly incompetence to handle something so much bigger than Manila.

We need a leader that will condemn the current administration not baby sit them . Either against ka or hindi lang yan.

'Isko Moreno' has right to seek presidency, says Roque; shrugs off 'threat' to Go-Duterte tandemPresidential Spokesman Harry Roque made the statement after Moreno that he will run for president in the 2022 polls with physician Willie Ong as his running mate. READ:

Medyo Hindi ko naintindihan Yung flow of thought nya ah. He reminds me of Robin Padilla Nung Hindi o lusaw utak nya Another ta tactics to lessen the Moreno supporters, all who support Duterte will loss votes in the 2022 elections. Style Dutae din ito , trying hard nagmamatalino..NO to Isbo👎👎👎 He still is.

A duterte enabler. Hindi daw away-bata ang usapang Duterte. Eh, demonyo nga iyun. Tapos ganyan lang downplay ang kawalanghiyaang nagawa ng Duts na iyan. He can work with anyone daw. Vico did too, but he never did the fist-bump. Iba ka isko. Trapoe v. 2.0. Hwag tayo pa-budol. ilang mayors, governors, or congressman ba ang nagsasabing kaaway sila ng nakaupong presidente?

At first, I was giving him the benefit of the doubt when he decided the run for President. But after watching this interview, it just confirms that Isko is just another ambitious trapo with no strong conviction and no stance. LabanLeni2022 The Davao Butcher eithier has dirt on him and / or he is on the syndicate payroll.

Hmmn.... k, not voting you anymore. Bye Duterte enabler yan!!! Marcis Loyalist pa!!!!

Isko Moreno: Can work with Robredo, continue Duterte’s infra programManila Mayor Isko Moreno , who has announced his candidacy for president in 2022, presented himself as a neutral candidate and called for unity among political factions as a way of healing a divided nation. Read: Pinanganak ka sa bundok bilang npa..pinanganak kang hubad kaya hanggang binata ka nakahubad ka..hindi ba pambabastos ung nagseselfie habang nilalaro sarili saka iuupload...tsupe wag mo kami lokohin isgonggong!wagka kau mgloko Something's fishy still. Neutral? Cant you just say that youre independent......

Hilaw pa. Grace Poe in the making. Natalo ka nga as Senator noon. Umaalingasaw talaga eh. So, based on his answers, I'm afraid that Duterte will be able to get away with his killing spree and corruption spree and might enjoy the rest of his life from his stolen billion from Filipino money. Yuckkkkk 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

Inamin din niya sabagay obvious naman. Isko is a duterte candidate. Kung di pa naisipan tumakbo di pa magiging oposisyon, tawag dyan NUETERTE! ☝️😂👈 Pero may masama at may ubod Ng kasamaan LabanLeni2022 Ganon ha The more he defends the more IskoDerte he becomes🤣

Isko Moreno open to Philippines rejoining ICC under his watchWATCH: Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said he would support the Philippines ' return to the International Criminal Court (ICC) if the move would 'give a good impression to the world.' Full story:

Isko Moreno-Willie Ong launch 2022 bid, neutral on political colorManila Mayor Isko Moreno officially declared his presidential bid in the 2022 national elections with Dr. Willie Ong as his running mate, making it clear they don't identify as administration nor opposition bets. Marcos puppet Parang ok itong dalawang Ito..🥳🥳🥳 gold🤑

Isko Moreno: ‘I will become a healing president’Manila Mayor Isko Moreno on Wednesday vowed to be a “healing president” should he become the country’s next chief executive in 2022. Hmmmn, siya na ba Ang susunod na magsabing 'naniwala naman kayo'? Joke lang at stupid?

Mayor Isko Moreno to seek presidency in 2022Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is now the latest entry in the Philippine presidential derby. He has this 'Grace Poe fame syndrome', thinking he's too famous already to win this, but at least we know now his true personality (ambisyoso). Imagine him side by side w/ young leaders like Trudeau, Macron, Jacinta (NZ) w/ his dark showbiz past & smutty pictures, nakakahiya! If I wer you don’t run for president as of now. Opinion ko lang po It's too early for him! It's just a waste of resources and possible additional votes for Leni. He could've tried senatorial seat first.