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Us, Abraham Lincoln

US aircraft carrier transits Strait of Hormuz


US aircraft carrier transits Strait of Hormuz

The strait is a chokepoint for a third of the world's seaborne oil.

It was the first time a US aircraft carrier group went through the strait since Iran downed a US drone in June in the same area.

The last time a US aircraft carrier transited the strait was in April, the Pentagon official said.

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Sink any Iranian boats that come into sight.

US and South Korea end talks on sharing cost for maintaining US troops on Korean peninsulaNegotiations between the US and South Korea on dividing the cost for maintaining US troops on the Korean peninsula ended abruptly, the two countries announced Tuesday.

Beijing tells US to stop 'flexing muscles' in South China Sea as it sends new carrierChina's Defense Minister told his US counterpart that Washington must stop 'flexing its muscles' in the South China Sea when the two met Monday, according to a spokesman for Beijing. China should stop claiming the entire SCS and WPS.. And stop their militarization in spratly...

China calls on US to 'stop flexing muscles' in South China Sea

US envoy, local execs agree: Police perform better with women officers onboard US Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim and other local officials have agreed that police units perform better when women officers are integrated and their abilities maximized. | GabrielLaluINQ

Yahoo Japan and Line are merging to fend off US tech giantsSoftBank founder Masaoyshi Son is trying to orchestrate a $30 billion merger of two Japanese internet companies to build a tech business that can survive in the 'winner-takes-all' world of Google and Facebook.

U.S. extends license for businesses to work with Huawei by 90 days(UPDATED) Huawei says the extension does nothing to alter the company's view that Washington has treated it unfairly, and continues to call for its removal from a foreign technology blacklist

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