Aldrean Paul Alogon, Wesleyan University, Capiz

Aldrean Paul Alogon, Wesleyan University

True to one’s roots: Meet the Pinoy farmer’s son with a scholarship to Connecticut's Wesleyan University

This September, 18-year-old Aldrean Paul Alogon will be enrolling as the only Filipino recipient of the Freeman Asian Scholarship worth $300,000 in Wesleyan University, USA


Congratulations, Aldrean! This September, 18-year-old Aldrean Paul Alogon will be enrolling as the only Filipino recipient of the Freeman Asian Scholarship in Wesleyan University , USA.

This September, 18-year-old Aldrean Paul Alogon will be enrolling as the only Filipino recipient of the Freeman Asian Scholarship worth $300,000 in Wesleyan University , USA

Along with getting the chance to be educated in one of America’s top liberal arts colleges, the scholarship will also sponsor one round-trip for the scholar: a trip going to USA when the student starts his Wesleyan journey, and a trip back home when the student ends it.

Pero kung gusto makuha ang langit, maagi ka gid sa makitid na dalan. Kailangan ko gid ni agyan kung gusto ko mapanami ang kabuhi sang akon na family

(But if you want to reach the heavens, you have to go through narrow roads. I need to experience this if I want to better the lives of my family.)

(When I see my neighbors, and my family, that isn’t rich or with a high social status, I feel depressed. I want them to be able to experience the life of, at least, a middle-class Filipino.)

(I saw his potential, his inclination to the academics. He was also a nice kid, very hardworking. A studious, friendly, obedient child who was inclined to the sciences.)

STUDENT LEADER. Aldrean Alogon poses with the PSHS-WVC Student Alliance, the student government body of the school where he served as Vice President - Internal, after a leadership training camp on March 16, 2019. Photo courtesy of Daryl John Libiano.

As one of the Top 10 in the batch, PSHS-WVC also funded Aldrean’s travel fares, accommodation, and application fees for him to take the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) in Cebu: the exams that allowed him to go to Wesleyan University.

Sila ang ga-push sa akon na maging better sa akon self

(Home for me are those people that I want to help, the people that give me the drive to better myself. They push me to become better.)

Kiko Cruz, Aldrean’s roommate and close friend, mentions how Aldrean even managed to express his regionalistic pride in song form, composing the original song “Dayon Na Kita” (in Hiligaynon, “Let’s All Go”) for the school’s video entry for the 14th National Youth Congress.

gained traction online because of Aldrean’s strong roots. “[It] is Aldrean being proud of his region. Which is why, I think, the song really clicked with the public - his passion and pride for home made it more authentic and heartfelt.”

But for Aldrean himself, he only feels proud of his achievements only when he can see how happy it makes his family.

Aldrean will be landing in Connecticut on Sunday, August 25.

Dorothy Andrada is a Rappler mover from Roxas City, Capiz. She is currently a college freshman in Ateneo de Manila University.

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Congratulations! Looks like a truly deserving person got the deserving scholarship Congratulations iho,keep it up, God bless

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