The data shows the unvaccinated don't fear the virus, even as they are most at risk

Lack of fear about the virus is probably part of the reason that the unvaccinated haven't gotten a shot.

8/2/2021 2:55:00 AM

Lack of fear about the virus is probably part of the reason that the unvaccinated haven't gotten a shot.

Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are again rising in the US. All the evidence we have suggests that vaccines help prevent most cases, and those who are unvaccinated are putting themselves at major risk.

Take a look at the latest July data from the Axios/Ipsos tracking poll. In that poll, 37% of all adults said they were extremely or very concerned about the pandemic. That was the highest percentage recorded since mid-May.The problem is the rise in concern about the coronavirus is driven pretty much exclusively by the unvaccinated.

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In July, 44% of vaccinated adults indicated they were extremely or very concerned about the virus. This was up from 36% in late June.Among the unvaccinated, concern was stable at 23%. The opposite, in theory, should be the case. The unvaccinated should be the most scared.

That said, lack of fear about the virus is probably part of the reason that the unvaccinated haven't gotten a shot. It would also explain why it's difficult to reach much of the unvaccinated through messages about how dangerous the virus is.The people who seem to be getting the message most are those who already are vaccinated.

The same holds true when it comes to the Delta variant in particular. A majority of vaccinated adults (54%) who have heard of the variant are extremely or very concerned about it. Just 25% of unvaccinated adults feel the same way.The percentage of the vaccinated who are extremely or very concerned has risen significantly from late June, when 40% felt that way. Among the unvaccinated, those who are extremely or very concerned stayed steady at 25%.

The good news is that some unvaccinated people do seem to be changing their minds about getting the vaccine. The percentage of adults who have received at least one dose of the vaccine in the last week is greater than it was since the beginning of July.

The vaccinations are disproportionately occurring in the places where there have been the most cases recently. With the exception of Alaska, the states in the top 11 for new cases per 100,000 residents are all in the top 11 for new vaccinations over the last week. These are states that on the whole have been in the bottom half of vaccination rates.

The problem is that the relative rate of vaccination is still not great. We're only averaging about 400,000 new Americans getting their first dose daily. In April, the country was often averaging north of 1.5 million new Americans getting a first dose daily.

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Perhaps the best way to see the divide between the vaccinated and unvaccinated is how many vaccinated adults are willing to get a booster vaccine. No matter how the question was asked, 88% of adults who have already been vaccinated said that they likely would. A majority of unvaccinated adults said they were not likely at all to ever get a vaccine.

Unvaccinated people's unwillingness to get a vaccine might be less concerning if they were willing to take other proper precautions such as wearing a mask.The issue there is that the unvaccinated continue to be less likely to wear a mask. A mere 44% of unvaccinated adults wear a mask at all or sometimes when leaving the house in the latest Ipsos poll. Before the latest CDC guidance suggested that vaccinated Americans should be wearing a mask in more instances, 55% of vaccinated adults said they did. This 55% could go up even more in future weeks.

On the other end, 35% of unvaccinated adults never wear a mask when they leave the house. This is not a decline from late June. It's a within the margin of error increase from 31% that month. By comparison, 16% of vaccinated adults indicated that they never wear a mask outside of the home.

If we want the best chance of lowering case and hospitalization counts, the unvaccinated need to start acting more like the vaccinated. Read more: CNN Philippines »

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Actually problema diyan, it's either ayaw makipagcoordinate sa Barangay or di nakikipagcoordinate si Barangay. Dito sa amin pili lang sinasabihan ni BHW para makapagpalista, ni hindi din sila nagaannounce about sa schedule. Blame your Barangay incompetence. Alam nyi na sa 2022? lack of vaccine not lack of fear.

'the unvaccinated who are the least afraid of the virus and are taking fewer precautions against it.' Totoo. Mga suicidal o mga terrorista. Sila pa un hilig na maginuman, videoke, at lumabas ng walang mask. Problema, sa street o bario level na, ndi na naro-ronda ng brgy, tamad n. They don't fear the flu either.

Palawakin po ang roll-out ng vaccination at paramihin ang supply ng vaccines. Mas marami po ang may gusto ma vaccinate kesa sa ayaw. May pila pa nga kahit baha na. Daming gusto magpavaccine pero wala naman vaccine. Lol Because we want Pfizer.... You see, you have been injecting sinovac which came from the main source of this virus... You are just selling the Philippines to China.. Show a data on what vaccine was used by our govt officials.

Lack of fear? Lack of supply you mean! ang dami may gusto halos ilan months na naghihintay tawagan o itext man lang. Alisin nyo priority group at iallow nyo walk-in makikita nyo kung gaano kadami may gusto. Lagi nyo sinisisi sa amin.😒😒 There are more people waiting to be vaccinated. Admit that the reason we have few vaccinated people is bec of lack of supply. Stop diverting us.

The reason we, in the A4 category, have not been vaccinated is because we have not been contacted for our vaccination yet. I really don't know anyone who is 'refusing' to be vaccinated. If there are, leave them be for now, prioritize those who want to be vaccinated. Palakasan nlang talaga ng resistensya. Ako yun ang naka galing sakin from covid no severe symptoms fever lng at ubo & in 5th day wala na yng symptoms & after 2 weeks negative nko wala pang vaccine that time. Still waiting for my vaccine (potah ang tagal)

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fear of side effects and lack of fear on the virus. peace🤠and of course contradicting messages from prominent personalities The fear of the vaccine hindi fear of the veerus. Mga shunga The only reason why unvaccinated people haven't gotten their shot is because of vaccine insufficiency. LGUs are waiting for sufficient vaccine ration from national government.

no enough supply of vaccines esp n the provinces Or knowledge that this is a plandemic by big pharma & driven by media hype. Signaling from the DOH doesn't help. Their reports have in the most prominent area a statistic showing 95.3 percent are mild or asymptomatic. They should replace that with R0 and ADAR stats to enforce the urgency.

Bat kc naka focus sa ayaw while mahaba pa ang pila sa vaccination sites. mahaba ang waiting list ng mga gustong magpavaccine. Maraming walk in na di naaaccommodate sa vaccine sites. May napanis na ba na vaccine dahil di naiturok? Blame d ppl n nmn b? It’s not lack of fear. It’s lack of reliable vaccines. Pag Pfizer, kandarapa mga tao sa pagpila.

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DOH sees COVID cases rising in NCR later on even with ECQProjections by the health department showed that even under enhanced community quarantine Metro Manila could see active COVID-19 cases rising eventually.

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Delta variant produces similar viral loads in vaccinated, unvaccinated -- CDCA new study of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows the Delta variant produced similar amounts of virus in vaccinated and unvaccinated people if they get infected. READ: Huh, even vaccinated can be infected? What's the use of vaccine? Sa vernacular: parehas lang daw ang DAMI ng virus na makukuha ng bakunado ng Pfizer/Biontec. J&J at Moderna sa hindi bakunado. Iyang mga bakuna iyan lang ang binibigay sa USA ay Amerikano ang pag aaral. Sa madaling salita, walang epek. Kalokohan ulol