'Start-Up' reminds us why chasing dreams is harder than it seems - SCOUT

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1/22/2022 8:01:00 AM

Via scoutmagph

“Start-Up” illustrates passion’s fine print: We’ll never get exactly what we want but it’s worth a shot

by1 year agoSHAREI’m about to say something controversial yet brave: “Start-Up” is still a powerful K-drama even without the romance subplot.The title “K-drama aficionado” in our house belongs to my mother. Even so, I’m familiar enough with its tropes to discuss it. There are existing K-dramas out there in which romance isn’t the highlight (“Signal,” “Sky Castle,” you know the vibes). But more often than not, romance plays a big role in the genre.

K-dramas often have the following: plucky female lead, charismatic yet earnest male romantic interest and an anti-hero second male character. In between these entanglements are hard-hitting issues like Korean corporate drama and dysfunctional family crisis. It’s formulaic but it depends on where the showrunners take the story.

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