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Abs-Cbn Top Taxpayer, Abs-Cbn Franchise Renewal

Solon warns loss of gov't revenues, not just jobs, if ABS-CBN franchise not renewed

7/2/2020 2:17:00 PM

Solon warns loss of gov't revenues, not just jobs , if ABS-CBN franchise not renewed

Simplicio Cabantac Jr, head of Large Tax Payers Audit Division 3 of the BIR, said ABS-CBN ranked 65th among the top corporate taxpayers in the Philippines. In 2017, the company was ranked 275th and 339th the following. Baguio Rep. Mark Go said that if Congress refused to renew ABS-CBN’s franchise, it would mean not just a loss of jobs for the company’s 11,000 employees, but also a loss of revenues that the government badly needs to respond to the pandemic.

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“If and when Congress does not approve ABS-CBN franchise, this is what we’re gonna lose,” Go said. He said that with the economy expected to shrink this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress should be looking at preserving businesses and employment. 

“What we would like to do is to stimulate the economy and one way of stimulating it is by ensuring that those who are in the country doing business now, should continue, even strengthen their business,” Go said. Meantime, the BIR official also said on Thursday that even though it issued tax clearances to ABS-CBN for several years, companies can still be investigated for possible tax fraud. 

“There is still a possibility that we can conduct a second audit in cases of fraud,” Cabantac said in response to a question from Cavite Rep. Epidio Barzaga on the significance of clearances issued by the BIR to companies like ABS-CBN. Barzaga asked if a tax clearance meant that firms who have already been cleared of any allegations of tax fraud can be investigated again. 

“Pwede pong i-revisit yung audit at mag conduct ng second audit,” Cabantac said.On Wednesday, the BIR testified that ABS-CBN has been regularly filing and paying its taxes and has no tax delinquency.ABS-CBN Group's Chief Financial Officer Ricardo Tan also belied on Monday allegations that the company has not been paying proper taxes.

The company said it has also submitted to Congress tax clearances issued to it by the BIR.But Barzaga said this was not “conclusive.” “Kahit may tax clearance, it does not bar the government to conduct an investigation in the event that there will be fraud for the corporation in the year when the tax clearance was issued,” Barzaga said.

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I suggest all Kapamilya stars and staff take it to the next election and ikampanya niyo to the max ang mga kalaban ng mga 'nambarubal' (quoting cocomartin_ph) sa inyo. kapamilyastarsneverforget mgloloan nlng dw po ulit ang pinas sa ibang bansa kung kelangan nila ng pera.. Mangungutang na lang daw sila.

A vindictive govt will not last. It will be eaten by its own karma. You'll reap what you sow! yeah right... TAX AVOID pa more ... hindi 11k ang empleyo congress... or bingi ka lng ... nag papalusoy sa bayad buwis, bigyan ulet ng franchise.... eh baliw na congress ire ... di pa kasama ung mga illegally sinisante nilang empleyo ... at paano ung mismong abuso sa freq use

Sana kesa paginitan ng congress ang franchise ng ABS bakit di nila bugyan pansin ang meralco sa dami ng reklamo sa bill!sobrang taas Oo nga kau nasa Congress wag abs-cbn trabahuhin nyo hayaan nyo magpatuloy abs-cbn. Ang dami2 national issues to prioritize. Akala nyo ba iboboto pa nmin kau nagparticipate sa sa abs-cbn tatandaan nmin kau para di iboto kc wala kau nagawa para sa bayan.

Correct po ! Tama na ang personalan kasi ! YellowPadawan E mga idioto, the likes of marcoleta wig tanga, defensor loves pgma, boying remulla the lawbreaker. They just look one side of the coin. Nakakakulot talaga sila ng balahibo ko sa kilikili. Pwede patigilin na si Marcoleta, Remulla, lhat sila sa Kongreso. Ang taong bayan eh gigil na.

Naka stick parin talaga kayo ABS sa 11k na enployee Haha. Yung katotohanan lang po. Haha. 2k+ lang empleyado ng Abs broadcasting corporation. Yung totoo lang dapat kasi binabalita niyo para di na tatanggalan ng prangkisa. Lol The government is playing its cards and jungling on taking risks of eventually losing in the end. It will all boomerang in their face and they will be in deep trouble and will result to further mass protests as more and more people will be in deep slumber because of poverty.


SAD 😞 Kini question nila PDRs tapos TANGGAP ng TANGGAP naman sila ng monetary donations from foreign countries Not just taxes paid by ABS and its regular employess, but ALSO the multi million taxes paid by celebrities. At least hindi bababa sa Php 100 million a year at HINDI naman kasalanan ng 11,000 employees KUNG may shortcomings ang management.

Sana magbayad muna ng sapat na buwis bago humingi ng nagong franchise Kaya daw yan solusyunan ng ibang networks gaya ng INC25 Pagdating nman sa floor for voting talo yan sa silent majority. Sinsamantala nila bka sakali maging daan pra maging senador yang mga maiingay. Syempre ibabalita nyu lang yung pabor sa inyo. At kahit dehafo kayu ipipilit nyu yung side nyu!!!! Thats not journalism!! One sided biased pwe

foreverkapamilya Tama nman!! Great loss to national treasury ang non renewal of franchise ng Abs-cbn! And worst of all, additional 11K+ of jobless people! GOD bless the Phils.&its people🙏❤️🙏❤️ Agree.. finish that talk about the ABSCBNFranchise , so that they can focus on the COVID crisis. Baon na naman tayo sa utang edi uutang uli ayan naman gusto ng gunggong na congressman saka amo nila

Walang abs- cbn walang commercial walang trabaho aba unemployment yan. That is so very true... The Senators should simply fine them for whatever problems they find and just let them continue. The law has so many loop holes and that should be one of their focus. But at the end its the pandemic we need them to focus on.

Is it 11,000 for 3k plus? It is getting confusing. So do they have to pay more tax as what the media posted which was revealed in the senate hearing or should we believe what the BIR said? Uutang na lang Pinas, lubig na lubog na sa utang. IbalikAngABCBN ABSCBN continues to be in the forefront to alleviate the suffering of families through their dailyProgram.How difficult it is to understand that in this moment of crisis Pinoy have a moment to lighthen their burdens, can smile/laugh/enjoy a bit the simple pleasure of life!!!

So? It's not the fault of the company? Bend the law? Is that your answer? Careful in taking this kind of precedence. The government as it is is already questionable, continue this path and people will lose hope about justice in this country. Dont use the people for your gain smh. Uutang nalang tayo. . .

Alin, yung 1.4B income tax for 3 years? Stupid rep spotted! 👊 Wait for the Congress decision on ABS-CBN franchise! Follow the rule of law. Period! Mga selfish kasi itong sila Marcoleta Remulla at Defensor hindi iniisip ang malaking epekto pag pinasara ang abscbn kasi sila ang isa sa pinakamalaking tax na binabayaran pero panay tanggap naman nila ng sahod galing din sa tax payers! Ang kakapal ng mukha!

Walang pake ang gobyerno yan kase para sa kanila pwedensilang umutang nang umutang KapamilyaForever ForeverKapamilya KapamilyaChannel And domino effect for the whole advertising and entertainment industry All they have to do is prolong the pandemic then ask for foreign aid to fight it.

Why ABS-CBN has 'program employees', independent contractorsv_araneta Bukod sa mga pumirma ng 6 months pero pagdating ng malapit na ang benefits and regularization ay extend for 2 years nalang w/out benefits and no regularization. 2019. Pero ilan pa ba ang Weng Hidalgo....sad but true.

READ: ABS-CBN Corp statement on the NTC order vs TV Plus channelsANCALERTS Bakit kasi ngayon nyo lang sinara dapat noon pa. Alam naman pala na labag sa batas Let this be a lesson to the hundreds of Abs Cbn talents, Anchors, reporters, etc that are DDS. They have the biggest voice and yet they chose to be silent despite of what was happening to ABS CBN. Takot pa din sila na atakehin ng DDS trolls? Tsk tsk tsk 🤔 please.. don't be like this. GMA is not an option. it never was. it never will be. IbalikAngABSCBN ABSCBNfranchise

Labor issues sa ABS-CBN hinimay sa franchise hearing ng KamaraNTC ordered TV stations to go digital; ABS complied and tv plus was born; now how will the digital order work if tv plus was stop? Idiots are losing their minds and we pay them thru our taxes

ABS-CBN heeds NTC’s halt order; stops digital transmission via Channel 43MANILA, Philippines — Embattled media giant ABS-CBN Corp. on Tuesday announced that it will comply with the National Telecommunications Commission’s (NTC) cease-and-desist order (CDO) against the DJEsguerraINQ UN Reuters AP AlJazeera_World BBCWorld cnni mariaressa nytimes TIME washingtonpost the Philippine government is taking the Filipinos basic human rights!!! DJEsguerraINQ calarisuuuh ito po kaya wala na channels sa tvplus?

ABS-CBN eyes regularizing more employeesHahahaha..tara tawa tayo..hahahhaa

'Kapit, kapamilya’: Netizens rally support as ABS-CBN faces new shutdown threatsFilipinos rallied behind ABS-CBN's employees after the NTC ordered Sky Cable Corporation to stop its direct broadcast satellite service and ordered the media giant to stop operating digital transmissions in Metro Manila using channel 43. What a horrible decision. If they really have a compassion for the Filipinos, why are they making such an heartless judgement Grabe talaga The evil govt did it in anticipation of the terror bill lapsing as law on the 9th of july. If no abs cbn, no one will be critical on tv. We all know how gma reports these days.