Scientists discovered the first animal that doesn't need oxygen to live. It's changing the definition of what an animal can be

Researchers just discovered a unique organism that doesn't need to breathe.

2/27/2020 8:45:00 AM

Researchers just discovered a unique organism that doesn't need to breathe.

Researchers just discovered a unique organism that doesn't need to breathe.

and"steals ready-made nutrients" from it, Atkinson said, instead of consuming oxygen directly.The team's findings, he said, expand the definition of what an"animal" can be. It's pretty epic stuff for such a diminutive creature.

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The parasite lives in low-oxygen environments, so it doesn't breatheThe organism forms small white cysts in the muscle of salmon. It probably doesn't harm the fish and can't infect humans, the researchers said.But the environment inside its fish host is largely devoid of oxygen, so for the parasite to survive, it"breathes" without oxygen at all. It's adapted by dropping its mitochondria genome entirely. Mitochondria convert food into energy in most organisms.

"By losing the genome, the parasite is saving energy by not having to copy genes for things it no longer needs," Atkinson said.An animal this gobsmacking naturally presents more questions than it does answers. The researchers don't know for certain what the parasite relies on instead of oxygen, but Atkinson said he assumes it absorbs molecules from its host that have already produced energy.

Atkinson and his team don't think this species is the last oxygen-free animal, either. He said he expects to discover many more species that can survive without oxygen -- and probably"even weirder modes of existence." Read more: CNN Philippines »

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We already found that organism!

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