Robredo says she may run for president if only to block another Marcos or Duterte

MANILA, Philippines — Becoming president was never her ambition, but Vice President Leni Robredo says she might run if only two prevent the continuation of the governance style of President

9/25/2021 6:20:00 PM

Robredo has not declared her decision on whether to run or not in 2022, but she has admitted to pushing for talks with Senators Manny Pacquiao and Panfilo Lacson and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno about forming a unity ticket. READ:

MANILA, Philippines — Becoming president was never her ambition, but Vice President Leni Robredo says she might run if only two prevent the continuation of the governance style of President

“As I have always said, if I have to run so that… those two objectives would happen, I will run,” Robredo, speaking in Filipino, told reporters on Saturday during the launch of a COVID-19 vaccine express in Magalang, Pampanga.ADVERTISEMENTShe added, however, that, if preventing those two things from happening would mean she would have to refrain from running, then she would not run.

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“So for me, I have no, I did not have the ambition. I did not have the ambition to become a president. I have always repeated that the presidency is destiny. I mean, no amount of preparation will ever prepare you for the elections,” she said. Read more: Inquirer »

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Aika Robredo also describes former senator Bam Aquino, Vice President Leni Robredo's campaign manager, as 'heaven-sent'

HNDI KA MANANALO BOBA LENI WAG KANANG MAG AMBISYON We salute you for this We don't care! he he Leni2022 And your platform is just to block someone from setting foot in the palace? How is it going to benefit the people? You dummies keep doing that and people like me who had never been a Marcos supporter will start supporting the guy to piss you off! Time to correct history blunders!

Alangan naman mag bckout sila para syo whn they are capable. what or who is there to unite, all of them aiming to be president🙃 Yan ang top priority mo FVP? hahahahahahaha wala ka ng pag asa talaga! Not very interesting word, priority kc sa mga opposition si Marcos at Duterte na iout sa election at maopen uli ang ABS CBN hindi ang kalagayan o mangyayari sa Pinas pag nanalo sila, it's more on HATE and REVANGE ang nasa utak nila hindi UNITY ng mga Pinoy

With bets still to file their COCs, Robredo still hopeful of forming a unity ticketRobredo said she remains hopeful of forming a unity ticket with aspirants who have declared their bids to run for president in next year’s polls, saying that they have yet to file their certificates of candidacy. | JEMendozaINQ JEMendozaINQ It ain't over til it's over JEMendozaINQ It won't happen. You shld have talked to them when there was ample time, say, last May. Even local LP members are now migrating to other parties that leaves you without local support nationwide. How will you win? Your advisers are dead wrong and seem idiots! lenirobredo JEMendozaINQ Obviously,may kanya-kanyang political ambition din pala kahit opposition.

To block a Duterte and another Marcos to hold power in the government is the biggest service any leader could do to the Filipinos! Pwede ba, wag nyong i-twist ang katotohanan na si vice PRESIDENT LENI lang ang walang bahid ng corruption and other evils sa mga yan! LabanLeni2022 Yun lang aim mo to block another personality hindi para sa paglilinngkod sa mga pilipino such hypocrisy sabihan ko buo angkan namin wag ka iboto galit lang pala nasa puso ninyo 🙄🤪🤪puro paninira mga gusto magleader leaderan 😩😩

Fuck Kapal 🎶🎵Ang magnanakaw ay mapagsamantala Magaling magkunwari, madaling makilala Balat-kayong ginagamit kahit hindi sa pirata Magnanakaw pa rin ang nakikita sa kanya.🎵🎶 Lol Better run maam, ready na ang 3% supporters nyo.. but now divided by 3, walang kaming makitang clear agenda nyo for us but its all for criticizing others..

WTH.. Idiot Vp lenirobredo , we are so ready for you 🙏🏻

Robredo hits Duterte's leadership style; says it'll be a 'waste' if he becomes next VPThe Nation's Leading Newspaper negligible lang yan nasimulan mo, fake vp. kaysa mga nagawang mabuti ni PRRD Saan kaya kumukuha ng kapalmuks ang kabit ni bolet? VP Leni why don't you run for President now it is your chance

JEMendozaINQ hypocrite kunwari ayaw ..feeling important...dami mo sinasabi akala mo kagaalingan ka eh wala nga alam ...wala ginawa kung di pumutak at panira sa govt..actions speaks louder than words po ang impt...kya nga kangkungan ang ratings mo eh JEMendozaINQ lenirobredo between u & BBM, waiting game and gut feeling his waiting for you b 4 filling his candidacy. DU30 no chance of getting score. BBM waiting for your action. His full of strategy and hold decision. Perhaps, my analysis his putting application without your interest.

🤣🤣🤣🤣akala mo naman ang lakas niya 🤣🤣🤣 JEMendozaINQ Just follow the Nike slogan madam - Just Do It! I wonder why she even talked to those three when everyone knows they are all lapdogs of duterte. Yes, please. But also, you're better than the other presidentiables. You're our best hope. Please run for president.

JEMendozaINQ Ramos should have never allowed the Marcos crime family to return to the Philippines. They have been nothing but trouble. No more political dynasties! dami mong keber..kami ngang DDS tinutulak ka namin para tumakbo ng magkaalaman..yung thief-in-the-night mo hndi na mangyayari lol 🥚🥚🥚 ansabe unity, inde uni three..all 3 wants the presidency😂😂😂

Robredo ‘still hopeful’ unified opposition will happenVice-President Leni Robredo remains hopeful that a unified opposition for Halalan2022 can still happen. If people believes you, you will win if you run for President. I’m just rooting you and Sen. Lacson. Any of you must win. maxado kang pabebe Hopefully..

JEMendozaINQ Homayghad, I'm so excited.😊😮 JEMendozaINQ what a bloody reasons... lol JEMendozaINQ Ignoring the typo... OK, she's running..... JEMendozaINQ typo po sa caption 'two' JEMendozaINQ What can BongBong Marcos do when he's not even this close to what his dictator dad is capable of doing. JEMendozaINQ Dapat pinapalayas na to sa Pilipinas sobrang demonya niya talaga guys.

JEMendozaINQ parang lyamado a🏇🎠🐴

Historical revisionism possible if Bongbong Marcos gets elected – Isko Moreno“IT CAN HAPPEN DURING THEIR TIME IF GIVEN A CHANCE.' Manila Mayor Isko Moreno gave that assessment when asked about the issue by Karen Davila in Friday’s “Headstart” on the ABS-CBN News Channel. READ: Umayos ka Isko :( Ur making it hard for me to root for u at this rate. Ngek? No!! Pls! Ikakasira mo yan..

Marcos agrees with Duterte China policy; confuses ICC, arbitral tribunalBongbong Marcos said President Rodrigo Duterte was employing the right way approach on China and the West Philippine Sea. Mga politiko tlg pagmalapit na eleksyon dami nang kuda daming ganap para mahpapansin my god 'Confuses' is a euphemism.....'Lying' is more appropriate. Jusmeo nangangarap maging pangulo pero jan palang talo na ang pinas.

Allies to Leni: Time to decideWith only a week left before the official filing of certificates of candidacy for the 2022 elections, opposition group Magdalo urged Vice President Leni Robredo to finally declare whether she intended to seek the presidency. | JhessetEnanoINQ JhessetEnanoINQ Inaantay ang pasko. JhessetEnanoINQ Baka naghihintay pa ng sign. Charoot!