Rapid testing kits pushed, but Duque sticks to ‘gold standard’

Duque rejected rapid testing, saying the DOH will continue using the PCR process as it was still the “gold standard” in detecting SARS-CoV-2 infection.

3/29/2020 2:50:00 AM

Duque rejected rapid testing, saying the DOH will continue using the PCR process as it was still the “gold standard” in detecting SARS-CoV-2 infection.

MANILA, Philippines — A health advocate and prominent ophthalmologist on Saturday urged the Department of Health (DOH) to use rapid test kits that quickly determine whether a person had been

PCR machinesThe current DOH protocol to detect infection by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, uses polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machines in a process which Padilla said took so long that in some cases patients had died before test results came out.It should be noted, however, that hospitals and doctors now treat patients with symptoms of the disease as COVID-19 cases without waiting for test results. They also stress that the death of a patient is not directly related to late test results.

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“I am appealing to the DOH to allow the use of rapid test kits to reflect the real situation,” Padilla said in a Facebook video post. “The PCR machine that requires sophisticated equipment is no longer realistic … Other countries like [South] Korea, Taiwan, Shanghai (China) and Japan are already telling us what to do.”

She said a significant number of government and private doctors support the call for rapid testing.The Philippines has received several batches of rapid test kits from other countries and from private groups and individuals, she said.‘Everything is an option’

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III on Saturday rejected rapid testing, saying the DOH will continue using the PCR process as it was still the “gold standard” in detecting SARS-CoV-2 infection.ADVERTISEMENTAssistant Health Secretary Eric Tayag, a veteran epidemiologist and head of the Knowledge Management and Information Service of the DOH, said the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the use of the rapid test kits.

But he said earlier that the FDA might have to “study fast” the use of the kits as “another option so that testing will not be difficult as it is.”“At times like this EVERYTHING IS AN OPTION unless it happens,” he said on Twitter on Thursday.In a phone interview on Friday, Tayag told the Inquirer that he was not endorsing rapid testing but hoped the FDA would do a study on such kind of test which uses blood samples, unlike the PCR system which requires specimen taken from the nose and mouth of a patient.

“This test should be studied because this can’t be called a diagnostic [tool],” he said.While he said the PCR test could detect the virus on the first day of illness, the rapid antibody test can detect antibodies about five days on.“But if you would think about it, majority of the patients who go to the hospital now are those who got sick for the past five days,” Tayag noted, indicating that rapid tests could be used at this point in the outbreak. “You don’t see anyone going there after feeling ill for one day.”

The rapid antibody test is cheaper and more affordable, he added.China, Korea’s ‘secret’Tayag said the rapid antibody test was popular in China and Korea, and was their “secret” to how they were able to conduct massive testing.In her report to a lawmaker which she shared with the Inquirer, Padilla said the tests were “virtually 100 percent specific.”

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“This means that if they test positive, then you are 100 percent sure that the person has the virus causing COVID-19. It is not any other virus,” she explained.She mentioned two types of rapid tests. One, the Igm test, detects the presence of the Immunoglobulin M antibody that appears in response to initial exposure to an antigen or foreign body that triggers this immune response—in this case, the SARS-CoV-2.

The other, the IgG test, aims to detect the Immunoglobulin G antibody that appears when a person is “already starting to convalesce.”Padilla cited exchanges on a recent “webinar,” or a conference on the internet, among medical practitioners from various countries where Shanghai-based Dr. Wenhong Zhang said rapid testing had prevented the spread of the virus in his area.

“He discussed the importance of prevention. Diagnostic COVID-19 testing on every suspected [case] was key to mitigating the spread of the disease,” Padilla said.She added that Shanghai medical experts predicted 1 million cases in the city but social distancing implemented as early as Feb. 1 prevented this from happening.

Typical Filipino homePadilla said the DOH advisory for persons experiencing “mild symptoms” to isolate themselves as a preventive measure does not work as effectively as rapid testing because most Filipino homes do not have enough space to ensure isolation of a patient who already has COVID-19.

Duque urged those who continue to push for the use of rapid test kits to “read up more,” given that there were already questions about their reliability. He said that some countries, which he did not identify, “have stopped using this because it’s unreliable” and their results were “questionable.”

“Our testing method, the real-time PCR, remains to be the gold standard because what we measure here is the virus, unlike in the other testing method in which it is the antibodies that are measured,” he added.Duque also assured the public that health authorities were working to expand the country’s testing capabilities to test more people.

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Tayag said mass testing was also a “necessary step to ‘flatten the curve’ or slow down the spread of infection in a precise, timely manner.”He cited the advice from the World Health Organization to countries hit by COVID-19 to “test, trace, quarantine, isolate, treat and monitor and report” cases so that an infected person could be isolated immediately to contain the virus.

As of 4 p.m. Saturday, the DOH had tested 2,287 persons and confirmed 1,075 COVID-19 cases, including 35 who have recovered. Read more: Inquirer »

Don’t confused people...choosy pa ba? gusto talaga ng DOH mabagal ang sistema. Wala hiya ka talaga Doque bat di kapa bumaba sa pwesto.. Although not as accurate as RT-PCR tests, we need to use antibodies/rapid testing to find those who are asymptomatic and semi-asymptomatic who may continue to infect the population and then isolate them. SARSCoV2 Covid_19 TESTTESTTEST MassTestingPH DOHgovph

republiquearvin They are just stalling! They don't want to purchase anything anymore just to avoid masstesting because this administration already pocketed the money lol why not use the rapid test kits as initial test to start treatment and do the gold standard which take so long as confirmatory test... utilize everything.

BAYANIHAN ACT was signed for prompt testing! WTF DUQUE! This isn’t SARS! Duque pakyu ka. If rapid testing is available, efficient and effective, I can't understand why Sec. Duque doesn't want it. The gold standard seems too slow. The tested individual has spread the virus or, at times, the patient has died before the results are out.

he doesnt want the numbers to go up.. just waiting for people to drop dead on the streets They prefer the gold standard for corruption at the expense of human lives. Not surprising from these CCP suckers! MAS PINAKA MARAMI ANG PUM EVENTUALLY PG MGMANIFEST NG SIGNS & SYPTOMS MAGING PUI N YAN... KAILANGAN M ISOLATE N SI PUM

sonymandap you were right. Dinisapprove nga ng DOH Common sense Duque! Use the RTK as preliminary test and the PCR for validation. Problema ba yon? We can use both. Pwede naman yun. At least mas mabilis ung testing. Kahit lumobo ung case at least matutugunan agad and it will not become fatality or hindi na maging cause ng pagkalat sa iba.

Sinasabi nyo dapat gawin para makaiwas sa covid-19, pero pataas ang cases bat di nyo gawin mas mabilis yong paraan para matapos agad tapos sasabihin nyo sa taong bayan wag magalala basta sundin ang sinasabi nyo. Ambot!🤦🏻‍♀️ May pros and cons yung mga type ng kits, pag i-strategize po ang paggamit, baka naman po mabawasan ang risk ng false +/- Mangopya din po tayo ng best practices ng ibang states 😊

Vaklang twoooah Umayos ka Duque ha! Potena...gold standard na pala yung ginagawa nilang iyan. Pay the medical practioners 10,000.00/day. I still have to hear something sensible and competent decision from this person during this pandemic How much is he earning in all this? Classic government contractor - patagalin para mas madami bayad.

They are ao afraid to show and find out the real number of infected persons, because with all these lapses on their actions, it's alarming that Philippines only have less than 2k cases. No wonder, money again is involved here.Duque to find a way how to.make money in the middle of the plague. Corrupt corrupt and corrupt.

SecDuque should resign “It WAS still the gold standard” what IS the gold standard now? hanep talaga mga nakaupo na to. mga inutil. Habang tumatagal lalo lang dumadame ang nahahawa..nid pa Gold Standard?kayo ba DOH gold standard ba kayo? Duque RESIGN!!!! How do you you address the issue that there are PUM that are dying without knowing if they are COVID-19 positive? When do you plan to do mass testing? O wala kang plano?

SecDuque DOHgovph takot ba kayo na malaman ang katotohanan ang totoong kalagayan ng mga filipino? Kelan ba mag reresign si Duque? Parang awa mo na po Mag resign ka na Duque!!!! Rapid testing na ang kailangan Kung may sintomas na sana yung taon kung kaunti lang ang supply ng testers tapos yung matagal gamitin muna for mass testing ng mga walang symptoms. Ano gagawin sa mga testers if di gagamitin?!

What’s happening to Duque I personally think he was great in CSC. But now, almost every move is wrong😢 Tigas ng bungo SecDuque You need to Resign. DuqueResign use those chinese test kits for politicians As expected. 😏 tangina talaga Can anyone please just put Duque in an indefinite quarantine/isolation? Nothing he said was ever helpful. He is the worst thing that has happened next to Duterte and this pandemic!

Doesn't feel and sound like a gold standard to me. Remember: RAPID TESTING is the GOLD STANDARD. Rapid testing or you will prolonged this chaos. The reason why the DOH stick to gold standards and don't want to purchase more kits for rapid testing.. Is simple... Kickback. Duque Duque is just afraid that his incompetence will show.

Bobo naman ni Duque. It's not covid-19 that will kill us but the government DOH is very inefficient and taking their own sweet time. They have not responded to this crisis with a sense of urgency. Did they think the virus will go away by itself? They should listen and learn from the real experts. elbeelmao 🤡

bobo putanginaaa Ayaw nya ng Rapid Testing kasi nga baka lumabas ang totoo na madami na ang infected .O kaya naman ay talagang gusto nyang madaming mamatay.Resign kana lang!!! Doh yung totoo takot kayo malaman ang tunay na status nang ncov sa pinas? May plano ata tlg ang gobyerno na to na unti2ng ptayin ang mga mamamayang Pilipino. Puppet ni Duterte yng c Duque at c Duterte tuta ng China kya wag na tayo mgtaka kng sinasabotahe tayo ng sarili nting Presidente!!

May pagka Joy Belmote tong si Duque. Kung applicable ang rapid testing, bakit tutol, Ano ba problema sa rapid testing Whalezies These new kits will penetrate the black market. Mass killing ulit gusto mo mangaryi Duque tulad ng ginawa mo sa Dengvaxia? RAPID ANTIBODY-BASED TESTS ARE TOO RISKY! The chance of FALSE NEGATIVES is too high and that will only be a bigger problem MassTestingNowPH

I'm sorry but there is a reason why WHO and other countries are developing FASTER GENETIC TESTS and not antibody - based tests. This has been explained repeatedly. A simple search on the technology will tell you how hard measuring the reliability of rapid antibody tests. Kung gusto ni Duque ng gold standarc eh di samahan ng serology ang PCR. Para malaman din ng kahit negative sa PCR kung na-expose sila sa Wuhan Virus.

DOHgovph broaden your minds. Even the US now is mass producing a rapid test kit by Abbott which can detect in 5 mins! DOHgovph Developed countries like UK, S.Korea&Japan are using this, there's a 5-min. test kit also coz need to act faster than the virus. May mga PUM(may pulis din)at PUI po na namamatay bago pa marelease results nila. Nagkakahawaan pa po(bros. in Lanao del Sur). covid19ph

ang tanong bakit di pa yan tsinutsugi sa pwesto nya? Hay DOHgovph .. Ano na! Hindi ko maramdaman sense of urgency nyo! Why can’t we be like SoKor Taiwan Singapore ? I'm not even going to say anything. I'm genuinely horrified at the handling of the crisis jedderrs 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Gold standard of a third world country maybe.

Rapid Testing used in Singapore and Korea is a big YES but not anything from and partnered with China. Basang basa... kitang kita... ayaw sa mass testing ng DOH at ni dutertae. Kaya pinipigilan pati yung sa marikina. Duque needs intervention. Please open your eyes! Citizens to Duque: Why are we letting arrogant people like Duque to head us in a pandemic? Have you seen the figures for PH? It is not getting any better as we are not testing enough! Based from actual results, South Korea is best practice and that means mass testing!

Bakit ba tanga At egoistic yung DOH sec kung kelang may crisis!?! Masahol pa ‘to kay Garin eh .. Kaloka Kayo na ata ang papatay sa amin hindi ang virus Gold. What is gold is time. Then calibrate, back track results. Korea flattened the curve by doing that. Duque is a perfect example of a bureaucrat. Too many people succumb to the virus and more to come if he keeps doubling down.

Duque is out to kill us all. Pwede naman mag parallel testing. Yes to MassTestingPH Maybe HE and HIS BROTHER are cooking something, similar to PHIL HEALTH SCAM? Shet. Sorry. Pero ang bobo, SecDuque. All the deaths. On you. Mapapa what the fuck ka na lang talaga kay Duque. Gold standard? Baka naman 30 Pieces of Gold kamo!

Baka naman kc may kick back siya sa PCR 'Gold standard' dun kc sa Korea kit wala. Hahahaha Dear Sec Duque, nasaan po ang sense of urgency? Naiwan nung nag-SQ kayo? Yung totoo, ano po ba ang silbi ng special sessions at special powers na yan kung hindi naman mamadaliin ang pagresolve? Mas maraming mamamatay na tao e..

Lalo na parami ng parami mga cases ngayon. Jusko duque Hindi ko ba alam kung pinaninindigan na ni Duque na pera lang mag papagalaw sakanya? Magkano ba gusto nito para mag trabaho ng maayos? 🙄 Putang ina mo Duque! Hayup kang animal ka! Kayo ng amo mong buang ang pumapty kay Juan!😤😡 Gold standard eh nagkamali na nga kayo. Ulol

🤦‍♀🤦‍♀🤦‍♀🤦‍♀🤦‍♀ And this is the kind of action that will push the country to even more deaths from the virus... And based on the observable info, many people are dying even before they get their results. Except for VIPs who get their results within the day or the following day. Why not gamble to try it? Try to talk to the countries na nakagamit na wag yung masyado kang robot na kailangan ganito ganyan para sure. Dapat po senyor duque marunung mag tanong bakit nila ginamit ang rapid testing. MOVE IT! BILIS!!

Uubusin ni SecDuque mga Pilipino.... mag resign ka na wala kang kwenta Palitan n yang so Duque, Hindi talaga marunong Yan maghandle ng health crisis, poor leadership, poor planning, poor execution. ANG GOBYERNONG PINAMUMUNUAN NG MATATANDA AY ISANG GOBYERNONG KASING BAGAL NG PAGONG. DYOS KOPO LORD MAUUBOS TYO .

Gold standard pa ang gusto mo ngayon! Kailan ba tayo upto gold standard sa management ng ating mga pasyente? PenG+Genta lang naman simulat sapul! Change this guy now !!!! Rapid testing then negative tapos positive pala. Then gagalagala. Nanghawa kasi negative. What's 3 days waiting kung sure. Stay home lang muna.

Potek ! Napakawalang mahusay na desisyon itong si SecDuque. Ilang linggo ka nang ganyan. ikaw Duque tumahimik kana! never ka may concrete plans. pampagulo ka lang knowing ang dami ng donations. oustDuque oustDuque GODSAVETHEPHILIPPINESFROMDUQUE hanggat c duque DOHgovph ang namumuno lolobo at lolobo pa ang mga infected

So much undetected carriers with no symptoms. Good luck with your idea. This problem will take 2 years before it will peak. 3rd world doctor So many experts here. Sira tala ulo neto. ..napaka expert talaga ng mga nag comment dito .. LoL! Keyboard master .. mas marunong pa sa mga certified na doctor. Karamihan dito Quantity over Quality.. aanhin mo ang mass testing if ang gamit mung test hindi accurate, hindi FDA approved? Magbibigay lng yan ng false result

Ser galaw galaw baka pumanaw DesperatelySeekingDU30 DesperatelySeekingDU30 DesperatelySeekingDU30 DesperatelySeekingDU30 DesperatelySeekingDU30 DesperatelySeekingDU30 Well, Duque is an old guy just like his boss. You can’t teach old horses with new tricks. Kung meron lang naman, why not? Pang dagdag din yun sa pwede nating maging tested individuals!

Kung gusto mo nang patayin ung mga mamayang pilipino. Diretsuhin mo na. Bwisit ka. Matatapos din Term mo ulol!!!!! Kaya guys. Tayo tayo nalang to Stay at Home.. Mr Duque please discern what’s best to expedite testing. Open your mind to ideas of others before the number of cases on deaths from suspected COVID19 piles up. Ego and pride is the haven of the devil. You are a son of God so please defend it.

This has been used by China and SoKor, are you saying they are doing it wrong DOHgovph? i prefer na sabihan ako ng positive but mild complication para mag-quarantine ako kasya inaccurate rapid test na negative result yun pala ay positive, nakahawa pa ako sa bang tao. Duque fails to understand there are rapid testing kits that work well, if not much better than those from China. South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore are friends. There is no shame in emulating friends and their good practices. Survival requires you to change, said Lee Kuan Yew.

Your standards suck! Duke is the new Liason officer of the Senate and VIPs😡 Gusto ko nalang isipin na tropa si duque at yung isang mayor. Pabagalan ang labanan. Ang hirap kasi sa kanya ayaw niya tanggapin ang mga upgrades na pwedeng makatulong. Hindi man ganoon kareliable ang rapid testing pero sya ba nacheck nya ang reliability rate nya as doh sec? Haay

Why? What’s the reason me secretary sir? That means yung ginamit ng Pacquiao household questionable pa rn ang results dahil hindin yun gold standard. Yung kay Yap na result na mali2x yun ba yung gold standard? Why is he still in office? Should be kicked out. Takot siguro si Duque kung gaano kadami ang mga positive cases ng mga Covid19! Early detection is crucial! Mas magkakaroon ng panic o agam agam ang mga tao kapag madami ang mamatay!

Increase your PCR machine then so you can process more tests at the same time. Do unti other what you would want others do unto you!! Thats the Golden rule Duque! ResignDuque tonylavs Rapid testing = Inaccurate RT-PCR 'Gold Standard' = Accurate Rapid testing will make the patients false negatives thinking that they're COVID-19 free thus they will let their guard down and spread the virus.

Gold standard pero made in China! Duque is such an a-hole. There's a special place in hell for people like you! RRD_Davao please palitan nyo na si Duque mauubos tayo Wild Imaginings: Hindi ba kaya wala pang nagyayaring malaking tulong mula sa bilyong pisong budget ay dahil busy pa silang mag-create ng mga 'ghost companies'? They'd use them to procure and since wala namang public bidding, eh di HBD! 🎂

What gold standard with all the testing backlogs and cannot even support mass testing? More advanced countries are using this technology already Hoy duque gaga ka! Patay na mga PUI d pa lumalabas ang resulta ng gold standard mo. Punyeta ka! Duque will kill this nation. fireDuque fireDuque fireDuque DuqueResign yan ang solution

I really don't know if this guy is sincere about taking care of the Filipinos' health or if he's just simply concerned about business he gets out of all these kits and what not. Sana lang talaga hindi. Otherwise, I wouldn't know how he can still sleep at night. Example of Perfection becoming unproductive. Be agile.

Ok naman ang gold standard but cant we be flexible considering we really need more tests. Ok. pagdiinin ang gold, but how do we solve the lack of test kits? You have not answered the problem Sec. Attention; this is in contrast of what the DOH, has told us in the early occurence of the virus here, & i would much believe in him, they have misinformed us by saying not to wear mask uf you're not sick...🤬.. wth!

Ano ba talaga gustong mangyari ng gobyerno? Eh magkakamatay na lang tayong mga pilipino jusko. What’s your GOLD STANDARD? Letting your HEALTHWORKERS and LOW CLASS PEOPLE DIE?! Tang ina mo! 🤬 Dapat talaga palitan na ito Dami ng doctors ang namatay. With some hcw under quarantine. Pwede ba si Duque nlng magduty instead sa kanila? Haiiii

Mediocrity is the gold standard of this administration Ubuhan nyo na nga si duqueng ina, kung sino man ang positive jan, please. Sadly, we are still a 3rd world country run by people with 3rd world intelligence. Covid-19 is not SARS, and it is not like any other known virus, therefore testing should be done with the appropriate, authorized testing kit. Listen to the scientists, or be overrun by the virus.

gold stardard or double standard Why is this man so hard on his decisions. Not open to everything that could help solve this crisis Tanga ka pala talaga. Mr Duque, please know that you do not have a sense of urgency in this situation, if that Gold Standard of yours is killing people, why not look and even consider rapid testing. It could somehow help mitigate the spread.. we need to think fast and move fast or you'll loose ur post

If the PRC was the gold standard, why did the virus exponentially spread throught the world?! If S. Korea, Singapore, Germany, etc., slowed down infection by conducting mass testing then they could be the ones doing it better, and thus, should be the models/standards to follow. Time to think outside the box and have some of urgency, por pabor DOHgovph. Clock is ticking. What good is the grass if the horse is already dead! Filipinos are dying and some do even before the results of this so-called 'gold standard' of testing are known. C'mmon!

Don’t like duque, seems very much a fief lord like the rest of duterte gang. But rapid test kits truly are unreliable. Uncertain and unpredictable circumstances need a flexible leader. serrano_rene SecDuque yung 'gold standard' mo ba ay same nung 'best and the brightest' ng poon mo? Okay. Push mo yan para mas lalo pang maging 'model country' ang Pilipinas. 🙄

and this my friend is how you create chaos Pambihira naman tong si Duque, walang kwenta. Ego lang gumagana dito. Forget the gold standard, follow what is already tested in other countries. Were all gonna die because of this man. First question, what is that 'gold standard'? Can someone show us the process flow?

Let's talk about pride I think Duque is thinking of Herd immunity, rapid testing will just spike the curb. PCR testing is align with flattening the curb. Maganda yung rapid testing kung may facilities tayo to accommodate Tangina naman talaga How accurate b yung rapid testing? Kung 40% lang wag na Marami na ang neighboring countries ang currently gumagamit nito, definitely its a worth risk-taking. And its the best for reaching the standards for mass-testings. I think Mr. Duque, it's not the incapability of the testing kit but rather, you, incapable of doing your job right.

DOH are AFRAID that people get tested might be positve and will shoot up our number of infected. They don't want this to happen to show to us and the world that they are doing a Good Job in containing the virus. Hayup Duque. Ang heartless mo. Papalitan mo na si Satanas sa impyerno. Namimili k ng bubuhayin

DOHgovph outstanding in supreme IGNORANCE!!! He is too much attached to his theories when the same are inapplicable in this worst case scenario. WAT DA EF Mahirap kasi pagmatanda na hindi na updated sa makabagong technology sa susunod dapat may age requirements ang mga government officials dapat 40 below lang exceptional pag maraming achievement sa bayan

Kingina mo! Mas malaki ang commission nya sa PCR, eh. Goodness Duque you freakin insane!? bakit ayaw mo sa rapid test kits? takot kang ma bulgar kapalpakan mo as DOHgovph secretary. DOH, u need to shoot your facts to your goal! If u need re establish why need massive testing? Look whats happening at your data? Are we doing something? Look or if u cant look where d virus is going then whats in ur gut feeling about it be the nxt. Do something on ur count pls

Afraid of the real figures infected? How we will address the real problem? Hi DOHgovph you should be reminded that because of your delayed in advising the president to put the country into quarantine or lockdown mas dumami ang pag spread ng covid sa bansa and now matigas na nmn ang ulo ninyo na hindi gumamit ng rapid testing. Grabe na eto..😡

DuqueResign ang feeling naman mag reject ng rapid testing kits, yan na nga ginagamit ng other countries. Stupid. Dr Down P. I hope, again, doh have done massive testing for the purpose of tracking the virus to combat spread! Of course, they need action plan in place once they see hotspots. Whether, rapid test pf the gold standard as long as u able to detect the spread,then u can plan well w/ that area

I actually have high hopes with the current govt. But people like Duque, makes this govt weak and vulnerable not to the virus but to the attack of the opposotions as well as criticisms from the citizens. other first world are doing it, why not us? Can someone probe this man? Duque - obsolete ka na! Pareho kayo ni Duterte!

Replace duque NOW. Ayaw lang nilang lumubo ang positive cases. The national gov with their puppet Duque in their desperate attempt to cover up their inaction/incompetence in this crisis at the expense of the lives of frontliners and pinoys sir, please do the Filipinos a big favor. please RESIGN. you are useless. please, please, please

Sana lang maging asap ang accreditation ng iba pang PCR para hindi maging huli ang lahat n malalaman positive ang pasyente kung saan malala na at namatay na. pano nman po yung nadevelop n rapid test kit ng mga taga UP po? DuqueResign DuqueResign DuqueResign WTF! Tangina mo Duque! Countries like korea, china is telling us what to do to perforn rapid testing. Ano bang gusto mong mangyari, mamatay nalang mga tao, so that more people will enrage and what, may grounds na yung NAP for martial rule?

Gold standard ng bureaucracy. Just dont use the ones from China because there had been news reports of its inaccuracy. DOHgovph SecDuque If PCR is the gold standard, then why South Korea was able to flatten the curve with RTK? It's not the reliability of the testing alone that will contain COVID, but the ability to quickly identify and isolate those who are infected.

bansheerabidcat Pwede bang pakipalitan na tong boomer na to, ipalit sa DOH si Vico na lang Yung test kits from China, pasado kaya yun sa Gold Standard? Dapat tularan ng Pinas ang SoKor eh kung pano nila ginawa. Napaflatten na nila ang curve. Jusko nmn to si Duque kung bakit hndi na lng ntn yon kopyahin. 🤦‍♀️

bansheerabidcat Hindi ba’t rapid testing din yung 57,000 kits donated by Jack Ma? So hindi pwede yun? FreeMassTestingNOW putangina mo po Sana we have the likes of Dr Fauci. May sense of urgency! Hindi tulad natin dito relax relax lang. Parang ang dami oras. Ayaw po nila ma expose libo libo na infected sa Philippines.They will wait magkamatayan na ang tao before na naman sila papayag just like what happened sa late na pagcommunity quarantine. Hinintay pa nila na mag expose three countries ng umuwi citizens nila from phils ngpositive.

katanga! baka pwedeng palitan na 'tong si duque. parang puro palpak na e. di nya naisip na yun ang ginagamit ng mga bansang controlled na ang pagkalat ng virus? 🤦‍♀️ tanga e In the time of crisis, swift and timely actions are needed. We also need to have an open mind. Sec Duque what's holding you back?

Kung makakagawa ba ang DOH ng 20k PCR tests/day then why not? Kaso 2k+ pa lang natetest hanggang ngayon. At this critical time, we need to use whatever is available. Pwede na siguro ang rapid testing for screening purposes. Then retest those with doubtful results. Yes PCR Testing is still the “gold standard” for SARS-CoV-2 infection but can we at least try the rapid testing for those who manifest severe symptoms already...they are a walking time bomb so management is crucial at this point &we need results right away.

You dont have the monopoly of competence. Find out if this was used effectively in other countries. Maraming mamatay because of your stubbornness. Thats the problem if the SOH Duque has prioritized his being a bureaucrat vs. being a clinician and a looking after the welfare of the public. Which he both swore to protect. What are you afraid of? DoYourJob

What would we expect to this man, hindi nga nag recommend ng lockdown agad nung may 1st foreign taung case hinintay pa lumalala ang sitwasyon kung kelan madami na Duque resign! Ang mahirap: Rapid nga, mababa naman ang accuracy. ReplaceDuqueNow Pano naging doctor to? Rapid testing muna then if +, use PCR to confirm if that’s all you want. But act fast!

Pumayag ka na Ate Francisca Anong gold standard ang pinagsasasabi nyan. Patay na nga mga pasyente bago malaman na may Covid. 🤨 We should replace Duque now before more Filipinos die. Doon muna kung saan may kikitain sya. Bahala kayo dyan. Thinking aloud, it might show the real number of confirmed cases and deaths..

Ambot nimo duque... dilawan kayo ka ba. Litsi! gold standard? what is wrong with you? people are dying! when are you going to let go of your fcking pride? MassTestingNowPH Ewan ko sayo Duque. Ano pa bang inaantay natin. Ang dami ng namamatay.. no sensw of urgency 😥 why reject ok nga un at malalaman agad whose who? para maactionan agad o ang iniisip nya kulang pa hospitals? equupments? lalo lolobo lang figures kase nagkakahawaan na. kase hindi pa rin na trace lahat ng positive 😥😥😥.

ayaw nila n malaman ng tao na madami n tlga infected dito sa bansa, ginagaya nila style ng china, kung limited ang testing edi limited dn ang results. If rapid testing kit will help establish COVID 19 infection, why is Duque against it? Still playing Politics. Pwede naman seguro as long as rapid test result is reliable tapos saka nio ipa-test sa 'gold standard' testing for confirmation if nag positive. In that way mapapabilis ang pag determine nh positive patients at mababawasan workloads ng frontliners when it comes to initial testing

For rapid testing... Its a torture staying home thinking 'do I have it'... Ikaw ang papatay sa amin namputa ka bakla ka SecDuque DOHgovph incompetent ka! Bakla No such thing as gold standard since most countries are still battling covid Papatayin niya tayo... Baka kasi lumubo yung figures ... DuquePoorCrisisManager

mas mauuna yata ang mga tao mamatay sa konsumisyon kay Duque kesa COVID🙄 He is handling this crisis very poorly. Mahina talaga itong si Duque. Walang sense of urgency! Puro yabang inuuna 🙄 Di pede both? Kung decent naman accuracy rate why not coconut Malamang WHO na naman may pakana nyan. Covid is invisible and to see it is to TEST A PERSON IF HE IS A CARRIER.

Bakit naman? Very proud nga si Manny Pacquer na gumamit ng rapid testing kit from South Korea eh...

Pacquiao says he tested negative for COVID-19 using rapid test kit from South KoreaSenator Manny Pacquiao says he had tested negative of coronavirus infection, using a rapid testing kit from South Korea. Can DOH explain how come he got tested so fast ? DOHgovph Magagalit yung barangay captain sa Dasmariñas Village nyan. Wow ikaw na ang may access to rapid testing kit from South Korea! Tapos yung dinonate niyo galing Tsina!🤬

Quarantined Pacquiao says negative for coronavirus after rapid testRapid test for this hypocrite? 😏 Kahit negative, wala rin namang silbi yan. Mabuti na ngang nagpositive para may dahilan. Haha false negative

Rapid coronavirus spread pushes global cases past 500,000

Pacquiao says he tested negative for COVID-19 using rapid test kit from South KoreaSenator Manny Pacquiao says he had tested negative of coronavirus infection, using a rapid testing kit from South Korea. Can DOH explain how come he got tested so fast ? DOHgovph Magagalit yung barangay captain sa Dasmariñas Village nyan. Wow ikaw na ang may access to rapid testing kit from South Korea! Tapos yung dinonate niyo galing Tsina!🤬

Rapid coronavirus spread pushes global cases past 500,000

Jennylyn Mercado, kinondena ang VIP treatment sa COVID-19 testingJennylyn Mercado patungkol sa paggamit ng COVID-19 test kits: 'Ang test kits ay hindi para sa mga mayayaman o VIP, kung 'di para sa may mga sakit.' Read more: mm_faulkerson I hope there are more kapuso like maine mendoza who would want to share their blessings to our country by giving some food or whatever. Maliit man o malaki itll be appreciated.