Railway system for agri products

25/06/2022 4:30:00 AM

#MSEditorial Railway system for agri products

MSEditorial Railway system for agri products

It's commendable for President-elect Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., to acknowledge that the country is facing food crisis and take it upon

Share on Email It’s commendable for President-elect Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.While the move might be bold, “some look at this as a looming first fumble,” GlobalSource Partners, Inc.services and dedication to upholding standards.Incoming lawmaker Tulfo vows support to more digitized courts June 22, 2022 | 7:10 pm SUPREME COURT PIO AN INCOMING senator on Wednesday vowed to support the goal of setting up more digitized courts to increase efficiency in the country ’ s legal system.

, to acknowledge that the country is facing food crisis and take it upon himself to personally tackle the problem.Marcos said he will lead the Department of Agriculture, at least temporarily, when he assumes office on June 30 to allow himself to take immediate measures and make the department stronger in facing the looming crisis.“By not providing for a buffer, i.He makes it clear that the agri sector is on his government’s high priority.As large corporations, they believe they can make a significant impact in society and encourage the public to follow in their footsteps.No less than outgoing Secretary William Dar recognized and predicted a post-pandemic crisis in food production, not to mention the gruesome effects of the Russia-Ukraine war that caused monumental surge in fuel prices., a person he can fire if things fall apart, the president-elect may end up regretting this boldness, especially since the risks are manifold, from procurement to unexpected outcomes,” it said.Dar however has to admit the Department’s multiple failures, especially in handling the farmers’ logistics concern during the onslaught of the pandemic when food became scarce due to lock down measures.V.

ADVERTISEMENT What about the record-high cost of pork and other meat products? Sugar? Now Dar’s most recent pronouncement has been that the DA must also have “Build, Build, Build” projects similar to what had been done at the Department of Transportation and Department of Public Works and Highways.Rodriguez, Mr.The company believes it’s imperative to take its business to the next level by embedding a sustainability program that secures continued growth while strengthening its competitive advantage as a premier multinational company in Asia and Oceana.The BBB, the centerpiece program of outgoing President Duterte, aimed to usher in the “Golden age of infrastructure towards Philippine economic development.” Dar should have thought and fought for it during his assumption at DAR, not now when he is about to leave.On the other hand, GlobalSource said some see the move as a timely way of using his political capital “for what will likely be many unpopular decisions.Mr.It relies heavily on natural resources around the country, hence the need for sustainability initiatives that manage their impact on the environment, while enhancing responsible management of relevant resources.Marcos has a lot of work to do at the DA.Marcos’ popularity could allow him to act as a referee between those who lobby for liberal trade policies and those who have a protectionist stance.Duterte ’ s drug war, according to Human Rights Watch.

Again, the government needs to just look at the basic problem.One economist said we have lots of food.Popularity concerns “have a way of being shifted to the fiscal area,” the group said, citing Mr.It also studies regulatory requirements, establishes guidelines, and develops immediate action plans.The major problem was how to transport them to different parts of the country.We used to have a lot of farmers, but the numbers diminished tremendously because farming has become a losing venture in terms of livelihood.“People who know the sector well believe that his reform success depends on who his point person will be, i.One major solution is the reactivation of our railroad system.URC explores creative approaches to managing their environmental waste.

In China, there are two sets of railroads., his senior undersecretary,” GlobalSource said.There’s the modern railway for its bullet train and the other, the older road, for industrial use where agricultural and industrial products like metals and other raw materials enjoy unhampered cost-efficient transport.It’s good that Duterte had the vision-and political will—to reactivate and widen our railway system.e.Besides developing green spaces and reusing water in their malls, SM recently added more e-vehicle charging stations in select branches across the country.It’s up to the coming new administration to continue and maximize its use for a more efficient food production and distribution.Having two different sets of railways for the Philippines may not be possible.“In which case, we hope for the sake of the macro economy that he finds the right man soonest.

The one we have now is enough to help food—as well as other products—be distributed properly to stakeholders and eventually to every Filipino family’s table.However, there are only several charging ports available in the metro.The about-to-be finished Manila to Clark railroad should be continued to at least reach La Union, which is just below Benguet where highland vegetables are produced.Atienza.Then a system must be implemented to have these high-land products along with tropical vegetables, fish, and meat products from other parts of Luzon, be transported to Manila and other areas.We get to save cost in fuel, personnel, and other necessary expenses.It coincides with the government’s National Renewable Energy Program, which promotes a more eco-friendly society for all Filipinos.The same can be replicated in the Visayas and Mindanao as we look forward to the time when our meat and farm produce are fresher and less expensive.


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