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[PODCAST] Astrology Eme with Cesd: Your K-pop Biastrology

Have you ever wondered how your astrology is related to your K-pop bias?

7/31/2021 6:17:00 PM

Have you ever wondered how your astrology is related to your K-pop bias? Listen to this episode of Astrology Eme with our resident astro girl Cesd! ✨ RapplerPodcasts

Have you ever wondered how your astrology is related to your K-pop bias?

With all these K-pop groups, many can't help but be a stan.It’s also been said the your K-Pop bias says a lot about who you are – since most of your idols fall under a certain type.But sometimes we fall hard for a K-pop member who defies our usual archetype.

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Fans call them the “bias wrecker” – that’s the member who unexpectedly catches a fan's attention and makes them rethink their original bias.In this episode, resident astro girl Cesd sits down with her sister Adry. They are both K-Pop stans, and they discuss why you may like someone outside your social conditioning.

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