PM Imran Khan visits Kashmir as tensions boil with India

PM Imran Khan visits Kashmir as tensions boil with India


PM Imran Khan visits Kashmir as tensions boil with India

Prime Minister Imran Khan travelled to Pakistani Kashmir on Wednesday where he was expected to issue a fresh challenge to India over its recent power-play which has sent tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours soaring.

In the wake of the move, Pakistan has launched a diplomatic offensive aimed at reversing the order and formally asked the United Nations Security Council late Tuesday to hold an emergency session to address India’s “illegal actions”.

Indian authorities vowed to reduce the restrictions on freedom of movement in their portion of Kashmir following the country’s own Independence Day celebrations on Thursday.

In August 1947 the British Raj was dismantled with the subcontinent divided into two independent states — Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan.

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Pakistan vows to respond to any Indian aggression in Kashmir'We have decided that if India commits any type of violation we will fight till the end,' says Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan. hassan_k82 WE AGREED 100 % . BECAUSE ENDIA'S HITLER STYLE RULING HINDU PARTY MISTREATED BRUTALIZED MINORITIES CHRISTIANS BEATEN BIBLES BEEN BURNED & BANNED,WOMEN BEEN RAPPED ON DAILY BASIS,MUSLIMS,SIKHS & OTHER MINORITIES BRUTALIZED SAME WAY BY THESE LUCIFER'S DEMONIC FORCES IN HUMAN SKIN 15thAugustBlackDay Fahad_PTI It's all just disappointing specially from the whole international community still just waiting for a new adventure between India and Pakistan the two nuclear power's on Kashmir always a disputed territory and the oldest issue in the U.N. security council resolution so sad .

China, India diplomats meet amid tensions over KashmirTop Indian and Chinese diplomats have met in Beijing amid increased tensions over New Delhi’s move to change the legal status of territory it controls in Kashmir, part of which China claims as its own.

Pakistan dedicates Eid to Kashmir after India strips region of special statusISLAMABAD - People gathered in mosques across Pakistan on Monday to offer special prayers for Eid al-Adha, the second of Islam’s two major religious festivals.

Muted Eid celebrations for Kashmiris in New DelhiAs Kashmir remained in a communications lockdown, dozens of Kashmiris and their well-wishers gathered in a corner of Jantar Mantar, a road in central Delhi, to mark the Eid al-Adha festival. AsiaNewsNetwork

India monsoon floods kill more than 200NEW DELHI, India - The death toll from India's monsoon floods climbed to 202 on Tuesday as heavy rainfall kept pounding coastal regions in the west and south.

Regime forces advance towards key town in northwest SyriaPresident Bashar al-Assad's fighters are just a few kilometers away from Khan Sheikhun, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

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