PH-US ties survive Duterte rants, embrace of China

President Rodrigo Duterte “has no beef” with the United States. At least that’s what he told his top diplomat in Washington. | @CMRamosINQ

7/24/2021 5:11:00 AM

President Rodrigo Duterte “has no beef” with the United States. At least that’s what he told his top diplomat in Washington. | CMRamosINQ

MANILA, Philippines—President Rodrigo Duterte “has no beef” with the United States. At least that’s what he told his top diplomat in Washington. ADVERTISEMENT “President Duterte made it very clear to me from the very beginning that he has no beef against the United States,” Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Romualdez told Back home, five […]

“Trump is a good friend of mine,” Duterte had said.The Filipino leader has repeatedly said he would never step foot in the US during his term as president. But Duterte’s hardline stance against visiting America softened after his “friend,” Trump, assumed the presidency.

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Trump first invited Duterte over a phone call in 2017. In 2018, Duterte revealed he received a letter from Trump’s Cabinet to visit America.In January 2020, Duterte received another invitation from Trump for the US-Asean summit, an invite the Philippine president declined.

Duterte declines invitation to US-Asean summit, Palace confirmsWith Duterte approaching his final year, he has yet to make an official visit to the US.His third counterpart, President Joe Biden, who assumed office early 2021 and served as vice president under the Obama administration, had already expressed hopes to meet Duterte in person “at some point in time.”

Biden hopes to meet Duterte soon, assures strong US – PH tiesThis, however, may have to be put in the back burner since the pandemic has restricted world leaders from meeting each other face-to-face.“But who knows, things may get better and President Biden may decide to go to Asia, which I think is probably part of the plan. And then he’ll be able to swing by the Philippines or maybe meet with President Duterte on another occasion,” Manila’s envoy to Washington said.

Foreign policyWhen one talks of Duterte’s relations with the US, the Philippine president’s pivot to China and Russia crops up.Duterte seeks alliances with China and RussiaDuterte is trying to pursue an independent foreign policy but De Castro said the President is simply “replacing one master dominant power with another.”

“It’s not independent because you’re just replacing one master, the United States, with China,” he said.But Romualdez disputed the “misconception of many people.”“I think an independent foreign policy really clearly is we want to be friends to all and enemies to none,” he said.

This, as he noted the need to maintain good relations with China and Russia, which have diplomatic ties with the Philippines’ since the 1970s.“It’s been around for quite some time. It’s just a question of renewing it and perhaps making it more stable and having more exchanges in many things, most especially when it comes to economic development, which is really what the purpose was when we started to reach out to China,” Romualdez said.

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“Independent foreign policy is very clear. That it’s important for us to really be able to have a dialogue, a continuing dialogue with all of these countries, like Russia and China, and keep our relationship with the United States stable and more strong,” he added.

“It doesn’t mean that we can’t go around making friends with other countries just because they may have some conflict with the United States,” he said.‘No beef’Romualdez stressed that the Philippines’ relationship with the US“remains stable and strong contrary to what people think.”

“President Duterte made it very clear to me from the very beginning that he has no beef against the United States. It’s just that he feels very strongly about having a relationship with other countries like China because they’re our neighbors and that we need to reach out to them, especially with the issues surrounding,” he said.

“Before I left, I asked him ’is there any specific instructions?’ He said ‘just do your job’ and my job obviously is to make sure that our relationship with the United States remains stable and strong and I think I’m very pleased to say it remains that way,” he added.

Transforming into a ‘pariah’But De Castro said the President has transformed the Philippines into a “pariah” in its relationship with the West.“Because all our presidents, even up to President Marcos, always wanted to maintain that balance between the East and the West,” he said.

“He’s the most pro-Chinese,” he said of Duterte when asked how the current administration’s foreign policy differs from his predecessors.“And of course his foreign policy has made the Philippines a pariah…We are a pariah in terms of our relationship with the West,” De Castro went on.

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Balancing ties with US, ChinaIn Duterte’s final year, Romualdez said he envisions trying to find ways to balance the country’s relations with the US and China.“We’ve been able to make it clear to our friends here in Washington, D.C. that we are friends,” Romualdez said.

“We’re very really close but we have to try to find ways and means to be able to communicate and at the same time have good relations with countries like China, which is an not only emerging economy, but it is a powerhouse and we’re hoping that we would be able to have stronger economic ties with China,” he said.

“Number one, they’re our neighbors and number two, they obviously have economic power to be able to help us in our development projects, especially infrastructure. And I think the United States understands that very well and they don’t take that against us,” he added.

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