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Covıd 19, Malacanang

Palace says lockdown not a failure as number of COVID-19 cases breach 1,000

3/29/2020 3:56:00 PM

Malacañang says lockdown not a failure COVID19

In a statement, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said the increase in the number of cases is merely due to the increase in the number of people who got tested."We beg to disagree. As we have previously stated, the reason for a few reported cases of confirmed cases two weeks ago was because there was a lack of testing kits to ascertain the number of those afflicted with the disease," he said.

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"As the manufacture and supply of testing kits become available, plus the establishment of additional COVID-19 testing centers, there are more people being tested now than before, necessarily the hitherto unknown cases of COVID-19 have surfaced hence the galloping increase in number," Panelo added.

Panelo also said that there could have been more cases of COVID-19 in the country if the government did not implement the enhanced community quarantine."Had the enhanced community quarantine or partial lockdown not been imposed, the number of the COVID-19 cases could have been staggering, for the simple reason that with unrestricted movement of the population, with each individual being a potential carrier, the coronavirus would have an untrammeled leap-frogging from one person to another," he said.

As of Sunday, the Philippines has a total of 1,418 COVID-19 cases, with 71 fatalities and 42 recoveries. Read more: ABS-CBN News »

Agree that lockdown is not a failure but we have to act faster. I think the evaluation should come from us din Sir. Sana talaga matalo ng saging ang vee-rus. Pwe True, increase in cases is due to increased number of testing completed. Majority of those tested have exhibited symptoms before the lockdown was implemented. It is best to do statistics as well on time line of when symptoms were exhibited and show this to the people.

Pity some hate this country which on their recovery and trying to Help FightCOVID19 now... why don't these people just try ask their venerable uncle sam for help, which unfortunately surpassed 100k infected yet not imposing lockdown instead worried about forthcoming election.. Irrelevant na itong Spokesperson na ito... defensive mode na. Hindi na thinking mode and problem solving mode. Wala na tayong mapapala sa palace.

lockdown is not a failure.. malacañang is.. kailan ba nagkroon ng failure ang administration ni Duterte. kahit ng yung speech nyan na parating wala sa hulog e saludo yang si Salvador Panelo.SanayNaKami Failure since no ayuda, no plan, supplies, etc. Fuck off. Talaga lang hindi failed ha! ... Eh bakit ang Malacañang ginawa total lockdown? 😔

Where is the government... well I should know they are still waiting for instruction from the great friend. We are counting days and the help from the government is invisible too. And the people are hungry, you locked their doors and fails to throw them food to eat. Is this what China asked you to do?

Paki-ulit ng announcement. Yung may latest count ng COVID 19 infected please? Firstly... u and ur boss was a big failure!!! And the rest is history!!!! Cause they were been told by their dragon master This is time to save our country from oppression, indignation and failed leadership from president dotardte. His continued disregard to find solutions to critical problems besetting our country is intolerable. We must join together as ONE for the good of our country and people.

When it expected to fail, then it is a success :) still a failure since walang mass testing, do you think accurate ang numbers na 'yan? Lockdown sa ordinary Juan Dela Cruz, pero hindi sa senador, pogo workers. It can’t fail if there are no success measures in place Mr. Secretary Kung Hindi sya failure ibig sabihin success?

A big effin failure c/o none other than Du30. 5K financial assistance? U serious? Govt officials and politicians should give their money to common Pinoys. Increase this assistance to 30k per head for whole duration of crisis and make it regular thereafter. That’s the solution! Suggestion: Senior Citizens to be also given half of 13th month from SSS. DEFINITELY help more than 8million senior citizens.

Patingin nalang po yung effects ng emergency powers. NKKLK i wouldnt say its a failure dahil kailangan syang gawin sa ngayon pero sana adjust tayo. Yung logistics halatang may problema sa delivery ng goods and services. di rin monitored prices ng pagkain. at two weeks na lockdown WHATS THE NEXT STEP? Para mahanda na namin sarili namin.

We have yet to see the true numbers and you dumbasses are ripping all efforts the government is doing this for you. No no. We need lockdown to flatten the curve. It is the government ie the DOH that is a failure. No plan. Full of red tape. Cannot get its acts together eg erroneous test results etc. I hope it's not kasi it's frustrating if the lockdown get extended coz some people are not following rules

Mahirap Talaga Pag Nagsasabi Ka Ng Katotohanan Mali Sa Gobernong Ito. Mali Na Bang Mag Komento. Ang Pag Komento Ay Paraan Para Maisaayos Ang Serbisyo Ng Goberno. Impeach The President Of This Republic... Papano? Daming gago dyan sa Maynila. Sama sama tayong huwag sama²! Its not a failure. Effect of lockdown is not instant. If no. of cases still going up after 14 to 28 days it was implemented. Then, that is the time we can say there is failure in lockdown..

Actuall tama sya.. its not a failure, nalaman natin kung sino talaga seryoso sa trabaho sa government. Kung sino talaga tumutupad sa sinumpaan nila bilang servant of the country. Like they ever admittes to any failures at all Lockdown is not a failure, it is the govt who is a failure. not yet Says who? Fake news are going around causing people to go out and panic buy everything, so I'm not surprised why the numbers keep increasing. And also since it's summer, knowing that majority let their sweats evaporate on their skin will trigger the usual flu but an opening for the covid.

Sa totoo lang napakadaming tao sa manila at buong pilipinas at iilan plang ang na 'test ng covid' hindi nko magtataka kung ang bilang ng positive ay nsa 3ple ng sinasabi nila.. Testing does not give one the virus. If you take the averages from other countries then there are thousand if not tens of thousands that carry the virus but have not been tested.

Lekni: mga media. Nasan ang camera. Need ko magmeyenda...🤣🤣 Talaga lang ha? Sal, d nman tlga failure! Ikaw at si Tatay ang failure. Pati si Koya! Oh yeah it’s a roaring success Sisihin nyo yung mga vip kaya nagkanda hawa hawa na. Di marunong sumunod sa quarantine protocol db Kokopimentel? Says the creature who also said that we didn't have to ban our Chinese 'friends' to prevent the spread of covid-19, and that all we had to do was 'boost our immune system.'

diko alam kung nagpapalakas ba sya ng loob ng mga tao eh, sa dami dami ng nagagawa nyong mali. But they are the FAILURE 🙄 I wrote the exam I took the test I checked my answers I graded myself I tapped my shoulder I congratulated myself and said 'What a genius have I become' The whole of malacanang is a bloody failure.

hehehe govt's lockdown is super dooper late not prepared,and a failure. ayan na naman siya.😞 Naka-EL yung nasa Malacañang. Who says it’s a failure anyway? I thought it's not a lockdown? Eh di failure... Oh anu naman... Kung iispin ng tangang pilipino yan. Eh di isipin nila...anu magagawa ng nga idiotang yan?

Bobo simula palang to! Sure. But where’s the data to support your assessment? You don’t even have a baseline to use a reference to begin with. Quit covering up for your administration’s lack of urgency to address the matter. Instead give us substantial data to look at. We’re not idiots! Talaga ba Is there a plan to extend the community quarantine?

Ayan na naman kayo.. do not celebrate in advance... Makikita natin pag April 14 na if it is not a failure how come numbers of infected and the dead increase per day? we have not yet flattened the curve, we have not even reached peak testing seems to be the problem, its too slow. Not a success too kailan ba kayo umamin sa mga kasalanan niyo unless nasaktan niyo pride ng China? mga hayup kayo

Your fucking government is the major failure Weh di nga? 🤮

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COVID-19 cases in QC reaches 113; death toll at 19Two more deaths related to coronavirus disease ( COVID-19 ) have been recorded in Quezon City as its number of cases went up to 113.

Palace: Gov’t uses only COVID-19 test kits that conform to WHO, FDA, RITM standardsThe government only uses coronavirus testing kits that conform to global health standards and guarantee accurate detection results, a Palace official said Sunday. pano ung ginamit ni Pacman? Lol. In short China’s standards?! MochaUson Eh paano yong mga parating na napangtest ano ang gagawin nila?!! Itatambak lang naman sa bodega? Hanggang sa hindi mapapakinabangan !? Tsk tsk 🤬🤬🤬

Laguna under 'total lockdown' amid rising COVID-19 casesThe entire province of Laguna, south of Metro Manila, has been placed under total lockdown effective Saturday to contain the spread of COVID-19 . Ingat kau jan zephanieodhene. 🙏 Total lockdown should be based on science and evidence. A whimsical and knee-jerk action will only bring unnecessary hardship to Laguna residents. Has Gov. Hernandez provided Laguna residents with regular delivery of relief food and medicines? Has he provided PPEs?

Man who hid being PUI among new COVID-19 cases in PangasinanPangasinan authorities on Friday evening, March 27, confirmed 3 new cases of COVID-19 , among them a man who didn’t disclose that he was under investigation for his symptoms. COVID19PH Naku po... 🙏Pray tau mga Bes Here we go again with dishonesty. Relative of Pimentel?

QC tallies 7 new COVID-19 cases, total now 104; 17 deaths, 9 recoveriesFrom the previous number of 97 COVID-19 cases, the Quezon City Health Department (QCHD) said there are now 104 after seven more were confirmed to have the virus as of 7 p.m. of Friday (March 27).