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Gay Rights, Trans Woman

Palace calls for respect for LGBT rights after discrimination vs trans woman


Palace calls for respect for LGBT rights after discrimination vs trans woman

“Our position is we have to respect LGBT. Another thing, there is an ordinance to respect them so violation 'yung ginawa sa transgender (that was a violation),” Panelo told reporters, referring to Quezon City's 2014 anti-discrimination ordinance.

She was later released and in turn, filed a complaint against the shopping mall for violating the city ordinance.

In light of the incident, Sen. Risa Hontiveros again called for the passage of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Equality bill which Panelo said President Rodrigo Duterte would likely support.

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Magsusuot babae na ako para makapamboso sa toilet ng mga babae. Mga politico kasi sasakayan ito dahil sa pansarili ang iniisip,baka nga naman di sila iboto ng kabaklaan. Kaya nagkakalokoloko ang Pilipinas. Sa pambabaeng CR may right to privacy ang mga babae. Isipin niyo kung mangyari iyan ganyan sa pambabaeng CR sa mga schools. Halimbawa may trans na adult tapos gumamit ng CR ng girls.

What if its a fake a transwoman and just wanted to get inside the ladies cr? Bka maabuso nga lang ng ibang may masamang balak. So i think its safer to have an exclusive CR for them. ewan ko lang ah...bakit parang may kulang sa video... LGBTanuisance Respect their rights...what about my rights? I do not want me or my daughters or granddaughter in the same cr with them, FOR ME it is simple, they are the ones who choose to be that way, why do they want us to give in to them? ME RIGHTS DIN KAMI, AKO DIN AANGAL PARA SA RIGHTS KO

Oa nyo mag react. Hindi lahat ng babae komportable kyong kasama sa cr. Banamanyan!!! I would not want this person in the same CR as any of my daughters. NO WAY. When I was in Baguio i saw a trans-male aggressively scoping out the babes walking by. This is all a lie. wag po tayong maging abuso sa kawpa Paano yung mga tunay na babae na hindi komportable na may kasamang trans sa loob ng pambabaeng C.R.?

Im confused. So, transwoman may use ladies' room. But not gays, right?

Avoid travel to HK, Palace tells PinoysMANILA, Philippines — Malacañang on Tuesday advised Filipinos to avoid traveling to Hong Kong temporarily because of massive protests that shut down the semiautonomous city’s airport for a

Instant celebrity si ateng !!! Si Kagawad Maersk yun naka stripes ah. Ok na siya. Nagphoto op na with the sapsap and the dictator’s daughter e.

Move to revive anti-subversion law needs further study – PalaceThe proposal to revive the anti-subversion law needs further study as Malacanang urged parents to educate their children not to join Left-leaning groups that may overthrow the government. | JMAurelioINQ JMAurelioINQ DOTARDTE AND HIS BATTALION OF CROOKS SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT THERE WILL NEVER BE ACTIVISM IF THERE ARE NO ABUSIVE, CORRUPT AND INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT LIKE YOURS.

Palace not happy with Boracay call-of-nature incident Malacañang was offended by the incident where a Chinese tourist allowed her child to defecate in the waters of Boracay, saying the government is working hard to clean the place but there are people who mess it up.

Palace OK with POGO hubs as long as workers’ rights are not restrictedThe proposed hubs for Philippine offshore gaming operators (POGOs) may be established as long as the liberties of their workers are not restricted, Malacañang said Thursday.

Palace: Unauthorized passage of Chinese warships not an act of friendship Malacañang on Thursday expressed concern over the passage of five more Chinese warships in Philippine waters, saying this could be the subject of another diplomatic protest. What happened to the other diplomatic protests? Wala din! As far as i know they can even sail through Pasig river, stop over Malacañang, and grab a coffee from their dearest friend there. “could be” ? they should be!

'Follow rules,' Palace tells tourists after viral Boracay videoGrbe nmn yn bt d n lng sa hotel nya pinadumi anak nya. We went 2 Bora recently & I’m proud to 2 say n I made sure n wla kming maiwang kalat s dagat man o s klsada. Ksi we wer informed wen it was closed for 6 mos sobrang nahirapan ang mga tao dun. So pano pag sinara uli dhl ganito do not copy us. you must follow rules of cleanliness. Give them 20 years if not abide by simple clean up after yourself rules.

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