Our system works, DOJ says on drop in rule of law index

The country’s judicial system has remained functional and, aside from a few sensational cases, crime incidence has even declined over

10/17/2021 1:55:00 AM

The DOJ said the country’s judicial system has remained functional and, aside from a few sensational cases, crime incidence has even declined over the past few years. | CMRamosINQ

The country’s judicial system has remained functional and, aside from a few sensational cases, crime incidence has even declined over

“Be that as it may, the government will exert greater efforts to uphold and promote the rule of law in our country,” said Guevarra, himself a law professor with more than 30 years of experience in various fields of law and in government.Guevarra was also tasked by the President to investigate the killings of thousands during the deadly campaign against illegal drugs, for which Mr. Duterte now faces charges of crimes against humanity before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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Lawyers in the Duterte administration have since argued that the ICC does not have jurisdiction over Mr. Duterte because the country has a judicial system that is functioning as it should.But Edre Olalia, president of the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL), said the index rebuffed the claim that the Philippines has a working judicial system that safeguards and promotes the basic human rights of Filipinos.

“It is distressing and embarrassing that the Philippines again found itself in a cellar performance in another international monitoring of important gauges of governance,” he lamented.“The fact that the Philippines failed most in fundamental rights and criminal justice system in the global index means that there is something terribly wrong,” Olalia said in a statement. headtopics.com

“[It] is a reflection of the pits we find ourselves in, where the premium is on ‘order and security’ from the lens of the state.”ADVERTISEMENTVice President Leni Robredo, also a lawyer, said she was not surprised.“It was saddening, but not totally unexpected. We knew what happened in the last five and a half years. I was still in Congress as part of the interagency committee that ensured our rankings would go up, but the opposite happened now,” she said.

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MRamosINQ Mga PAL ng Bayan MRamosINQ Sarap dilaan ng bangaw mo MRamosINQ first hand ko na experience talaga na kung sino lang dito sa pinas ang may pera yun lang magkakaroon ng justice at kung papanuorin mo everyday news wala nakukulong na magnanakaw. mapa politiko man yan MRamosINQ What happened to Ongpin's case?

MRamosINQ Uloool! Ilang libo na nangamatay over five years tapos ngayon lang kayo mag-iimbestiga? Kung wala pang CCTV at smartphone videos yong kay Kian hindi nyo pa aaksyonan. MRamosINQ Functional your ass MRamosINQ Too late. Here comes ICC. MRamosINQ EJK is waving. MRamosINQ Musta naman si Imelda Marcos?

MRamosINQ IT DOES NOT! Para sa ordinaryong Pilipino, walang katarungan nakukuha mula sa sistema. Samantala ang mayayaman, may kapangyarihan, kaalyado cigurado di mapanagot ng sistema ie., marcos, sinas, pimentel, pharmally etc. Besides, un ordinaryo Pilipino, mas gugustuhin pa ipa-tulfo. MRamosINQ rule of law vs judicial system? peace🤠ilan pong batas ang hindi pinapatupad (eg. environmental...)? hehe kung sabagay, subject to availability of funds naman yung marami. rule of the loop hole in the law?

[PODCAST] Beyond the Stories: Bakit wala pa ring pulis na nakakasuhan ang DOJ panel kaugnay ng drug war killings?What has the government's drug war review panel been up to? Rappler’s lianbuan gives an update in the latest episode of Newsbreak: Beyond the Stories: RapplerPodcasts lianbuan Rappler the liar against the truth. lianbuan I never thought of meeting a legit bitcoin trader after been scammed many times at my age but the heavens sent JULIE_FX_TRADER guided me and help me make a living through bitcoin with my Coin Ph app, I recommend you to meet him now and also be a beneficiary of good work lianbuan Wala na yan malabon ang justice for poor people ang mga pinag papatay na poverty line people wala na kawawa lang

MRamosINQ Fake news! False info pa! Malii gurvarra!👎🏿👎🏿 MRamosINQ It is a lie! MRamosINQ Hindi nga nakakalabas ng bahay ang mga tao eh di ba logical n walang masyadong krimen? Check mo trend s ibang bansa, nung wala nang lockdowns balik n krimen. Wala nman ginawang bago s policies so san nyo nabase yang assumption na yan na Rule of Law works eh si Imelda nga malaya.

MRamosINQ Tell that to the marines🥺 MRamosINQ Baka sa planet Nemic yang sinasabi mo, hindi sa Pilipinas.

PNP takes decline in PH rule of law ranking as a ‘challenge’ to improve onPNP will take the country’s latest low ranking on the rule of law index as a “challenge” to do more and improve peace and order, national police chief Guillermo Eleazar said. | JEMendozaINQ JEMendozaINQ LOL eh retired ka na sa Nov 13, ipapalit DDS-EJK general? JEMendozaINQ Hahaha! As long as it has the most evil man in the Philippines as komander, change will not happen!

PH falls further in rule of law indexMANILA, Philippines — Although the Philippines has always been in the weaker half of surveyed countries, there was a time when the country was lauded as a “success story” in terms of its dexcabalzaINQ The worst President in Philippine History!! 👿 dexcabalzaINQ Sa lahat na lang ng global competitive ranking o index bumagsak Pilipinas. Mapa ekonomiya, peace and order, human rights, food security, education, covid resiliency. Hangang kelan uubra yun palusot na sinisiraan lang kasi ng mga dilawan at media dexcabalzaINQ Legacy of DUTERTE. what a shameful country!

PH’s low rule of law performance ‘distressing, embarrassing’ — NUPLMANILA, Philippines — The National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL) pointed out on Saturday that it is “distressing and embarrassing” that the Philippines ranked low on the rule of law Masamang Pangitain Sa Administrasyong Duterte! Puro Kamalasan Nanyari Sa Mundo! Better To Oust! The Mad Of Asia To Stop The Killings! Stop The Killings! VoteWisely2022 Return this back.

'Ngipin ng batas' Diokno says Robredo intends to give 'teeth' to PH lawsDespite being a newbie in politics, human rights lawyer Chel Diokno is honored to be included in Vice President Leni Robredo’s opposition ticket for the May 2022 polls. ngipinngbatas DioknoSaSenado LeniforPresident2022 Focus on Now problems NOT TRAPO problems , In pandemic we need job, low crime rate, no Narco syndicate , More border security , No domestic terrorist! Clueless TRAPO Idederetso ulit namin sa inidoro yan hhahaha

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