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Kiko Pangilinan, Act Teachers Party-List

Opposition lawmakers say ready to question Anti-Terror Law before Supreme Court

7/3/2020 2:55:00 PM

Opposition lawmakers say ready to question Anti-Terror Law before Supreme Court

Pangilinan, one of only 2 senators who opposed the passage of the bill in the Senate, said he was "not surprised" that President Rodrigo Duterte signed it into law despite several groups calling for the junking of the measure."Dapat ibasura ang walang kwentang batas na ito at handa tayong kwestyunin ang Constitutionality ng batas na ito sa Korte Suprema," Pangilinan said in a statement.

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(This useless law should be junked and we are ready to question its constitutionality before the Supreme Court.)"From Day 1 this Administration unleashed draconian and authoritarian measures as a showcase of its brand of leadership," he said.

"These draconian measures, however, have been exposed as nothing more than a show of senseless, mindless violence as means to sow fear amongst the people," he said.The senator said the Anti-Terror Law is similar to the Duterte administration's intensified campaign against illegal drugs, the martial law in Mindanao, and Luzon's recent lockdown, in the sense that these policies all "miserably failed" to address the problems it ought to solve.

"‪The drug war has not nailed big-time drug lords and illegal drugs still flow after 4 years. Martial law in Mindanao has miserably failed to address the reconstruction of Marawi. The longest lockdown and the arrests of tens of thousands have not addressed the continuing spread of COVID-19," Pangilinan said.

"Patunay lahat ito na hindi kamay na bakal ang solusyon sa ating mga problema sa bansa," he said.(This proves that iron fists are not the solution to the problems of our country.)Pangilinan has yet to explain which provisions of the new law would be raised before the high court, but noted that the Anti-Terror Law should be junked.

"Basura ang pilit na isinusubo sa taumbayan," he said.(They are feeding garbage to the people.)Castro, who represents ACT Teachers Party-list in the House of Representatives, said her group would also question the law before the high court."Asahan nilang sasalubungin ito ng mas malawakang protesta at, sa mga unang working days pa lang matapos ito pirmahan, ng mga petisyon sa Korte Suprema," Castro said.

(They should expect that we will meet this with a mass protest and that we will question its constitutionality before the Supreme Court.)"Duterte just signed a death warrant to the human rights of every man, woman, and child in the Philippines," she said.

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Castro also slammed the Duterte administration for allegedly prioritizing measures that "curtail the human rights of the public" over policies that would aid Filipinos during the global pandemic."Sa panahon na kailangan ng taumbayan ay tulong at mga kongkretong plano at solusyon, ang mga nagsulong at nagpatupad ng napakasahol na batas na ito ang tunay na mga terorista sa kabuhayan, kalayaan at karapatan ng bawat Pilipino," she said.

(In this time when our people need help and concrete plans and solutions, those who pushed for this very deplorable law are the real terrorists to the livelihood, freedom and rights of every Filipino.)In a statement, Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman said Duterte's signing of the anti-terror law "further stifles dissent, imposes prior restraint to freedom of expression, derogates civil liberties, and institutes state terrorism."

 He noted how the Human Security Act of 2007, which the new law sought to supplant, had "provided for safeguards for fundamental freedoms." "These safeguards were all obliterated by the “Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020” and replaced with motherhood declarations which are orphaned by oppressive provisions. The new law installs national security to a high pedestal while it demotes civil liberties to a lowly footstool," he said.

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YES TO THE PASSING OF THE ANTI-TERROR BILL! 👍YUNG MGA DILAWAN , KOMUNISTA, FUNDERS NG MGA KOMUNISTA AT WOKINAMS LANG ANG AYAW SA BILL NA ITO. THEY SUPPORT TERRORISM IN THIS COUNTRY. 🤡🤡🤡 Time and time again, we do not have problems with laws combatting terrorism. BUT, on the context wherein the lawmakers and implementers are also the exploiters/abusers and violators of such vague laws, THAT IS WHEN WE SAY NO! VetoTerrorBilllNow

Go ahead.. Democracy is alive I am pretty sure that the Justices of our Supreme Court have already studied, reviewed and prepared themselves for this Law. I believe in their dignity, integrity and jurisprudence as will as their love of our country. In this global crisis, God bless The Philippines. SC will be the last option to question the constitutionality of the said law.. And ask for suspension of the law for the meantime...

BREAKING: Duterte signs anti-terror bill into lawMANILA, Philippines — Despite massive opposition, President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the controversial anti-terror bill into law. Presidential spokesman Harry Roque confirmed this in a text message to on Friday. ADVERTISEMENT The anti-terror bill seeks to strengthen the Human Security Act of 2007 and criminalizes incitement of terrorism “by means of speeches, proclamations, writings, emblems, banners […] DJEsguerraINQ Psalm 23:4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. JunkTerrorBill OustYouKnowWho DJEsguerraINQ notice that the signing of this law is almost impeccably synced with chinese repression in hongkong. not funny. can't help but notice also that this was signed just as the sun, symbol of hope, is sinking in the philippines. what a day. what a day to rage. DJEsguerraINQ Ano ba kayo? Alam naman natin na ang Anti-Terror Bill ang susugpo sa COVID-19. 💅

'Draconian': Groups condemn anti-terror law signing, vow to challenge measureTerrorist groups ba ito? Hahhaa Salamat pa din daw sa suporta. 🤭🤭🤭 YES TO THE PASSING OF THE ANTI-TERROR BILL! 👍YUNG MGA DILAWAN , KOMUNISTA, FUNDERS NG MGA KOMUNISTA AT WOKINAMS LANG ANG AYAW SA BILL NA ITO. THEY SUPPORT TERRORISM IN THIS COUNTRY. 🤡🤡🤡

'Wagon of criticisms': Lacson slams UN official for advocating vs Anti-Terror BillHere we are again do u hear urself you are INVALIDATING criticisms saying we r foolish to make criticisms without reading this godforsaken bill anong argument to pang elementary lang? Oh dear enough. Don't push it! If we have Duterte, there's no guarantee in safety for your bill to keep us safe. We people who are simply living to survive and wishing that our government can do far better bills than this!

Duterte 'inclined' to sign anti-terror bill – RoqueDid you know? President Rodrigo Duterte has until only July 9 to either sign or veto the anti-terror bill. If he does not act on it, the bill will lapse into law. JunkTerrorBill VetoTerrorBill RELATED STORY: Wow what an info. Thanks for sharing. Very informative and useful. Taking things swift and sure: VetoTerrorBillNow ActivismIsNotTerrorism The President certified the bill as urgent. He will either sign it into law or let it lapsed to automatically becomes a law.

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Lacson says new anti-terror bill does not allow ‘warrantless arrests’Senator Panfilo M. Lacson today rebutted criticisms aired by prominent Philippine and United Nations (UN) personalities against the controversial Anti- Terrorism Bill (ATB). Yang Anti Terror Bill mo na yan baka ikaw ang balikan nyan,hindi permamente ang politician sa pwesto,pag na aprobahan ang anti terror bill at nawala ka na dyan sa pwesto mo baka isa ka sa maging biktima nyan kasama ng pamilya mo 😤 Pagtawanan talaga kita Lacson pag nangyari Yan🙄 Daming promises. Gay Pride, Cebu, Sr Mananzan, ABS CBN, 'external forces', tokhang, show this government is not to be trusted, more than the proposed law assures. Yes it does.