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Rappler Thought Leaders, Nicanor Faeldon

[OPINION | NEWSPOINT] Wrong side up

Only a Duterte presidency would find a fit for Faeldon

9/14/2019 6:42:00 AM

'President Duterte has found his poster boy, the emblem of his regime, the embodiment of its character, the personification of its beliefs and codes of conduct. 'That poster boy is Nicanor Faeldon .'

Only a Duterte presidency would find a fit for Faeldon

Duterte, however, views the case as a mere “misapplication” of the law largely and has been quick to come to the defense of prison officials and staff who found themselves involved in it but acted “in good faith” – whatever that means.Obviously, he counts Faeldon among them, but is firing him even so. Anyhow, there’s really nothing to being fired from the Duterte regime: it is the position that is found undeserving of its occupant, not the other way around, again in keeping with the regime’s wrong-side-up perspective. That’s why no one fired has been punished. In fact, one is more likely rewarded with a new position, as was Faeldon himself.

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He had beenbefore prisons director. He was fired after a methamphetamine (shabu) shipment worth P6.4 billion had slipped past him.Also, not a month into his prisons directorship, his sonNicanor Jr Read more: Rappler »

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