Opinion, Activism İn The Philippines, Martial Law

Opinion, Activism İn The Philippines

[OPINION] Activism is not a waste of time

'Yes, the road to freedom will be filled with inconveniences and sacrifices, but the rewards that lie ahead are still worth fighting for'


'Yes, the road to freedom will be filled with inconveniences and sacrifices, but the rewards that lie ahead are still worth fighting for'

'Yes, the road to freedom will be filled with inconveniences and sacrifices, but the rewards that lie ahead are still worth fighting for'

people protest and rally in relation to politics, the environment, rights, freedoms, etc. Name a topic and there is probably a rally somewhere about it.When the Filipino people were tired of Martial Law, they resorted to activism. People rallied, and we now know this as the People Power Movement or the 1st EDSA Revolution. From these names alone, one can already see that activism is not just a gathering of many people believing in the same idea, but rather a show of power by the people. We alone have that power. (READ:

Unfortunately, a quick scroll through the comments section of news articles on social media can easily show us that some think activism leads to nothing. Some have even gone as far as to claim that activism is aimed at destabilizing the country. Others point out the economic inconveniences, among others, that come with regular protests.

Human Rights Watch expresses 'deep concern' over red-tagging in Cagayan de OroIbon Foundation: Duterte gov't 'red-tagging' meant to silence dissentWhatever happens in the months to come, one thing is clear: activism will always be around to incite change.

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DOJ won’t issue legal opinion to NTC on provisional permit to ABS-CBNMANILA, Philippines — The Department of Justice (DOJ) will not issue a legal opinion to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on a move to grant provisional authority to ABS-CBN to allow

Ban on single-use plastics in gov’t approvedThe DENR will come up with specific guidelines for national agencies, local governments and all other government-controlled offices to prohibit certain plastic items in their workplaces. | JhessetEnanoINQ

Fuel prices inch up TuesdayMANILA, Philippines — Local pump prices went up for only the second time this year so far, as the global market anticipated a letdown in the damaging effects of the new coronavirus and renewed moves

PCOO meeting with Reporters Without Borders not so 'fruitful' after all?Not every audience that Communications Secretary Martin Andanar had during PCOO's European tour was passive, or at least not the way the government painted them to be. So millions of taxpayers money is wasted again ...., business class seats, 5 star hotel, meal and transpo allowance tapos magkakalat lang ng lies and stupidity si Andanar and Company sa Europe. Anong akala nyo parang DDS na stupid and gullible ang kausap nyo. Isuka ang baguette Paki explain nga po sa simpleng salita Ang ibig bang sabihin hindi tinaggap ang report nila kasi purokasinungalingan lng ang laman? No matter how hard you try to sink shit, it will always find its way back to the surface.

[PODCAST] I've Got An Opinion: It's okay to have more than one loverPolyamory means having intimate relationships with more than one person. (And no, it's not cheating!) How does it work? Don't people get jealous a lot? We learn more here! IveGotAn Opinion Hustle

ABS-CBN to Senate: We did not violate any of the franchise provisions💪💪💪 ABSCBNfranchise Politics 😬. Politician always do this use the media to promote themselves. Bias. But actually in journalism there is journalism ethic which is telling the truth with no bias. I hope that this issue will solved ASAP the truth will win 🙏 Then specifically answer all the allegations that are being thrown at you. I believe the petition filed by Sol Gen Calida indicates three grounds.. bakit wala man lang comments dun?

Duterte warns landlords: Don’t pressure tenants, defer collection of rent

Health workers who die of COVID-19 should get hero's burial, says lawmaker

FACT CHECK: Duque claims PH has 'low' coronavirus infection

Duterte to sell gov’t assets as ‘a last resort’ to fund COVID-19 fight

Sharon Cuneta, lihim na nag-donate ng P3M para sa COVID-19 relief

Infant who died in Batangas found later to be COVID-19 positive, says mayor

FALSE: Duterte warned about coronavirus threat 'at the start'

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