Only President Duterte can curse – Roque

#ICYMI: Only President Rodrigo Duterte can utter expletives and no one else in his Cabinet, according to presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, revealing a hitherto unknown Palace policy.

5/5/2021 11:01:00 PM

ICYMI : Only President Rodrigo Duterte can utter expletives and no one else in his Cabinet, according to presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, revealing a hitherto unknown Palace policy.

Talk about special powTalk about special powers. Only President Rodrigo Duterte can utter expletives and no one else in his Cabinet, according to presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, revealing a hitherto unknown Palace policy on Tuesday.ers.

Back with a series of Twitter posts on Tuesday, Locsin said “I suddenly realized my friendship with (Chinese Foreign Minister) Wang Yi was on the line so I tweeted my concern about our friendship. That must continue. He’s my idol in diplomacy.”‘It’s been done’

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“It’s been my elusive dream to copy until I attain in mind and manner the elegance of Wang Yi,” he said. “It’s been done; now let’s move on; I just don’t want to lose my friendship with the most elegant mind in diplomacy with manners to match.”On Monday, the country’s top diplomat told China to “get the f— out’’ of the West Philippine Sea, protesting the continued presence of hundreds of Chinese marine militia vessels in reefs and fishing grounds within the country’s exclusive economic zone.

Locsin, a veteran journalist, publisher and congressman before his current stint in foreign service, also likened the Asian power to “an ugly oaf forcing your attentions on a handsome guy who wants to be a friend.”‘Mind basic manners’Without naming Locsin, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Tuesday responded to the tweet by warning that “megaphone diplomacy can only undermine mutual trust rather than change reality.’’ headtopics.com

“We hope that certain individual from the Philippine side will mind basic manners and act in ways that suit his status,” the Chinese official added.According to Roque, “what Secretary Locsin said were his personal views. I am making it clear, upon express orders of the President, this is not the policy of the Philippines. The President himself made this clear.”

ADVERTISEMENTYet Locsin and his latest online outburst were not without admirers.Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto said “it pays to have a foreign affairs secretary who is brave and brilliant because it will allow our country to punch above its weight.”

For Sen. Panfilo Lacson, “maybe a review of the country’s diplomatic relations is timely and called for. All the diplomatic protests that the Secretary of Foreign Affairs filed have been ignored as if nothing was filed at all.” Read more: Inquirer »


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Ah ganun ba? pisting yawa attyharryroque PUTANG INA MO RODRIGO DUDIRTY!!! now sue me Harry Puke? 🖕🏼 wala na talagang moral leadership mga alipores ng kill kill kill Follow the leader no more. Sya naman talaga ang demonyo nagpapahirap sa pilipino, lumayas na kayo dyan Tama naman. Sa demonyong pangulo na lang ang lahat ng kahayupan. Putang ina mo Harriet attyharryroque ang

PUTANGINA MO attyharryroque ! Approved ba ng China yang sinasabi mo?

Roque challenges Robredo to debate on ‘lost’ territories under Duterte adminMANILA, Philippines — Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque on Monday challenged Vice President Leni Robredo to debate on whether or not President Rodrigo Duterte had given away any Base sa “logic” niyo kung bakit hindi dapat makipag-debate si Rodrigo kay Carpio, bakit makikipag-debate sa’yo si VP, eh hindi naman kayo magka-level?!? Parang d applicable na humingi ng advise si VP lenirobredo sa Cabinet members niya ano kasi d xa ang naghamon for debate? Tsaka busy xa helping others. Marami kang spare time attyharryroque? PWE

Duterte did not deceive Filipinos over West PH Sea, says RoqueHe did. We're not idiots. Take it literally? Uto uto lang talaga tayo Nabudol budol lang daw!😁

No more face-off: Duterte backs out of debate with Carpio, assigns Roque insteadMANILA, Philippines — The much touted face-off between President Rodrigo Duterte and retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio may not materialize after the Chief Executive assigned Hahaha...ambot sa imo All talk, that's what is all about... does not the balls to walk the talk. He's garbbage just like goes out of his mouth... all trash! Just like the people around him! Supot. Duwag. Hanggang bluff lang pala kayo tapos pag pumalag sabay bawi... Stupid clowns🤡🤡🤡Remember this is your legacy. Nakakahiya! attyharryroque DutertePalpak DuterteDuwag

Duterte umatras sa debateng siya ang naghamon vs Carpio; itinalagang kapalit si RoqueMatapos magahamon, umatras si Pangulong Duterte sa debate ukol sa West Philippine Sea. hahahahaha walang tite ampota DuterteDuwag DutertePalpak DuterteResign Imagine, he will be known for this 😆😆

'Magpaka-Pilipino ka': Lawmakers slam Duterte after Hague ruling commentAfter he said he would throw away the historic 2016 Hague ruling victory of the Philippines against China, President Rodrigo Duterte Duterte was given a dare by opposition lawmakers at the House of Representatives: 'Magpaka-Pilipino ka.' Yeah that’s right, start the process to impeach the traitor! impeachduterte Buti pa China may Atty. sa Pilipinas.