Nograles: Duterte's order for unvaccinated people, just an expression of frustration

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8/1/2021 8:40:00 AM

Nograles: Duterte's order for unvaccinated people, just an expression of frustration

The Nation's Leading Newspaper

Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles (MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)Nograles made the statement after Duterte said willorder the police and barangay officials to not let unvaccinated people go around the streets, telling them to escort these “walking spreaders” home and not let them out

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.In an interview with Super Radyo DZBB, Nograles said the President’s remarks were just an expression of exasperation and that he was puzzled why there were people who continued to refuse to be vaccinated.“I guess it’s an expression lang ng frustration. Hindi niya maintindihan kung bakit ayaw magpabakuna (He doesn’t understand why there are people who do not want to be vaccinated),” he said.

The Palace official added that President Duterte was just also stressing the importance of being vaccinated.“Number one, it’s for your safety; number two, para sa safety rin ng pamilya mo (for your family’s safety); and number three, para sa safety rin ng komunidad mo. So kailangan din nating magpabakuna lahat (for your community’s safety. That’s why we have to be vaccinated),” he said.

“Dinidiin niya lang talaga yung importance ng pagbabakuna (He’s just emphasizing that vaccination is important),” he added.On Wednesday, July 28, President reiterated that the answer to the problem at hand was vaccination. He said he will tell the police and the barangays to escort the unvaccinated people back to their homes.

“Itong ayaw magpabakuna, sinasabi ko sa inyo, ‘wag kayong lumabas ng bahay (I’m telling those who refuse to be vaccinated, do not leave your house)… You’ll be escorted back to your house because you are a walking spreader,” he said.“It behooves upon really the barangay captains.. to go around to see who are vaccinated and who are not, and to give the appropriate warning that they should not be going around because they are throwing viruses left and right,” he added.

“Pag ayaw nilang magpabakuna, ‘wag mo silang palabasin ng bahay. Ganoon ang ano niyan. Wala tayo, defenseless tayo, eh (If they don’t want to get vaccinated, don’t let them out of their house. That’s how it is. We’re defenseless),” he continued.According to the President, he was forced to make the move to save the country.

“Bayan itong pinag-uusapan natin kaya kung ayaw ninyong makatuong by having the vaccines, ‘wag na lang kayong lumabas ng bahay (We’re talking about our country here so if you don’t want to help by having the vaccine, then don’t leave your house),” he said.

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He added that there was no law that would punish those who refuse to get inoculated and he did not intend to wait for one because of the urgency of the situation. Read more: Manila Bulletin News »

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Before you order that make sure vaccines are available... huag masyadong magpapogi He is the president he must think things first before he speaks of what ever his frustion about things. Did he expressed frustration, how the delta variant get in the country? To the rescue ang damuho.. bugok Si dudirty ay parang sa bagong palabas ng netflix. He is not alive nor dead...he is undead.

Don’t worry, most people ignored mostly what Duterte says. 😂 Are there people still listening to him? We have reached our “heard immunity” that we don’t wanna hear anything from him and his minions, cause of the continues lies and spins almost about everything! Kakaumay na! 😴 True to form, Tatae threatens everybody else for his failure.

frustrated din kami sa kapalpakan ng administrasyong ito Filipinos your future is staring at you. Vote wisely if you want a better life. Sige pa, galitin mo pa ang mga Pilipino dahil sa KAKUPALAN at KABOBOHAN MO. Isagad mo ang pagiging BALAHURA MO. May kalalagyan ka pagbaba mo sa pwesto. Marami ang nanahimik dahil sa MAPANAKOT MONG BUNGANGA, pero may ARMAS sila laban sayo - YONG BOTO NILA SA 2022 ELEKSIYON.

Pakyu CabSec_Karlo pakyu!

The surge of COVID-19 infections for unvaccinated people is only beginning, experts warnWith the recent increase of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations due to the spread of the highly transmissible Delta variant, health experts and officials expect the surge to worsen as long as large segments of the country remain unvaccinated. The delta variant is not that dangerous as the danger of the spike eggwhite in the vaccin Its very dangerous it ruins ur body till dead ☠️

Tanginang presidente yan, lagi nalang mag taga-translate pa Sunod2 nnmn TV n radio exposures nya...y?2022 Sana mas dumami oa yung Delta Variant dito at makapasok na rin yung Lambda Vatiant ng Peru para lahat tayong magagaling at ayaw magpabakuna ehh matuto. Lahat nlng tayo may reklamo. Lahat nlng tayo may sabi,Lahat nalng tayo ayaw. bakit Di ba natin makita ang effort ng government?

Buti sana kung lahat may tyansa nang wala pa nga kami sa listahan, tagal na naming nagrehistro. Siya pa maffrustrate? 🙄 isa na ring tiga himod pag tae ni Duterte... Frustrated to whom? Kasalanan ba ng tao kung kulang ang bakuna. Dami gusto magpa bakuna pero na ka cut off kasi nauubusan sa site.

Ayoko ng ganyang pangulo. Ang gulo kausap. Kailangan may interpreter pa PERO HINDI PWEDI YUNG GANUN NA KOMO HINDI NAGPA VACCINE HINDI NA MAKAKALABAS 💩💩💩💩 nyo.

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Ganyan ang expression! Sayaw ni Belyas 💃 😄 Brand is a key concern not just vaccine per se. Aside from availability brand’s a big concern- why refuse to recognize this? More variants may come; quarantining vs. economic concerns becomes a vicious cycle- a never ending sad story- if we continue to deny that brand is key.

Dependable Brands Matter! Level of difficulty in switching brand/ brand issue(5 as highest): 1. Tools, supplies 2. Clothes, wears 3. Food, drinks (ingested) 4. Medicines (external/topical use) 5. Medicines (ingested; IM/IV) Black Lives Matter (just like this). Mr Nograles, you seem educated enough naman, why do you choose to work for that man? Just wondering. Is it the power that comes with the job? Sad that many of our educated and intelligent people would sacrifice their values to work for someone who clearly serves himself & china.

shoot them down oo silang lahat yun kurakot na ayaw maglabas ng vaccine BTW Mr President, We the people are also heavily frustrated that some of us lost our jobs. That some us are trying to survive every single hour. We the people are also frustrated & depressed that most of us are stuck in our homes, that our mental health is slipping away. 1/2

Oh for petes sake. Does he realise the frustration of the unvaccinated. Has he got his head in the sand. People arent avoiding vaccination they mainly cant get it.I have been trying for months. But there is none. I cant put my frustrations into words over the inefficiency here. MAS PRUSTRATED ANG TAONG BAYAN SA KANYA! DAHIL ISA SYANG BALAT KAYO. ANG EXPERTISE NYAN PAG PATAY HINDI MAGING ISANG LIDER KUNDI ISANG KILLER!

Bakit siya na frustrate? Hindi naman pag aari ng gobyerno ang buhay at right to choices ng mamamayan. Besides pahirapan na din makakuha ng bakuna... So ano drama ito? Hindi bale sana kun madali maghanap ng bakuna... 1/2 You don’t vent your frustrations to the public being the Leader of this Country! Mas Frustrated Na ang publiko sa walang sawang correction ng statements ng Presidente! Tanong, is he still in control? It looks likes matagal ng hinde!

11 vie for one of 2 vacant seats at SCThe Judicial and Bar Council said a fraternity brother of President Duterte and 10 others are vying for one of the two vacancies in the Supreme Court. Plz. lang ponhuwag tuta at sipsip sa admin n ito...

Prudent should be exercised sir ! 😁😆😅🤣😂😜🤪🤪🤑 That comment is very much uncalled for and you guys know that. May bago tayong Spox or nag freelancing lang sya? Sabihin mo nalang Nograles, parang BANGAG si PDut nung nagsalitang ipahuli ang mga unvaccinated! The CPP NDF NPA is an illegal terror organization and enemy of the state, whose ultimate objective is to overthrow the government through armed rebellion. NO TO COMMUNISM NO TO TERRORISM

The left hand has no idea what the right hand is saying. The incompetency in this admin is staggering. Mga hunghang hayyzzz Iyan. Nagpapapogi na po Ang Probinsyanong Tiktokerist na sadamakmak na ang tarpaulin ang nakakakalat He should shut his mouth and just get the job done. Vaccination, tracing, ayuda. Get it done!!!

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So what's the real thing.., keep unvaccinated at home or let them out since they're not really at fault for scarcity of jabs available? GAGO!!!! kapal din ng mukha forcing everybody to get vaccinated while in reality kulang ang vaccine keep on sleeping Whuuut? Is he ALWAYS FRUSTATED? Eh nasa kanya na nga ang kaban ng bansa. He is REALLY SICK. AS IN MAY SAYAD!

Blame it in the lack of vaccine supply.... that is where the problem is?..... who's faulty planning & you think it is?.... d Legacy continues..... grrrrr I rolled my eyes too far back to the point that's I saw my brain shaking it's head upon hearing this lie. Yeah, right. We are also frustrated but when we say things, automatically we are tagged as terrorists. Can we also do the same thing for him?

Why not let Du30 himself say that? Why do you keep on putting 'deodorized' words in his mouth? The Filipino people clearly heard what he said. If Du30 meant otherwise then he had all the time to say it. Only DDS remain gullible!!! Mas frustrated kami! Buti kayo nabakunahan na! Kami, walang katapusang paghihintay pa din 💩

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department of interpretation at works lol well on the contrary the people should be the one frustrated on your incompetent covid response including slow vaccine rollout He's frustrated President, acting one but still gets frustrated 😂 BS

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