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NBI summons Vico Sotto for 'violating' Bayanihan Law

'We complied with all directives. Hindi po illegal magbigay ng opinyon. At alam kaya nila na March 24 naging batas ang Bayanihan Act?' says the Pasig mayor

4/1/2020 1:34:00 PM

In a tweet, Pasig Mayor VicoSotto responds to the NBI regarding his supposed violation of the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act, which mandates LGU officials to comply with national guidelines. COVID19PH STORY:

'We complied with all directives. Hindi po illegal magbigay ng opinyon. At alam kaya nila na March 24 naging batas ang Bayanihan Act?' says the Pasig mayor

was not yet enacted."Hindi po illegal magbigay ng alam kaya nila na March 24 naging batas ang Bayanihan Act(It's not illegal to give an opinion, and do they know that the Bayanihan Act was only enacted on March 24)?"Sotto said on Wednesday, in response to the NBI investigation.

Ilang estudyante sa Benguet dama ang kalbaryo ng online classes sa budget ‘Ideal’ to extend Bayanihan law by 3 months – Malacañang Harry Roque now Bong Go's mouthpiece too?

Laws cannot be applied ex post facto or retroactively."Penal provisions of any law are not applied retroactively unless the offense is a continuing one and its commission has not been stopped," said Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra.The NBI on Tuesday, March 31, started investigating local government officials for possible violation of Bayanihan Law's Section 4(g) which authorized Duterte to

"ensure that all Local Government Units (LGUs) are acting within the letter and spirit of all the rules, regulations and directives issued by the National Government."Section 6(a) imposes up to two-month jail time or up to P1-million fine on local officials who disobey national guidelines.

Malacañang recentlyas part of oversight that in compliance to Section 4(g), the NBI will"investigate and file charges" against local officials.Lavin earlier said they would do thiseven without complaintsfiled against these officials. Read more: Rappler »

Will NBI also summon VP Leni because of donations coursed through her office instead of through Duterte where they can be politicized and stamp marked 'donated by Bong Go'? How far can we tolerate this evil regime? Down with Duterte. Duterte is a fascist. No big deal. Sagutin na lang, wag na palakihin. Wag sumbong agad sa taongbayan na parang inapi, baka makahalata at magsawa na sa drama.

NBI just wants to be relevant Why not koko pimentel and joy belmonte? Nahiya pa ata yung NBI. SaveVicoSotto Oust Duterte. He is effing up in many levels. Where did the emergency funds go? Si Kokoteless Pimentel dapat ang isummon hindi si Mayor Vico! SaveVicoSotto WalangKokotengPimentel SaveVicoSotto VicoSotto ProtectVico

VicoSotto Yet they let Koko off the hook? What? VicoSotto KokoNotVico VicoSotto They really tried to come at Vico who's only intention is to help everyone especially our frontliners. Bakit di nila kasuhan si Kokak Paminta na harapang nilagay sa peligro ang maraming tao. VicoSotto Alam nila yan, mga abogado din mga yan. Ang tanong, anong makukuha nila sa pagsaway sa maling utos ng itaas kesa pag sumunod nalang? 🐕🐶💸💰💵

VicoSotto Maraming nagagawa kc si mayor vico kaya pinupukol sya. Bakit di nila pansinin yung walang ginagawa o mali yung ginagawa? VicoSotto Ayaw padaig pa NBI Pa.... ProtectVico VicoSotto ProtectVico VicoSotto ProtectVico VicoSotto ProtectVico

COVID-19: NBI eyes use of Singapore’s mobile app for contact tracingMANILA, Philippines — The National Bureau of Investigation ( NBI ) on Monday said it is coordinating with their digital forensic counterpart in Singapore about the use of mobile app TraceTogether

Malacañang: NBI 'filing charges' vs LGU officials not complying with guidelinesSo far, the NBI and the DOJ are unable to provide details on these cases. LuzonLockdown COVID19PH

For LGUs that disobey national govt, NBI will probe without complaintThe NBI says the order to investigate came March 31, although Malacañang reported to Congress that they were already 'filing charges.' COVID19PH possible new matrix in next report? Hey Congress, here’s an idea, ask the national government to provide clear, sane, and practical guidelines so everyone is on the same page. Sana din malinaw muna ano gusto ng NG, ano ba mga bawal 🙂

House forms Bayanihan oversight panel; Lagman, opposition find Palace Bayanihan report wantingThe House of Representatives has formed its contingent to the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee that will review and evaluate the implementation of the Republic Act 11469 or the Bayanihan to Heal As One Act and determine whether it is being carried out within the bounds of the law. Well, wala namang pedeng iexpect pa kay Lagman, opposition nga e 😂

Senate receives first Palace report on Bayanihan law implementationPresident Duterte has submitted to the Senate his first report on the implementation of the

PRRD pledges to use two Bayanihan Act powers ‘only when necessary’President Duterte has pledged to exercise two powers in the Bayanihan law, including the authority to direct the operation of private establishments for operations against the coronavirus pandemic, only when necessary.