Marcos adviser Paul Soriano wants to reach out to critics: ‘I choose to see the good’

06/12/2022 8:07:00 AM

‘For me, if we can support our president it just means that our country will be better,’ says the newly-appointed presidential adviser. Not all may agree, however.

'I'm trying to live in the moment and what the future can bring. If we keep focusing too much on what was yesterday or years ago, we could lose it – we could lose this opportunity,' says Soriano, the President's godson and creative communications adviser.

‘For me, if we can support our president it just means that our country will be better,’ says the newly-appointed presidential adviser. Not all may agree, however.

The presidential adviser on creative communication, Paul Soriano, will be rolling out ways to “creatively communicate what’s in the heart” of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.By ANNA FELICIA BAJO, GMA Integrated News Published December 5, 2022 2:11pm Presidential Adviser for Creative Communications Secretary Paul Soriano holds a press conference, Dec.Let technocrats run Maharlika wealth fund to avert politics – Sandro Marcos He said he would “extend his hand” to all the people who criticized him and his wife, actress Toni Gonzaga, when they actively supported President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.Mel Tiangco on co-anchor Mike Enriquez’s condition, ‘rivalry’ with Korina Sanchez Maricel then addressed fellow celebrities and noted that one should be grateful for the opportunities they were given in show business.

This was disclosed in a press conference held on Monday, December 5, for Soriano’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry.The presidential adviser also said he’s been spending the past few months – from his appointment in October till the first week of December – figuring out the ropes of government.Anna Felicia Bajo President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.Soriano has been an occasional presence in Marcos’ events.We choose, I choose to see the good in them because I know that they mean well.Most recently, he and wife actress, host, and YouTube creator Toni Gonzaga joined the First Family at a Christmas-tree lighting event in Malacañang."The President has told me he wants to bring the scholarship, the grants, you know.Soriano was also part of the official delegation to Bangkok for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.That’s how it goes.

“I’ll reach out..So maybe we can work and come together for the creative industry,” Soriano said.I read, and people message…people that I really respect….We may have a lot of disagreements but maybe we can agree on one thing and let’s do that together…..For me, if we can support our president, it just means that our country will be better,” added Soriano who, when asked, said his relationship with President Marcos remains “casual” when appropriate.Soriano, a nephew of first lady Liza Marcos, said had met with the tourism, interior, and migrant workers departments for the plans that his office could start executing starting next year.The film and TV director is the nephew of First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos and wedding godson of both the President and the First Lady.especially those that we don't have yet," Soriano, a film director, said at a press conference, noting that in six years, there will be a new breed of artists.Alam mo ‘yung sumisigaw ‘yung puso mo na, ‘Game na, Mary!'” (I am very excited because of course, we have not been on television for some time.

Soriano also helped extensively during the 2022 campaign, directing and rolling out Marcos’ campaign ads.He’s poised to do the same in his new role as head of the newly-created Office of the Presidential Adviser on Creative Communication." Soriano said he is eyeing to execute his plans by early next year, adding that he already has programs and plans for the creative industry.The logo of the newly-made office was displayed prominently alongside the logos of TEN17P and TinCan, production companies headed by Soriano and Gonzaga, respectively.Soriano will only be receiving a salary of P1 annually but will have a staff and an office.But there are similarities and I'm willing to embrace that," Soriano said.He also won’t have a budget of his own and will use funds from specific government agencies or departments, such as the tourism department, to implement his projects.Maria, Iza Calzado and Sam Milby.

Nostalgia? It seems that Marcos’ vision for the creative industry also involves a dose or two of nostalgia – specifically, the kind that harkens back to his parents.I ask for some time to set up and study so that I could, you know, creatively communicate what's in the heart of the President.“The President has told me he wants to bring back the scholarships, the grants, we wants to build more cultural infrastructure and help our artists.He was talking about creating communities, villages to help people create, especially those without a platform,” said Soriano..Imelda Marcos, former first lady and the President’s mother, was a known patron of the arts during the first president Marcos’ decades-long administration.But that patronage also brought with it her infamous opulence and excesses.because that's where I'm from.

She spearheaded the rapid construction of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, buildings whose creation cost taxpayers’ money and human lives.During the campaign, critics of then-candidate Marcos recalled this family’s history and decried the absence of any apology from them..Marcos infamously avoided most mainstream media interviews and all presidential debates during the campaign period.Soriano echoed Marcos allies in emphasizing the future while downplaying the past, as he talked about reaching out to his colleagues in entertainment.Marcos earlier said Soriano According to the President, Soriano will push to improve the country's creative industry and promote the talents of Filipinos.“I am trying to live in the moment and what the future can bring.

If we keep focusing too much on what was yesterday or years ago, we could lose it – we could lose this opportunity.I’ll reach out, I’ll extend a hand to all the people that have criticized me or my wife, I choose to see the good in them because I know they mean well,” said Soriano.Play Video Is any apology for the past forthcoming, critics will surely ask.–

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Kung mag fufucos ang sambayanan sa past, malaki ang opurtunidad na mag wawagi kami sa hinaharap, kasi kung di namin iisipin ang nakaraan paniguradong ma uulit ng mauulit lang ang hirap na pag daraanan namin! Coco levy fund noon Maharlika Sovereign wealth fund ngayon. Pwee who cares? why is he taking space sa news? marami mas imporrante na dapat tutukan ng reporters.

Graveh!!! Madami naman kayo de kayo ang magsama sama at magtulungan. Magagaling din naman kayo jivah?!!! Bhwhshwhwhwhhwhehehewhhwwhwhwhwwhwhwhwwhww

Paul Soriano: Marcos wants grants, cultural infrastructure to improve Philippine creative industryPresident Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. wants to provide scholarships and build cultural infrastructure to develop the country&39;s creative industry sector, Presidential Adviser for Creative Communications Secretary Paul Soriano said Monday. bayaran... Create, false infos? That’s great yan ang dapat kesa sa mga rebulto hindi naman bayani dinidisplay pa… pwede ba paki alis yung mga rebulto na namatay lang sa airport bayani ka agad mga gunggong! 😝🤣🤣🤣

Marcos creative comms adviser Soriano says he will reach out to criticsIn his new post as the presidential adviser for creative communications, film director Paul Soriano said on Monday he would “reach out” to critics and work with them to “make the creative industry even greater.” | DYGalvezINQ DYGalvezINQ Creative Trolling ? DYGalvezINQ paulsoriano1017 Di nga makabuo ng tamang pangungusap lalo na sa wikang Ingles eh. paulsoriano1017 DYGalvezINQ Nah. Unbothered nga kayong mag asawa, di ba? Why all of the sudden gustong mag reach out? Naramdaman nyo na ba na hindi kaya ng 31M sagipin ang palubog na mga career? 🤭

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