Lorenzana says military should say sorry for erroneous red-tagging

25/01/2021 8:00:00 PM

The World Tonight, Afp

Lorenzana says military should say sorry for erroneous red-tagging

But the universities being tagged as hotbeds of rebel recruitment dismiss the allegations.

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Not only apologize but removed from their posts....isama na ang leader. Not just apologise, he should step down from his post. Together with all other public officials who supported his statement like Bato. Soylent Green Pauso kasi kayo!Mali mali pala data. AFPBugok Ang lagay eh parang puro na lang kapalpakan at lagi na lang sorry. Kulang ba ung bilyon na Intel funds?!?! 😂

Sorry lang pag sila. Mga sh*theads talaga Sana sibakin nya mga nagsupply ng maling info, tapos magresign na sya sa cabinet and then call on the other generals to be on the side of truth and maybe stage a coup to redeem himself Sorry and be worried that the people's trust is surely diminished now that they are joining the dirty politics of rodrigo.

Sorry but not sorry 😌

del_lorenzana you need to resign! Mga tauhan mo yan! Magkaroon ka ng delikadisa! U should resign to save whatever “credebility” is left of your department