Sofia Pablo, Allen Ansay, Tiktok

Sofia Pablo, Allen Ansay

LOOK: Allen Ansay's TikTok with Sofia Pablo now has over 2M views

Allen Ansay's viral TikTok video with 'Prima Donnas' star Sofia Pablo now has over 2 million views!


Allen Ansay 's viral TikTok video with 'Prima Donnas' star Sofia Pablo now has over 2 million views!

Allen Ansay 's viral TikTok video with 'Prima Donnas' star Sofia Pablo now has over 2 million views!

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I've Got An OpinionOur podcast 'I've Got An Opinion' is on Spotify! Please follow it here! You can also follow us on Soundcloud: Our next episode is on polyamory, and it's coming out tomorrow! ❤️💙💛

Youth group contradicts Joma Sison: Duterte can never be greatest presidentMANILA, Philippines – A left-leaning youth group has contradicted communist leader Jose Maria Sison’s view that President Rodrigo Duterte can be the country’s greatest president, saying he GabrielLaluINQ You have to wonder why THIS GUY, long dormant silent, would release such statements now? Hates US more than HE loves the China-Tuta DICTATOR? Or, nag papa-pogi... to secure a place to retire like Nur did? Getting old SIYA, SILA. 🥵🥴

Reports of illiteracy epidemic in Bicol inaccurate – DepEd chiefEducation Secretary Leonor Briones has dispelled any reported “epidemic of illiteracy” in Bicol region, saying having difficulty reading does not mean a student is illiterate.

Get the look: Yoon Se-ri’s jewelry, bags in ‘Crash Landing on You’

15 photos of Bangs Garcia's baby Amelia that will make you go 'aww'Take a look at Bangs Garcia and Filipino-British hubby Lloydi Birchmore's firstborn Amelia Garcia-Birchmore's adorable photos. Bkit mapapaaw?

Tough year: Jollibee net income down 14.4% in 2019Jollibee shrugs off its struggles in 2019, as it looks forward to more stores abroad bringing in more cash in 2020. Naluluge pa pala yan? They tried to expand too aggressively and ignored market research that inducted that their food tastes like hot garbage that I wouldn't feed my helper's pet askal. I wouldn't be surprised. Jollibee is becoming ho-hum... Boring... Nothing new.

Duterte ‘inclined’ to extend Luzon-wide quarantine until April 30

[OPINION] It's our dissent that will save us

Duterte 'inclined' to extend Luzon lockdown until April 30

Duterte seeks more cash for gov't coronavirus response

10 laboratories can now do coronavirus tests in PH

Duterte says 'inclined to extend' Luzon lockdown until April 30

'Modified' community quarantine can be explored to flatten COVID-19 curve – study

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