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Locsin: It’s unconstitutional to stop deploying health workers abroad

4/10/2020 2:45:00 PM

Locsin: It’s unconstitutional to stop deploying health workers abroad

— Teddy Locsin Jr. (@teddyboylocsin) April 10, 2020MANILA--Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. on Friday said it is unconstitutional to suspend the deployment of health workers, a government directive that will be in effect until the national state of public health emergency is lifted. 

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Locsin was reacting to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration memorandum suspending the deployment of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers abroad in the hopes of preserving the local frontline force against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“Well they are wrong, dead wrong, and violating the Constitution,” Locsin said in a tweet."That only makes sense and justice if we pay them foreign rates and later — this is gonna be my work — negotiate first class work contracts for them because I don't trust people in the pockets of recruiters. If suspension, we owe departing health workers mucho in Euros."

That only makes sense and justice if we pay them foreign rates and later—this is gonna be my work—negotiate first class work contracts for them because I don't trust people in the pockets of recruiters. If suspension, we owe departing health workers mucho in Euros. https://t.co/GxagtYDJzE

— Teddy Locsin Jr. (@teddyboylocsin) April 10, 2020The moratorium, which took effect last April 2, states that the ban aims to "prioritize human resource allocation for the national health care system at the time of the national state of emergency." 

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Yeah right! I feel more safe here compare in my own country. Salary wise? It's better here. My salary here, natutustusan ko meds and everyday food ng mother ko. If I stay in Philippines? I need to have a 'backer' to work in government hospital. pero guys, sa NYC kasi $10,000.00 a week daw ang pang enganyo nila sa mga nurses

teddyboylocsin Perhaps unconstitutional po during ordinary days...pero pilipinas in the middle of pandemic?!! wala nang maiiwan dito para manggamot ng pilipino nyan kung minsan, may mga action na ginagawa ang mga tao ni PRRD na makasisira. pati ang Digong madamay. bakit hinde nyo na lang iorder na lahat ng 3rd year at 4th year nursing students ngayong taon, automatic nurses na. walang board exam. at ihire cla ng mga nag aprub na ban. aberrr!

Hanggat mas malaki ang opportunity sa ibang bansa, lalayas pa din mga yan. Unahin muna natin paunlarin bansa natin na binulok ng mga BUWAYA sa haba ng panahon, walang gusto umalis sa sarili bansa kung may maganda hanapbuhay maliban na lang kung gusto mo magturista. para mga chinese ang pumasok sa pinas ja ja ja

Now that the govt realized the importance of any profession particularly in medical field, i wonder what the little lady of Las Pinas would say. since when do this guys care about the constitution For once or probably just this hour his brain works with sense! Cannot guarantee how long it will last!!! Sir Teddy Locsin, kayo lang po ang may malasakit sa local Nurse natin. Malaki na po ang nagastos ng magulang sa tuition, sila mismo sa IELTS, UK visa, papers/docs. Paalis na tapos pipigilan? Unfair iyan! Tapos allowance dito Php500 lang! Ano ba iyan?

Sana naman ma lift na yung deployment ban for nurses. Pano naman mga Kagaya ko na kakatanggap lang ng visa at may existing contract. Awaiting for OEC na lang and PDOS... Our health workers leave the country because they feel there's a need to. Government should give them reasons to stay. It's about time to invest on health care system.

Tama sir! They have the freedom to choose where to work! Pero sa ating mga Pilipino sa tingin ko they will choose to stay, sobra kasi tayong mapagmahal kaya nga indemand tayo sa ibang bansa. True! After praising healthworkers for their courage to fight COVID19 at the risk of their lives, you reward them by cutting their right to gainful income? It’s their future! Ask a nurse how much she is paid? Many even have to pay for their own PPE to keep themselves safe.

For the past 10 years health workers especially nurses are being neglected in this society. Most industries were filled of nurses to earn for a living. Now that there's a high paying demand in the world Ipapa- hold nyo? DOHgovph DOLE Almost Php60-70K per sem, sa iba mas mataas. TF alone lang yun ha. Pag nagpractice na, Php500/day. TF!!! Ang ibang profession makatarungan na ang sweldo, pero sa Nurses? Ano Tas pipigilan nyo makaalis yung gusto bigyan ng magandang buhay ang pamilya nila?

5000 dollars pasahod sa new york ngayong covid crisis...eh sa pinas ba hehe, magbubuwis ka na lang buhay nga naman doon na sa malaki pasahod lol.. Sorry. Disagree with you. We need them here now. Just do your job once all this is over. Iba na Philippine Constitution since 2016 as per DDShits, yearly sya nagbabago since 2016, nakadepende sa mood ng poon ng mga DDShits. Kasi nga di ba yung 1987 Constitution for the year 1987 lng sya. 2020 na ngayon, so 2020 Constitution na sinusunod natin. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Forbidding our health workers to go abroad isnt only unconstitutional, but also constitutes constructive slavery. Why do they go out? Primarily, to look for greener pasteur. Nothing else. Hence, the best way to keep them stay is to provide them competitive local employment. Ganun talaga. Mas importante sa kanila ang ibang bansa. Wag nyo na pilitin. Ganyan naman yang mga yan. Pero proud to be pinoy daw sila. Sa salita lang. mga plastic lol

teddyboylocsin I’m not in the medical profession, not planning to work abroad (yet), but thank you Sir. Grabe. Your country needs you, you can still think of living them in time of crisis 🙄 For once, i actually agree with him. Not sure about the constitutionality, though. Yes it is, but honestly, no Filipinos like to leave their country. So please, give a better compensation.

Do not ban them! Provide them with better compensation and benefits para sila na magkusang di aalis! How can I stay here if my salary is 10,500 php monthly in a private hosp...come to think of that... Would you not want to protect your countrymen? We need them especially in these times of pandemic crisis. After this, they can employ anywhere they wish.

Unconstitutional but untimely as well. We need our health workers in times like this. Better give them good compensations, support and facilities for them to stay. Aren't we lacking health care workers though? We need more to handle this crisis and letting them go to other countries means one less person to help us here. :(

If dudirty doesn’t them to leave, then compensate and humanly treat them very well. With the kind of leadership he has, it is doubtful though if they will stay in the Philippines. Di kami inalagaan from studying to working, ginapang kami ng magulang namin. Panahon naman para mag pay back kami sa kanila. Kikita naman ang pinas sa remittances namin db? Nag serve kami sa pinas bago din umalis because of our experiences kaya kami kinuha.

Kelan kaya mauubos ng walang kwenta politican tulad ni locsin For once i agree with yhis guy. I find it too selfish to deprive the workers of a better opportunity abroad esp if PH cant compensate them well. Unconstitutional pala naman; ano basis ng poea para labagin ang batas? True, kasi most of them already have visas and work contracts. LET MY COLLEAGUES GO

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Philippines suspends deployment of health workers abroad to fight COVID-19Sir teddyboylocsin is this true? DFAPHL Ni isang kusing wla kmi nahita sa gobyerno simula mag aral kami ng Nursing. Nagpakahirap magulang namin para makatapos kmi from private schools kahit na nagdialysis 3x a week ama ko noon. Nakakalungkot ang balitang ito. Sakim ang gobyerno Not to be selfish but Country first.

POEA defers deployment of health workers abroad as PH grapples COVID-19The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration ( POEA ) has temporarily suspended the deployment of health care workers abroad “to prioritize” human resource in the country. | KAguilarINQ KAguilarINQ Compete with the salaries and benefits of healthworkers abroad.. Maybe then you won't have to ban them since they would rather stay here KAguilarINQ Sana gandahan nyo din ang sweldo. KAguilarINQ Pay us in exact denominations that we are receiving or going to receive abroad, nurse-patient ratio, less ego from some doctors and breaktime and yeah CE units that pinoy nurses pay to renew their licenses pa pala.

PH temporarily bans deployment of health workers abroad amid COVID-19 outbreakThe Philippine government has temporarily banned doctors, nurses, microbiologists, and other medical workers from leaving to work abroad as the country grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic. There goes “its greener on the other side”! teddyboylocsin Hardly agree with Locsin but in this case he is spot on

DOH-Bicol condemns discrimination against COVID-19 victims, health workersThe Department of Health in Bicol (DOH-Bicol) issued a statement on Thursday, condemning any form of discrimination against health workers , patients with confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 ( COVID-19 ), and their families. mga tanga ano tayo 2000 years ago? basta nagkasakit parusa ng langit? thank you doh for calling out these fools. 🙏

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