LIST: 5 education issues that the next DepEd chief needs to address

24/06/2022 3:23:00 PM

To head the agency tasked to fix the country's education system will not be an easy job. Will vice president-elect and incoming education secretary Sara Duterte be able to deliver?

To head the agency tasked to fix the country's education system will not be an easy job. Will vice president-elect and incoming education secretary Sara Duterte be able to deliver? RapplerIQ

To head the agency tasked to fix the country's education system will not be an easy job. Will vice president-elect and incoming education secretary Sara Duterte be able to deliver?

Groups oppose Marcos Jr.According to DepEd, the creation of new teaching levels will expand the promotion and increase the salaries of teachers.MANILA, Philippines – Academic gender experts and an LGBTQ+ rights organization leader say that gender rights are not only limited to what usually comes to mind, like anti-violence against women, divorce, abortion, and LGBTQ+ rights – rather, gender spills into crucial issues that the next set of elected leaders must address.A + PRESIDENT-ELECT Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

’s decision to appoint Sara Duterte as DepEd chief ) But for her supporters, Duterte would do well as DepEd chief because she served as mayor for nine years in Davao City.This position, they said, made Duterte very much involved in many projects in her hometown, which means she would be a “hands-on” leader as well as DepEd chief.174 creates new position titles Teacher IV, Teacher V, Teacher VI, Teacher VII, and Master Teacher V.Davaoeños said that social service programs got bigger funding under Duterte’s watch.The needs and concerns of women, for instance, in Forbes Park will be very different from those of women in Payatas or Baseco,” said University of the Philippines political science professor Jean Franco.(READ: Sara, the other Duterte ) To head the agency tasked to fix the country’s education system would not be an easy job.“The DepEd is jubilant about the timely issuance of Executive Order No.Experts have said that the country’s poor education quality was a result of decades of neglect and underinvestment.He was also a former executive and director in Macroasia Corporation, Macroasia Services Corporation, Macroasia Airport Services Corporation, Macroasia Properties Development Corporation and ETON Properties Philippines Inc.

Rappler listed the issues that Duterte needs to address as she takes on the role of education secretary as the country recovers from the disruption in education brought by the pandemic.“We shall work with the Civil Service Commission, the Department of Budget and Management, and the Professional Regulation Commission in formulating the rules and regulations of the EO.She said that the plight of the LGBTQ+ community cannot be divorced from the issues that the rest of marginalized Filipinos also experience.Open all schools for in-person classes Over two years into the pandemic, the Philippines is among the few countries in the world whose schools have not fully opened for in-person classes.As of April 22, there have been about 25,786 schools holding in-person classes.In March, DepEd Undersecretary Nepomuceno Malaluan said some educators are stuck at Teacher III level since the succeeding available position, Master Teacher I, demands high educational requirements.There are an estimated 60,000 public and private schools in the country.“We are the LGBT national minorities and indigenous peoples whose communities are being bombed, being militarized, and whose ancestral lands are being destroyed,” she added.Data from the World Bank shows that the Philippines’ learning-adjusted years of school (LAYS) proficiency would be pushed back from 7.—Joviland Rita/KBK, GMA News.Forum Rules Do not use obscenity.

5 years pre-pandemic to 5.9 to 6.“We have seen how it’s always been Filipino women and children who have experienced the breadth of the violence that this form of militarization has caused… We believe that LGBT issues are people’s issues, and people’s issues are LGBT issues,” said Salinas.5 years, depending on the length of further school closures and the effectiveness of the remote learning setup.This means that while the Philippine basic education system offers 12 years of instruction, Filipino students show proficiency equivalent to only around six years spent in school.(READ: Distance learning in the Philippines: A year of hits and misses ) When asked at a recent press conference if more face-to-face classes would be allowed by August or the start of school year 2022 to 2023, Duterte replied, “We are targeting that.“And when you start adopting things like austerity, that means that the individual in the family who stereotypically is responsible for nutrition and making sure that kids get to school is likely to take on additional work responsibilities is likely to be more stressed, and is likely to give up their own food or their own access to healthcare,” Parmanand said.Do not shout or use CAPITAL LETTERS! Trending.

” Hire more teachers, aides In a text message to Rappler, Philippine Business for Education executive director Love Basillote said that Duterte should hire more teachers and teaching aides for students to “recover from learning losses.” The pandemic highlighted the plight of public school teachers as they struggled to attend to the learning needs of their students due to their administrative work.Lawmakers and senators earlier said that administrative work should be off-loaded from them so they could focus on teaching.Better compensation package for teachers In a statement on June 18, the Teachers Dignity Coalition (TDC) appealed for a better compensation package for teachers and educators both for public and private institutions.They also asked for provision of free laptops and internet services as most teachers had to dig into their own pockets to cover the costs of teaching under the remote learning setup.

For years, teachers have been leaving the country in their quest for better pay and better working conditions.The DepEd had said that the new normal in education would be a blended learning approach – a mix of online and in-person classes.(READ: ) Addresss backlog of facilities in schools Most schools are having a hard time meeting the building requirements for in-person classes, such as having separate entrance and exit doors, and making available basic health facilities – including hand-washing facilities and school clinics.Classroom shortages have been a problem even before the pandemic.A class of.

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Gender spills into crucial issues next leaders must address – expertsWomen and the LGBTQ+ community are uniquely affected in national issues such as poverty, militarization, and economic rights, experts say in a Rappler Talk episode. PrideMonth Pride2022 Woke BS ideology.What on earth does gender have to do with these issues? Upper-middle class -identity-politics marxists.

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