‘Leni can unify the people,’ says Cagayan de Oro mayor

MARAWI CITY—Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar S. Moreno said he is throwing his support behind the presidential bid of Vice President Leni Robredo because she has the character that can unify the

10/18/2021 11:00:00 PM

ICYMI : “Leni can unify the people, (she is) somebody who can harmonize. In the election, especially (for) the presidency, we cannot take it for granted. We need (good) leadership,” Moreno said.

MARAWI CITY—Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar S. Moreno said he is throwing his support behind the presidential bid of Vice President Leni Robredo because she has the character that can unify the

“She did not surrender despite the challenges and she has the kind of factor to unify the people,” Moreno explained.On Monday, Robredo thanked Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas and Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno for coming out to express their support for his presidential bid.

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Robredo earlier admitted that she had not expected support from local government officials, not least because she represents the opposition.“I thank Mayor Jerry (Treñas) and Mayor Oca (Moreno) for their declaration of support because I know that it was not an easy decision. To those who are still apprehensive (to come out), I can understand,” Robredo said.

“What is important is (the support of) the people, that is the most important. Of course, the support of politicians is a big thing for us, but it is not indispensable,” she added.Sultan Musa Sarwang, who helped convened the Lanao for Leni group, said they are apprehensive of the possibility of “the offspring of despotic leaders” taking power in 2022, adding that the next president is crucial in sustaining the peace process in Mindanao and the process of “healing the wounds wrought on Muslims by Marcos’ martial law and the carpet-bombing of Marawi” in 2017. headtopics.com

Haron Al-Rashid Lucman, former regional vice governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, said Robredo does not need to prove anything to the Moro people.“You have already proven to us that you are the person we wanted to be in Malacañang in the next six years,” Lucman said, pointing to the various anti-poverty initiatives of the Office of the Vice President for communities in Lanao del Sur, Tawi-Tawi and Basilan, and assistance to displaced families due to the siege in 2017.

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We are talking about the welfare of every Filipinos here. I don't like her because she does not have a good vision for our country. Comedy of errors Sa mga kumokontra. Nakita naman natin kung pano magtrabaho si VP ah. Pure energy. Si VP ang kailangan ng bansa natin ngayon. Bayaan nating iayos nya ang mga proseso sa gobyerno. Imagine what Vico could do then. 💚

unify in the inodoro🤣🤣 Wa ka kyapi, Oscar!! Wala man gani maka-unite sa opposition, ang Pilipinas pa kaha Tugpa na Oscar. Leadership is different from authoritarianism Open your eyes & listen to what the people are saying…. You’re good in believing your own lies. BBMIsMyPresident2022 For cagayanons vote wisely

Magiging cory aquino 2.0 lang ito.. sunod sunuran lang sa mga advisers.. isa na si trillanes sa magiging taga bulong neto.. BIG NO! : I disagree she can maybe unify the people if the entire population-votes rooted for her but from the numbers I am seeing, it aint. The reality is people have diff perceptions beliefs regarding govt politics. Im not being pessimistic but if she wins I think its a sign

Isko Moreno, the new enemy of 'disente,' 'moralista' politics'Kayo na naman? Thirty years na kayo magkaaway, umunlad ba Pilipinas?' asks Isko Moreno, putting his own spin to populist messaging against political elites. PHVote WeDecide BBMIsMyPresident2022 70M mahirap ka boy? Anong elitist ang pinagsasabi mo? Slowly but surely, umuunlad na ang Pilipinas noong 1960s at nitong dekada, pero winasak ang progreso ng mga immoral na bobo na feeling hari. 'Best of the best' daw, yun pala 'beast of the beast'. Golden age daw, yun pala pekeng ginto. Change is coming, 'yun pala 'change scamming'

Utot nyo! Ayaw nya sa corruption at nagpakulong kay Delima ngayon kaskyado nya. Nasan intergrity jan? Meryenda lang kelangan dala ni leni kada interview para sikat na sikat,.. Nope, she can't. She had the chance but she still opted to do otherwise. Unification can only happen when these politicians are ready to really sacrifice their personal ambition, agenda for the sake of their fellow countrymen.

Ha ha ha mapagbiro ito isang moreno Can she though? I think that the country will always be divided with a marcos or pink/yellow presidency coz both have hardcore base that seem to disagree with everything one does. Pink is still yellow with the people and strategy it seems. Peace out.ü 😄😄 She will be the next Cory Aquino who would either sink the ship even more or ran aground!!

Tell that to the marines! - opposition Hyping up this Pawn. She is a

Mga nitso sa Davao de Oro, binutasanIlang mga nitso sa isang sementeryo sa Maragusan, Davao de Oro ang binutasan para umano sa knee cap na ginagawang anting-anting. Bintana yan, mainit sa loob e Saan si duterte nung nangyari ito? kakapain nila kung may GOLD kwintas, GOLD earrings; GOLD singsing or may mamahaling relo. lupet ng magnanakaw.

Robredo expects little local support; Duterte rallies betsVice President Leni Robredo admitted that her presidential bid in 2022 was facing daunting challenges, not least of which was caused by the decimation of the Liberal Party she leads as chair. They all thought wrong that VP lenirobredo will not get an explosion of support from Filipinos sick of Rody Duterte,Bongbong Marcos along with the others. 🕊🕊🕊 Of course just another Joke.🤡 Chos! 🕊🕊🕊

Robredo expects little local support; Duterte rallies bets ICYMI : Vice President Leni Robredo admitted that her presidential bid in 2022 is facing daunting challenges, not least of which is caused by the decimation of the Liberal Party she leads as chair. PAG NAGING PRESIDENTI SI LENI. LUTANG NA LUTANG NA TALAGA ANG PINAS 😂😂😂😂😂 So why continue to run ? Your party in tatters and you are one of the lowest in surveys.Votes you gather would not just allow BBM to win but prevent another to win who shares your vision to improve health,education & overall economic prosperity. You have us VP Leni. The people are campaigning for you to see the change we want for our beloved Pilipinas. Lalaban po tayo!

Local support for Robredo swellsSome local officials from the cities of Cagayan De Oro and Iloilo have committed to support Vice President Leni Robredo in her presidential run in the May 2022 elections. Kakampink o Pink Zombies. Your choice. Napansin ko ang mga news media ay kay Lugaw Leni lang ang news. Trying hard talaga kayo. Sa iniduro naman ang tuloy ni Lugaw Leni at mga kasapi nya. Hahaha

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