Lacson urges Army chief to temper emotions, says enemies may be celebrating misencounter

Senator Panfilo Lacson warned that the “enemies of the state” were very capable of sowing divisiveness between the PNP and the AFP. | @DJEsguerraINQ

7/2/2020 1:42:00 AM

Senator Panfilo Lacson warned that the “enemies of the state” were very capable of sowing divisiveness between the PNP and the AFP. | DJEsguerraINQ

MANILA, Philippines — Sen. Panfilo Lacson on Wednesday urged Philippine Army chief Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay not to let emotions get the better of him over the supposed misencounter between the police

Lacson, a former chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), said that “decisiveness, not divisiveness” was needed as he warned that the “enemies of the state” were very capable of sowing divisiveness between the PNP and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

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ADVERTISEMENT“While I can easily relate to Philippine Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay and understand how he feels about the Army officers slain in Sulu, emotions running high at this point is the last thing they need,” Lacson said in a statement.

“For all they know, their common enemies such as the terrorists and armed insurgents are already celebrating the Sulu incident — and even making plans to exploit it,” he added.FEATURED STORIES Read more: Inquirer »

DJEsguerraINQ Ung sa barko ng china na nagpataob sa bangka natin, wag ipoliticize. Itong malinaw na mga pulis ang pumatay, sisi naman sa “enemies of the state” Tang ama niyo! DJEsguerraINQ Very Classic EJK, but this time AFP is the victim of abusive PNP. DJEsguerraINQ Kung hindi trigger happy ang mga police hindi mangyayari yan. Di ba alam nila at pinag aralan sa PNP ang rules of engagement? Kasuhan ng murder ang mga Pulis para Di pamarisan ng iba.

DJEsguerraINQ Kasalanan pa ngayon ng army chief? DJEsguerraINQ Enemies of the state? E kayo kayo rin kaya yon DJEsguerraINQ Sira na kredibilidad ng taong ito. I notice yung mga isyu/posisyon nya ay walang tinatayuang mga prinsipyo. I thought he could be considered sa 2022, in case wala na tlaga After 4 yrs, kaloka ang mga posisyon.

diannaraOhlala DJEsguerraINQ LOLOLOLOLOL! Coming from a former PNP Chief. Hahaah DJEsguerraINQ May naaalala siya...hah hah. Alam na alam nya yan! DJEsguerraINQ Kapal naman talaga nito DJEsguerraINQ I think a legimate military operation always has a go signal or coordination with the higher brass. The culprit lies on the hiererachy itself for not issuing conduct pass or informing its sub commanders.

DJEsguerraINQ Politicians are the enemy of the states...nasa malacanang sila at senate...yung iba may hearing pa ng francise sa congress. DJEsguerraINQ Dear senator, The enemies of the state are some of those who run it. DJEsguerraINQ Will never vote for you again! DJEsguerraINQ Is truth an enemy of the state?

DJEsguerraINQ Bakit hindi ang PNP ang tawagan mo na maghinay hinay sa pagka terorista iampinglacson DJEsguerraINQ Ha ha... mga pulis ang pumatay sa sundalo. Sundalo ang galit. DJEsguerraINQ That’s why Lacson is independent. He always choose to be in majority. So the president can’t go against him. The only time he against the president was in Gloria days.

DJEsguerraINQ First remove all ex fundamenlist insertion in the police hiearchy particularly in the south.many are still relatives of the bandits.for them blood is thicker than water. And rehuffle assignment.those from the south will go north and vice versa. DJEsguerraINQ If we can get to have fair justice the army chief may mellow down.

DJEsguerraINQ ADOLPH HITLER said: 'WHAT LUCK FOR RULERS THAT MEN DO NOT THINK.' '...broad MASSES of a nation... they more READILY fall VICTIMS to the BIG LIE than the SMALL LIE...' DJEsguerraINQ Kung Nag DUDUDA KA pa kung AABUSUHIN ang New Anti-Terror Law, eh nag PAKAMATAY na ang UTAK mo ubod ka na talagang +n€ sample pa lang to coz as stated by Mark Twain: 'Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.'

DJEsguerraINQ One of the new norm is ‘nanlaban’ as directed by duterte. So who’s the enemy of the state here? DJEsguerraINQ Alam nang army pinag gagawa nang gobernong to kayo hintay nalang kami saan matatapus ang pag sunod nila sa mga labag sa batas DJEsguerraINQ sana sinisi niyo nalang sa covid, pilitin niyo pang pinagaway yang 2 grps na yan. di ba pwedeng internal quarrel lang? maangas kasi sila? need magpaint ng threat to justify your ATB? sayang ka ping. sayang boto ko sayo. parang kang si Bato pero mas matalini lang.

DJEsguerraINQ Can you blame them? There is only one enemy of the state and he loves China! DJEsguerraINQ It's the PNPs fault those soldiers are dead, wag mo ibato kahit kanino. DJEsguerraINQ May third party ba during the murder of the 4 military personnel by the 9 police officers? Kung meron edi sige patunayan. Pero wala naman sila sa Crime scene at may mga witness.. ang laki ng budget sa intelligence pero palpak sa pag gamit. Ginagamit nyo yan para sa ordinaryng tao

DJEsguerraINQ So sino po sa pulis at sundalo ang terorista, Mr. Senator? DJEsguerraINQ Trgger happy kasi. Shoot now palusot later. DJEsguerraINQ Blame game and hallucinating! Hanap masisisi pa more! DJEsguerraINQ ayan ha kitang kita mo na paano mag manipulate ang PNP, ano na Sir hintayin mo pa ba na pirmahan ng poon mo ang ATB?

DJEsguerraINQ A justification for your anti-terror law. The parties in the incident are the PNP and AFP yet you blame it on 'others.' JunkTerrorBillNow VetoTerrorBillNow DJEsguerraINQ clearly the PNP is the enemy. We can’t and we should NOT TRUST THE PNP!!! pulisangterorista !!!!!!! DJEsguerraINQ Not needed, thank you. PNP can very well do it on their own. This is Ragos 2.

3RiPM5V DJEsguerraINQ May we remind iampinglacson who's sowing divisiveness bet. PNP & AFP when it's a clear PNP RUBOUT of 4 soldiers. Gun evidence was --again-- planted! Bulag ba si lacson o BULAAN lang talaga? DJEsguerraINQ I think the right word Mr. Senator iampinglacson is 'I AM SORRY'... DJEsguerraINQ Pulis po ang bumaril. THEY ARE AGENTS OF THE STATE. 😒😒😒

DJEsguerraINQ Background check and proper screening in the process of recruitment of personnel is a must. Sometimes the enemy infiltrates through the backdoor. Look at our rapid test kits, it is so unreliable that oftentimes it registers false positive and negative. DJEsguerraINQ Who killed the 4 soldiers? It was the cops. Managot ang dapat managot.

DJEsguerraINQ Sen Ping, speak about justice first before anything else. That how a civil society should be. You don't need to choose side for now. DJEsguerraINQ Pampi Please Wake Up! DJEsguerraINQ Pinagsasabi mo Ser? Bulag ka?😉😆😄 DJEsguerraINQ Enemy capable of dividing? Referring to the veerus ba itey?

DJEsguerraINQ Pulis ang tunay na kalaban DJEsguerraINQ Of course you always have.answers and reasons for everything... and you want us to TRUST you about the new bill you are pushing. DJEsguerraINQ Enemies of the state? What are you talking about!? This government identifies its critics & the thinking people the enemy! The people of the land. Yet they are the reason why this government is being righteously checked. The real enemy here are corrupt abusive politicians.👊🤡

DJEsguerraINQ He is protecting his old school. DJEsguerraINQ iampinglacson, the police which will be given extra powers on your anti terror bill campaign has shown so many times what kind of enemy they are to the people IMO (everything my opinion). DJEsguerraINQ Who killed the army personnel? The enemies of the state?

DJEsguerraINQ The Enemy of the State is the Government that you supported... The PNP are quick to judged 'misencounter' bc that is what Digong taught them. Parang nanlaban lng... DJEsguerraINQ Mr Senator, the so called 'enemies of the states' have already mutated, just like a virus, that some of them are already clad in uniform! Those PNP just saved the terrorist bombers from being arrested by the AFP! Enough with the cover-ups, Mr Senator

DJEsguerraINQ unta death penalty to law enforcers guilty for a crime. DJEsguerraINQ What really happened was the fault of the PNP. It's their blunder and theirs alone which killed the four soldiers. DJEsguerraINQ Naku naging PNP Chief dati si Senator! Ayusin nyo sir at panagutin ang dapat managot para iboto namin kayo!

DJEsguerraINQ How is that when its a proof that abusive PNP is the enemy of the country DJEsguerraINQ hala siya. the moment those policemen asked those soldier to a place they will be shot deliberately they have already sowed the divisiveness you are talking about. do not blame other people for that.

DJEsguerraINQ Sino ba ang enemy of the state ngayon? Sino ba ang nagpapakamkam sa mga tsekwa? Sino ba nagpapahirap sa mga Pilipino ngayon? Diba si Duterte!! DJEsguerraINQ Soldiers’ lives means nothing to Ex PNP chief and now Sen Lacson DJEsguerraINQ What divisiveness are you talking about? The police killed those soldiers. Don't tell me the commies have something to do with it. Kayong mga nakaupo ang nagsasabog ng divisiveness for being lackeys and arse~lickers. 🙄

DJEsguerraINQ Kasi walang kwenta amo mo. DJEsguerraINQ In the eyes of Lacson: Thy holy policemen. Thy holy soldiers. Thy evil people. DJEsguerraINQ CHINA! Andun sa WPS DJEsguerraINQ Yan na siguro un triggering factor plus un abiascbn para matopple down un sick man of asia 😂 DJEsguerraINQ Andun sa West Philippine Sea yung enemies of the state baka naman may pangil ang gobyerno natin sa kanila?

DJEsguerraINQ Sila sila po yan.. Sino po ba ang binaril at bumaril? Tapos isisi sa iba? DJEsguerraINQ The Enemy of the State. Nagkukunwaring makabayan, pero tuta ng CH. Nasa taas na pwesto at mga gabinete. DJEsguerraINQ You mean ang corrupt sa PNP? Definitely pinapakita nila. Huwag mo na sisihin ang media at ibang tao, or else pinipilit mo lang itago ang mga corrupt na yan, na ikaw pa-rubout din. Oh wait.

DJEsguerraINQ Enemy of the State = BFF ng China, Traitor to the Filipino people. DJEsguerraINQ conspiracy theory na kaagad si kuya. ang galing mo. DJEsguerraINQ NPAs, Communists and so called enemies of the state on the 'misencounter'... DJEsguerraINQ Who killed the 4 soldiers? The police. The PNP is the one sowing divisiveness by being murderous law breakers.

DJEsguerraINQ Sino po yung 'enemy of the state ' pangalanan nyu agad DJEsguerraINQ It would be nice, for once, if they could show proof of this. We have so much intel funds yet there’s not much “intel” to go around for the admin.

‘Misencounter’ with cops in Sulu a ‘misstep’ for Philippine Army — Army spoxThe spokesperson of the Philippine Army said it is “perplexed” at the actions of the police officers involved in the incident. | cgonzalesINQ

Temper emotions over police killing of 4 soldiers, Lacson tells militarythose KILLERS, abusive, corrupt PNP should pay!!!!! put ‘two’ on their chests!!!! pulisangterorista !!!!! Dati ka kasing pulis. Malamang kung dati kang sundalo iba ang ngakngak mo ngayon. Marapat lang magpakita ng galit ang pamunuan ng AFP. Ano yang mga pulis sinuswerte? Pumatay na ng mga sundalo, at nag imbento pa ng kwento tapos bawal pa magalit AFP? Okikalang? iampinglacson These policemen are the same kinds who will implement the terror bill. Look at how arrogant they became. Look at how they break protocols in handling a crime scene.

Cops kill 4 military agents; Army chief cries ruboutAn outraged Army chief Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay on Tuesday denounced what he called the murder of four soldiers who were returning from an intelligence mission when they were allegedly gunned down What the hell? this kind of story started 2016 may it conclude soon.

UN rights chief says 'as many as 10,000' flee Myanmar army operations

PH Army chief calls police's killing of 4 soldiers 'murder'

'Murder': PH Army chief kinondena ang pagkakapatay ng mga pulis sa 4 sundalopnppio ano na mga sir? 'Mga four to five 'yung bumaril, the others served as lookout. After mapatay nila lahat, they fled. SOP ba 'yun? Diba pag may namatay, you have to cordone the area and wait for SOCO? Wala, nagtakbuhan lahat eh. So this is another thing we have to find out in the investigation.' clearly........PULIS ANG TERORISTA!!!!!!!!!!