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Kris Aquino to limit sons' social media appearances to give them 'enough privacy'

'I'm partly to blame kung nadamay man ang mga anak ko,' says Kris

4/12/2021 8:22:00 PM

'I'm partly to blame kung nadamay man ang mga anak ko,' says Kris.

'I'm partly to blame kung nadamay man ang mga anak ko,' says Kris

Kris Aquino said she’ll be limiting the appearance of her sons Josh and Bimby on her posts.In a 21-minute video posted on her social media accounts on Friday, April 9, Kris admitted that she’s “partly to blame” for why her sons are subject to scrutiny online.

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“I’m taking full responsibility. I can never shield them fully because from the time they were born, I was already Kris. But I can choose what to show you,” she said.Kris said that while they'll never be “regular people," but said that from now on, she'll only post about the celebrations and milestones of her sons. “

Yun ang mga mapapakita ko sainyo (That’s what I can show you.)The regular things that regular people show people. And that’s my right. Kasi lahat ng mga magulang, ‘yun ang ginagawa (That’s what other parents are doing),”she said.The TV personality also announced that her sons will no longer be involved in her work to respect their privacy. “

Pero the other things, ‘yung trabaho ko - labas na. Out si Kuya Josh, out si Bimb(But for other things such as work, they’re out. Josh and Bimb won’t be part of it).""It’s my responsibility…. They will have enough privacy. You won’t get to see them as often as you used to,” she said.

Kris added that she she needs to work for her son Josh.“Hindi po ako ganon kayaman (I’m not that wealthy). What you’re forgetting is I do have a son who is in the autism spectrum. He will need lifelong care, he needs to be assured because I promised that to my mom

na gagawin ko ang lahat (I will do everything) to make sure that he will be comfortable for as long as he will live. And that will take a lot of money andpag-iipunan ko ‘yan, (I will save up for it),” she said.In the same video, Kris shared her conversation with youngest son Bimby, who was subject to online gossip. “I told him that it’s your choice what you wanna do with your life. I will support you and I will love you.

Hindi natin kasalanan ‘yung magiging opinion nila about you(It’s not our fault that they think that way). What’s important is you know who you are and you’re not gonna be like them. I’m proud of that. I brought up a son who’s brave,” she said.“Wala akong utang na loob sa mga taong walang magawa sa buhay nila kundi pintasan ako pero napakalaking utang na loob ko sa mga taong come what may, minamahal ako,”

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she said.(I don’t owe anything to those malicious people who do nothing except attack me but I owe this to the ones who come what may, loved and supported me.)Kris, who came from a political family, is also a host, actress and endorser. Despite being away from TV or the movies for several years, Kris has maintained a huge presence on social media. -

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