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Junkterrorbill, Anti-Terrorism Act

#JunkTerrorBill: Sign this petition to help uphold human rights

Defend UPLB warns that the bill has the potential to silence critics of the government. Take a stand and sign the petition to persuade Congress to drop the measure.

6/2/2020 3:55:00 AM

Defend UPLB warns that the bill has the potential to silence critics of the government. Take a stand and sign the petition to persuade Congress to drop the measure. JunkTerrorBill

Defend UPLB warns that the bill has the potential to silence critics of the government. Take a stand and sign the petition to persuade Congress to drop the measure.

Updated 8:56 AM, June 02, 2020Screenshot from Defend UPLB's change.org petitionMANILA, Philippines – As Congress rushes to pass the anti-terrorism bill, thousands have called on the government to junk the proposed policyfeared to clamp down on Filipinos' basic freedoms.

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Set up on May 29, aChange.org petitionagainst the bill has garnered more than 116,000 signatures as of Monday afternoon, June 1.Defend UPLB – an alliance of University of the Philippines Los Baños student councils, allied institutions, and member-organizations – led the petition in a bid to uphold human rights.

While the bill is packaged to strengthen systems to fight and catch terrorists, Defend UPLB warned that it has the potential to silence critics. (READ:)What’s the anti-terrorism bill?Through the anti-terrorism bill, a council of top cabinet officials will be able to do functions usually reserved for the courts, such as warrantless arrests and detention of people and groups perceived to be terrorists.

Under the measure, a suspect can be detained without a warrant of arrest for 14 days, extendable by 10 more days. They can also be placed under surveillance by the police or the military for 60 days, extendable by up to 30 more days.Defend UPLB called this a violation of the Philippine Constitution, which states that the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Besides extremist groups like ISIS, the Abu Sayyaf, and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, the government also considers communist rebels “terrorists.”A sentence equivalent to life imprisonment without parole can be given to persons who provide support to terrorists and recruit others to be members of a terrorist organization.

Over the past year, the government has increasingly “red-tagged” progressive groups as legal front organizations for the Communist Party of the Philippines and its guerrilla force, the New People’s Army. (READ:)How it can affect FilipinosDefend UPLB pointed out that the toughened anti-terrorism bill uses an “overbroad definition” of terrorism that might end up tagging political activities, mass mobilizations, and major protests by progressive formations as “terrorist acts.” (READ:

'Unconstitutional' anti-terrorism bill targets dissenters, not terrorists – Colmenares)“Under this law, press freedom is a terrorist act,” Defend UPLB said in its petition. “It criminalizes advocacies and our right to organize in belief of our advocacies. Our academic freedom, right to organize, and freedom of expression can be labeled as terrorism.”

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Defend UPLB added that the bill will enable the government to “silence any dissenter or organizer” and slammed the push for the measure “when the time calls for a health-based response to the pandemic.” (READ:UPLB alliance calls on school officials to protect students from red-tagging

)“These turbulent times call for the widest unity among individuals and communities in order to deny such a policy that can and will trample our human rights,” they asserted. Read more: Rappler »

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NUPL warns human rights violations, police abuse if anti-terror bills passedMANILA, Philippines — The passage of the Anti-Terror bills needs to be stopped as it could result in human rights violations, misconduct and abuse of law enforcers’ authority, the National Union DYGalvezINQ From NUPLPHILIPPINES ni ColmenaresPH? 😂 Pang aambush ng mga NPA, OK lang sa inyo. Tangna nyo! DYGalvezINQ Sa panahon ngayun maghanda na lang tayo dahil alam na natin ma approved iyan isa na lang pag asa korte suprema kapag na sign na DYGalvezINQ the persistence of duterte's trapos to railroad this bill indicates their insecurities & awareness of their vast shortcomings & disservice to the filipino people. they don't want to hear about them. they don't want to read about them. they don't want to be reminded of them.

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