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İtzy, Loco

ITZY releases comeback 'LOCO' music video

We are crazy in love with the comeback “LOCO” MV of idol group ITZY! 🤩

9/24/2021 9:00:00 AM

We are crazy in love with the comeback “ LOCO ” MV of idol group ITZY! 🤩

Filo moots are crazy in love with the comeback “ LOCO ” MV of idol group ITZY.

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Buzzer-beater: Mindanao civic leader Samira Gutoc files candidacy for senator

(1st UPDATE) Samira Gutoc takes a second shot at the Senate, this time as part of Isko Moreno's senatorial slate

Ex-senator JV Ejercito seeks Senate comebackJV Ejercito is seeking a Senate comeback in 2022, three years since failing his reelection bid.

RECORDED EARLIER: Part 2 of President Duterte's address to the nationFor more ABS-CBN News videos, click the link below: watch TV Patrol videos, click the link below: PTV re-airs first part of Duterte's speech. Follow our live tweet from last night: Ayoko nga panoorin 😒

SB19's Pablo, tampok sa unang episode ng GMA's podcast na 'Behind The Song'Makakasama ni SB19's Pablo sa unang episode ng 'Behind The Song' ang music producer na si Simon Servida! 🤩

House passes another tax on your simple pleasuresThe House of Representatives has approved on final reading a bill that imposes a 12-percent VAT on digital transactions in the Philippines, like streaming platforms Netflix and Spotify, or book vendors like Amazon. | NCorralesINQ

Palace vows to expedite release of funding for senator's 2021 projectsThe Nation's Leading Newspaper Ano daw? Di ba legislation na lang work nila Kasi Wala na pork barrel? Except the 'palace' has no control over congressional spending. Obviously MB is pro Duterte otherwise they wouldn't continue to mislead the public.

US court orders Facebook to release records of anti-Rohingya content for genocide caseA US federal judge orders Facebook to release records of accounts connected to anti-Rohingya violence in Myanmar, which Facebook earlier shut down.