Isko Moreno says he will finish Marawi City rehab by December 2022

If elected president, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso said he will finish the rehabilitation of Marawi City by December 2022. | @JEMendozaINQ

1/22/2022 6:01:00 PM

If elected president, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso said he will finish the rehabilitation of Marawi City by December 2022. | JEMendozaINQ

MANILA, Philippines — If elected president, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso said he will finish the rehabilitation of Marawi City by December 2022. Moreno, speaking with Jessica Soho during the presidential interviews aired on GMA-7, said he will fulfill this promise if elected. ADVERTISEMENT “By December of 2022, tapos na yon. 100 percent na ‘yon,” […]

“The same rule will be applied to Marawi,” he said.Secretary of Human Settlements and Urban Development of the Philippines Eduardo Del Rosario said the public infrastructure in Marawi City isas of September 2021.Duterte said his administration is “doing its best” to fast track the completion of Malawi rehabilitation.

It was on May 23, 2017, when the Maute group, which has expressed alliance with the Islamic State (IS), raided and occupied Marawi City.Philippine forces successfully liberated Marawi City by October of the same year, but it came at the loss of lives and infrastructure being destroyed.

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JEMendozaINQ nakow...pera pera lang...maka tasekwen ulit...YORME...yanga na. JEMendozaINQ another duts 👎 JEMendozaINQ Had seen yet the coverage, calculated measures he already set, where will he take the funds? From the foreign oligarchs who is pushing him? Discerned that the 4 of the have the backing up of something like outside forces. It’s seem that only BBM is excluded of 1 certain reason

JEMendozaINQ Parang si Duterte lang. I will wipe illegal drugs in 3 months! Pwe! JEMendozaINQ Eh di wow! Baka after this election your more than a 100M richer. JEMendozaINQ Typical TRAPO... napakagaling mangako. JEMendozaINQ Hindi na gagana yung ganyang style. JEMendozaINQ Buminta nato mga pangako na pag ako nanalo etc etc

JEMendozaINQ Ayan na naman tayo...... JEMendozaINQ Chatterbox!!!empty words as if the country were like Manila! JEMendozaINQ Garbage and Illegal parking along the sides of Manila streets first. Ningas kugon lang eh.

JEMendozaINQ May nangako na naman JEMendozaINQ Du ter te lite JEMendozaINQ His version of six months…if it’s too good to be true, it freakin’ FALSE. JEMendozaINQ Another 3-6 months eme...duterte lite talaga to si Isko🤭🤭🤭 JEMendozaINQ We remember the promise of a certain presidential candidate (now President) to clear drugs 'in six months.' Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

JEMendozaINQ Kung sa basura ka galing, sa kangkungan ka naman damputin pagkatapos ng elekeyon🤪 JEMendozaINQ Sounds like Duterte's 3-6 months solution to Manila's traffic and drug war in 2016. Why promise Yorme if we all know that it will take years to rehabilitate Marawi? JEMendozaINQ JEMendozaINQ Kaya lang naman tumagal yan eh dahil sa corruption at pulitika, kung tutuusin eh matagal ng tapos dapat kung may funding at political will lang eh kaya tapusin yan in 6 months to 1 year siguro..

JEMendozaINQ Magaling & direct to the point mga sagot ni Leni. Ping, pumangalawa. Isko sounds like a bully & power-tripping leader, mapalabok at pa-safe mga sagot. Pacquaio, masyadong general & mapalabok sagot. BBM - natulog & naduwag lang. 🤣🤣🤣JessicaSohoInterviews LeniForPresident2022

JEMendozaINQ Sounds familiar. JEMendozaINQ ang taong nangangako, ang pre disposition nyan. dominante. di malayong diktador ang ugali . JEMendozaINQ sa dulo ng pangako joke lng . parang si sara na walang h. mag suicide daw pag di natapus ang tulay sa samal . un pla joke lng. wtf. samok raw isko. lagusnilad na nasa bakuran mo lubak lubak. hayy nako. anung petsa na .

JEMendozaINQ Really? Parang narinig ko na yang 6month deadline JEMendozaINQ Ito Ang kailangan nmn president Hindi SI MarcosDuwag JEMendozaINQ My God. Manila is the ugliest place in Phil. Puro bandaid solution at fake like nice underground pass etc. Work on manila slums,homeless,dirty rivers etc first

JEMendozaINQ I remember so many people. JEMendozaINQ Is that between 3-6 months from proclamation…? familiar 😂😂😂 JEMendozaINQ Ay ganern? Ang Slums and squatters area po ba Ishko na Maynila narehabilitate mo na po? Asking lng po Meyor kng tapos ka na po mag Casino? 😁🙄 JEMendozaINQ Another promise. I've heard someone who promise the moon and the sun . What happen? Nothing. All lies.DapatTotoo JessicaSohoInterviews

JEMendozaINQ Typical trapo ang gago! JEMendozaINQ Maynila nga hindi mo naayos yan pa